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    Prostitution Should be Legal Essay

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    Referred to as the “oldest profession”, prostitution “.

    . . has long been a problem whichhas provoked and disturbed Americans” (Kinsie 3). “Prostitution is the performance of sexualacts, solely for the purpose of material gain” (James NA).

    Prostitution remains, excepted andconsidered normal in some cultures. No gender specifics exist for prostitutes , but femaleprostitutes comprise the majority of prostitutes. A person male and married characterizing themajority of prostitutes clients, commonly referred to as a “John”. Surprisingly, but true, USprostitutes work legally in some areas.

    “Prostitution is currently illegal in all 50 states” (Flowers8), with the exception of 12 rural counties in Nevada. A variety of different types of prostitutesexist: streetwalkers, call girls, massage parlor/brothel/in house prostitutes, madams, indenturedsex slaves, escort service prostitutes, professional dominatrics, homeless, drug addicted and parttime prostitutes (Flowers 18, 19). In 1995, approximately 95,000 arrests were made (70%female prostitutes, 20% male prostitutes and 10% customers), mostly streetwalkers; amisdemeanor typically resulting in a fine, occasionally a 30-day jail term. More importantly thannumbers, what motivates one to choose a career of prostitution? Perhaps persuasion, coercion,abuse, addiction or poor conditions/lifestyle and the financial lure.

    Legalizing prostitution ensuresregulation and taxation, allowing the police to deal with more violent crimes and reduce the abuseof prostitutes by “Pimps”. There remain many reasons why one may favor the illegal status of prostitution. Somesee the “profession” as exploitive to women, a “. . .

    form of sexual slavery” (Abraham 1). Feminists claim that prostitution reinforces the status that women represent objects, undoing theprevails of women in the past. Yet still, many believe in neo-Victorism, a condescending beliefthat prostitutes are unaware of their action and need someone with more education to protectthem (Abraham 1). Much of the public describes the profession of prostitution as dirty,immoral and degrading.

    For many, prostitution results in a destructive, abusive “career” in whichPimps, those who “own” and distribute prostitutes for the benefit of financial gain, and Johnsabuse and violate women. Prostitution also greatly affects the community and the public. Those who use prostitutes for their pleasure risk the contraction of diseases, thus spreading witheach new sexual partner, endangering the lives of many. Although valid reasons justify why one would want to keep prostitution with an illegalstatus, the benefits far out way the negative aspects of prostitution. Legalizing the professionincreases the quality of lives for those who partake in prostitution as a career and those who “use”the business they offer. Legalization of prostitution allows regulation, requiring medicalexamination of prostitutes on a regular basis, helping to reduce the transfer of STDs andcommunicable diseases.

    According to the US Department of Health, 3% to 5% of STDs in theUnited States are linked to prostitutes (Prostitution in the US . . . NA). These relatively smallnumbers results in a “domino effect”. If someone contracts a disease during an interlude with aprostitute, each sexual partner thereafter carries the potential risk of “contamination”.

    Inaddition, the health of prostitutes most likely increases. Early detection and treatment of STDs,diseases or illnesses, and drug addiction constitute likely results of prostitution legalization. These actions increase the likelihood of prostitutes good health, resulting in a safer environmentfor their clients as well. Exploitation from pimps eliminates with the legalization of prostitution. Pimps usually take a large portion of the prostitutes profit, up to 50% and sometimes more. Thisexploitation includes abuse, both physical and mental, often leading to murder.

    A legal status ofprostitution allows prostitutes to work for themselves, or in a safe, controlled environment, suchas a licensed brothel. Legalization allows for taxation of prostitution wages, like any other employment. Taxation of prostitution results in increased taxes collected by cities, counties and states. Bytaxation, prostitutes enjoy the benefits of unemployment insurance, disability insurance and socialsecurity, thus ensuring prostitutes the choice of continuing or discontinuing their career inprostitution. Cities, counties and states profit by taxation and legalizing prostitution results in areduction of criminal prosecution costs.

    “Average arrest, court and incarceration costs amountto nearly $2000 per arrest. Cities spend an average of $7. 5 million on prostitution control everyyear. Ranging from $1 million (Memphis) to $23 million (New York)” (Prostitution in the US. . .

    NA). This extra money and time provides police more time to deal with and prosecuteviolent crimes. The elimination of the prosecution of prostitutes saves time and money for thejustice system .

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