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Renaissance and john calvin

medieval, renaissance language
m, the language was only latin r, the language was vernacular, the language of the common people
medieval, renaissance focus
m, focus on the next world r, focus on this world
medieval, renaissance superstition/logic
m, people were superstition r, they used reason

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medieval, renaissance sin/redemption
m, believed people were sinful r, believed people were good and could create new and better things
medieval, renaissance change
m, believed everything was unchangeable r, questioned everything and changed what they didn’t like
means rebirth, time of creativity and change
why italy
remains of rome there, Italian cities survived the middle ages, wealthy people lived in italy where they could support artists
philosophy focusing on people and nature instead of religious issues
emphasizes the outstanding achievements of people
belief that even though heaven is important, so it life of earth
a revival of greek and roman art, architecture, and thinking
sculptures of david and his paintings on the Sistine chapel
Leonardo da vinci
famous for the last supper and the mona lisa, they also used math to do perspective in the art
what is the reformation
religion movement that began with an attempt to reform the catholic chruch
what are indulgences
a lessening of the time a soul would have to spend in purgatory, they were given for good deeds
who was martin luther
a German monk and prof of theology who created the 95 thesis to reform the church
what did the pope do to martin luther
the pope excommunicated him he started the Lutheran church
what did johann tetzel sell
johann tetzel sold indulgences
what did johann tetzel say to the people
he said that if you bought one you would go to heaven,
what are the 95 thesis and who wrote them
martin wrote the 95 things that he thought was wrong with the church and nailed it to the door
what were martin luthers teachings
salvation comes from faith in God, the bible is more important than the church writings, priests and other leaders do not have special powers
what was the Diet of worm
a assembly of the hold roman empire
what was the result of the diet of worms
the result was the edict of worms which outlawed protestantism but many princes practiced it anyways
what did lutheranism bann or reject
rejected 5 out of 7 sacraments, they banned indulgences confession pilgrimages and prayers and kept baptism and communion
what did lutheranism focus on
focused of the sermon
what was something that wasn’t allowed in catholicism allowed in lutheranism
priests were allowed to marry
what did luther base his teachings off of
luther based what he taught off what jesus taught
what did the peace of augsburg allow
allowed prices to decide which religion they were going to follow
what does the gutenburg printing press do
applies pressure and transfers the ink onto paper
what was the result of the printing press
there were more books and people started to learn to read more and people became smarter
where did machiavelli live and where did he work
lived in italy where he worked in government
why did he write the prince
he wrote is so he could impress the italian government and could get a higher position
what did machiavelli believe
he believed in secularization of politics and success which equals gaining, maintaining and increasing power, he also said that it was necessary and easy to manipule men
cervantes, don quixote
lived in spain, written to picture real life and simple language, first modern european novel
which did king henry support
what happened to king henry
henry didn’t get a son from his wife catherine and so he wanted to divorce her but the pope wouldn’t let him, and because of this henry created his own church the church of England or the anglican church
what movement did john calivn join
he joined the Protestant movement
why did calvin leave geneava
because there was some government resistance to what he believed in
what were the institutes of the christian religion
it was life how to live your life, it was like a manuel
what is calvins theory
all men have awareness of God because it was planted in their minds during creation, when we contemplate god greatness we realize how far away we are from him
what is the theory of election
is God choosing individuals of people to be the object of his grace
why was their a catholic reformation
to stop the growing of protestantism and to correct the sources of the reformation
what are institutional reforms
replacing the people in the church and fixing the corrupt system
what are doctrinal reforms
changing the teachings and basic beliefs
why did the council of trent meet
they met in response to the catholic reformation
what other name were the huguenots called
french calvinists
what order did the mother give and what did it result in
ordered a massacre of protestants and resulted in religious wars
what was the edict of nantes
gave religious freedom and ended the wars of religons

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Renaissance and john calvin
medieval, renaissance language m, the language was only latin r, the language was vernacular, the language of the common people medieval, renaissance focus m, focus on t
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Renaissance and john calvin
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