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Proper Etiquette in the Business setting Essay

Proper EtiquetteAmerica is an image driven country. Management is aware of how they and their employees represent that image on behalf of the company. An employee’s value to will be largely determined by how successful they are at projecting that image. Business etiquette is concerned with correct behavior and practices according to social convention. In the social realm, there are certain amount of etiquette that needs to be followed when dealing with business partners, co-workers and vendors.

This is something that is a must any successful business. Because the office phone is one of the most commonly used pieces o office equipment and the main source of communication between an organization and its customers, it is imperative that you use proper business etiquette. A few tips when answering the office phone; always answer in three rings or less, answer with your name and the name of the company, make business call during regular office hours, and return calls in 24 hours or less. In addition, when using cell phones and pagers, always put them on vibrate so that it will not disturb others in your work area.

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Emails have become the main source of communication for most organizations today. Know that how you use your e-mail, company e-mail address and employers technology is a serious issue! Sending non-business related e-mails, jokes, forwards or chain letters on company time to friends or coworkers reflects on your lack of professionalism. Be careful who you cc (carbon copy) do not broadcast your every thought to all persons in your organization. When forging new business relationships and solidifying established partnerships, the level of professionalism and courtesy you relay in your business e-mail communications will always gain clients over the competition.

Many companies have gone with the idea of shared workspaces. In most situations, it is because of economical reasons. Showing consideration to colleagues in an open plan office will only work if you all adopt a mutual respect for each other. Keep your desk tidy. This is especially important if you are sharing an open plan desk and show courtesy when using any shared spaces. Be careful when having conversations.

Dont speak too loudly in shared workspaces. Remembering that not everybody will share exactly the same values as you, adopt a policy of treating people how youd like to be treated yourself. This is an essential benchmark to ensure a harmonious workspace. At first thought, when you hear the term business attire it seems fairly simple. The thoughts of business attire are far from simple. Business attire can be broken down into three very different categories: business formal, business professional, and business casual.

Business formal attire is more than your everyday work attire. This category is used for dressy evening events such as awards ceremonies and formal dinners. Men should wear a dark suit with a French cut shirt and silk tie or bowtie. Cufflinks and silk pocket squares that coordinate with the tie are optional accessories. The shoes should be black and also coordinate with the overall appearance of the outfit.

Women should wear a conservative dress or suit with a skirt. Women must take care in choosing a dress or suit that conservatively fits his/her body and style. Business professional is considered attire that sets you aside as a professional. For men and women this means a well coordinated suit and accessories.

Suits should be a solid or pinstripe dark color complimented with a solid or striped white shirt. Ties are to be silk with a solid color or simple design. All suits should be accompanied by a belt; with a simple buckle; or suspenders. Women should have a simple skirted suit.

These suits should be solid, neutral, and low key in color. No matter whether a dress or skirted suits, it should reach at or just below the knee. The accompanying blouse should be simple cotton or silk. The color of the blouse should be a solid color that coordinates with the suit.

Makeup and perfume should be very light and subtle. Lastly shoes should be plain, solid and dark in color. Business Casual attire simply means you do not have to wear a suit to work. For some men and women this could mean a polo shirt, collared shirt, or sweater and khaki pants.

For others this could mean you have an opportunity to add a splash of color or wear a casual suit to the office. This is not a time for you to wear lounging clothes to work. Hand in hand with attire comes the subject of grooming. Grooming practices are extremely important no matter what the attire that accompanies it.

Avoid all mistakes when it comes to the area of grooming. The most well thought out and well planned attire can be destroyed by lack of grooming. All clothing should be cleaned, pressed, zipped, closed and not frayed or falling apart. Due to the possible allergies of colleagues and clients keep perfume and cologne at a minimum level. Makeup and jewelry should be subtle and discreet.

Fingernails should be kept cut and clean. No matter what your status is in life your appearance should matter. Appearance not only includes the clothing you wear but also your physical wellbeing. As you shop for your career life keep in mind the type of job you have, the company you represent and your core values. Next time you are in front of a building with a steady crowd going in and out, sit back and watch for a few minutes.

You will discover what it really means in terms of people coming and going. Some people hurry through the door. Others hold the door for the people behind them. What makes you decide to hold the door for the people behind you?There are lots of possibilities, of course. It might be that it is a personality trait.

