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Renaissance and Ballet

Francois Rabelai
Guy who sad “out of the sick Gothic night our eyes opened to the glorious touch of the sun”
1. printing press 1445
2. establishment of universities
3. spread of commerce in northern Italy – trading with orient
Factors leading to the Renaissance
Guy credited for the popularization of perspective painting

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Vasari, Palladio
Guys credited for Greek style architecture
The establishment of __________ allowed for artists to collaborate
Michelangelo, da Vinci
Two key Renaissance noble patronages of art
A medieval circle dance
Basse Danse
Characterized with no jumping, examples include Branle, Farandole, Pavane, Allemande
High Renaissance (haute dance)
Characterized by jumping, examples include Courante, Galliard
Domenico de Piacenza and Gugliemo Ebreo
Two dancing masters
Wrote Il Ballarino
Il Ballarino
You can learn the technical of ballet by reading this book
A member of the church who wrote Orchesography
A book about the benefits of dance
Henri II
Who C de M marrys that gets her to France in 1553
Balthasar de Beaujoyleux
The dancing master C de M brought from Italy
Jean A. Baif’s
Establishes L’academie de Posesie et Musique
Charles IX
established L’academie de Posesie Musique
A small palace in France which was the home to several ancient dances
Court Ballet
Type of dance Beaujoyleaux is credited for
Le Paradis D’Amour
Ballet written in 1572 which C tried to use as a political message but it backfried
La Ballet de Polonaise
Ballet Catherine used to get her son married to the Polished princess
Ballet Comique de le Reine Louise
the FIRST ballet because it brought everything together – this was mostly all dance. Beginning of professional dance.
Louis XIII
the sickly boy who was abused as a child and is credited for 17th century Ballet de Cour
Le Deliverence de Renaud
Anne of Austria
Louis XIV’s mom
Dates of the Baroque Era
The Age of Enlightenment
Another term for the Baroque Era
Cardinal Mazarin and Anne of Austria
rules on Louis XIV’s behalf because he inherited the throne at such a young age
La Fronde
Problems with religion
Louis XIV created this in 1661 – includes le levee, mass, les appartements, opera-ballet and le couchee
Courante, Minuet (Danse a Deux)
Types of Ballroom court dances
Palaid Royale 1641
Where and when the first proscenium stage was
Ballet de la Nuit
Ballet with story of Louis XIV as Apollo, the Sun King
Guy who did the costume for Louis’s Apollo
Pierre Beauchamp
The king’s dancing master who created “danse noble”
Jean-Baptiste Lully
And Italian composer who lead Les Violins du Roi
Jean Baptise Moliere
The most famous comedic playwright
Raoul Feuillet
Published Beauchamp’s notation systems in Choreographie
Giacomo Torelli
Famous for Italian set design which includes deux on Machina and trap doors
Men Baroque constuming
Panniers, heels, wigs
Women’s Baroque costuming
prot de bras
carriage of the arms in baroque ballet
crois and efface
Danse Vertical and Danse Horizontale
Dance terms that come from the turn-out of the legs
Founded Academie de la danse in 1661
Founded Academie de la musique in 1671
Paris Opera
the merging of academie de la danse and academie de la musique
danse noble
king like character
danse demi-caracter
a lover, shepard, etc.
danse caracter
acrobats who plays more conceptual roles
Le Triomphe de L’Amour
The first show where a woman was on stage in the Paris Opera
Mlle de la Fontaine
First female paris opera dancer on stage
Francoise Prevost
Famous dramatic dancing dancer/choreographer
Marrie Salle, Marie Camargo
Prevost’s two female students
Marrie Salle
the dramatic ballerina who was the choreographer/dancer of Pygmalioin
Marie Camargo
a fiery ballerina who shortened her skirts to show footwork (Marrie’s #1 rival)
Jean Georges Noverre
Father of Ballet d’Action
David Garrick
who Noverre worked with in London when he realized the freedom of actors who do not wear masks
Maitre de Ballet
When Noverre taught Marie Antoinette in Vienna
Letters on Dancing and Ballets
Noverre’s book that called for reforms in dance
1. plot should be rational, actions coherent
2. costumes and set support the plot
3. masks should be eradicated
4. characters should be impelled by human emotion
Noverre’s book called for these reforms (4)
Jean Weaver (London)
Marrie Salle and her Pygmalion
Commedia dell’arte
3 things that influenced Noverre to create Ballet d’action
The first character without a mask
Gaetan Vestris
played Jason
Auguste Vestris
Gaetan’s son
Auguste Vestris
was known for his demi character roles and his bravado technique
Date of the French Revolution
Louis XVI
This king and his fam were imprisoned during the French Revolution
Pierre and Maximillian Gardel
Two individuals who ran the Paris opera for over 42 years
Jean Dauberval
Choreographed La Fille Mal Gardee

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Renaissance and Ballet
Francois Rabelai Guy who sad "out of the sick Gothic night our eyes opened to the glorious touch of the sun" 1. printing press 1445 2. establishment of universities 3. spread of commerce in northern Italy
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Renaissance and Ballet
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