People who are conscientious might be more prone to hold the door for the people behind them. Another possibility is that there is a social component. Perhaps men are socialized to hold the door for women or young people hold doors for older people. Maybe that social component isn’t so altruistic. Maybe men hold doors open for women hoping to seem more attractive to them.

It is also possible that it is just a habit. If there is someone behind you at a particular distance (say 5 feet), then you hold the door, otherwise you don’t. According to the author Michael Drafke, in the business world there should be guidelines followed when exiting doors, elevators, escalators, or staircases. To me, there should be guidelines even if its not business related. Im certain that the etiquette is simpler today than it has been in the past (Coming and Going pg. 166).

In some ways, this is just a cultural version of the golden rule. If everyone does things for others that they would like to have done for them, it ultimately makes everyone’s life a little better. And these little things add up over time. IntroductionsWhen introducing yourself to people you want to make sure that you are standing and that you are open, and always shaking hands.

It takes just a quick glance, maybe three seconds, for someone to evaluate you when you meet for the first time. In this short time, the other person forms an opinion about you based on your appearance, your body language, your demeanor, your mannerisms, and how you are dressed. (Introductions pg. 167). Often, in the business world, people will address you by your last name or title, it is unethical to call someone by there first name especially when they have not invited you to call them by their first name. Business CardsAccording to author Michael Drafke, Business card etiquette is more relaxed in the United States than many other countries.

In other countries a business card with your title on it is very important. When you meet someone, at a network gathering, business meeting, social gathering, or on the street; after you say hello and engage in little conversation, always ask them for their business card. They will be delighted that you asked and proud to give it to you. After this it will be very natural for them to ask you for yours, but if they do not ask, never offer it.

(Business Card pg. 167). Ask them for their permission to contact them. It is good professional manners to ask their permission, even though it is assumed that they would want you to contact them.

It is a way of being respectful and you will be remembered for it. How often do you see people handing out there business cards at social gatherings? This should never happen (Business cards pg. 167). If you think a grasp of proper etiquette is for tea-drinking nobles, reassess your thought. It is critical to know the when, what, how and why when dining in todays business arena. We are all in business to be successful employers, employees, clients, suppliers and co-workers.

Representing the company is no longer restricted to conversing over the telephone or strictly “making a sales call” nor is it just sitting in meetings in the office. More than ever before, business is now being conducted during meals. This can be a tense process; however, there are some etiquette general rules for ordering, eating, drinking, and manners. Always remember that the food is not the general focus when you are dining for business. The reason for the dining experience is to conduct business so the focus should remain business. Before discussing business, everyone should place an order.

After you have reviewed the menu, place it on the table to signify that you are ready to order. Order foods that are easy to eat; therefore, stay away from foods such as corn, clams, and lobster. Guest should reframe from ordering expensive items and an appetizer unless the host suggests that they do. You should not drink at all; however, if your employer allows alcoholic consumption during a business lunch/dinner drink in moderation (no more than two drinks). If the lunch/dinner meeting is being held at a buffet, do not overload your plate.

Use silverware for everything that you eat including french fries. Be sure to use the proper utensils when eating. Start using the utensils that set on the outside first. Example: Salad should be eaten with the salad fork that is at the far left of the plate. If you drop a piece of your silverware immediately ask the waiter for a replacement and leave the dirty one on the floor.

To notify the waiter that you are finish eating, place your knife and fork diagonally across the plate. The person who invites the guest should pay the bill. Not only is it courteous to allow your guest to order first, it can also be used as a signal to your waiter. The signal can be given by clearly telling the waiter, please allow my guest to order first. Here are some general rules for proper dining etiquette: Do not place your elbows on the table. Often say please and thank you.

Do not start eating until everyone at the table has been served. If you must leave during the meal, leave the napkin on the chair. Try to avoid sending food back to eliminate you as coming off as pretentious or insulting your host. If you must reciprocate with an invitation, choose a restaurant of similar quality.

Do not underestimate the value of the need to know proper business dining. It is about being professional not being perfect. Todays success strategy is by way of entertaining. More and more business is conducted over the dining table. It is essential that you, as the business professional, feel confident in all dining situations because it can make or break your career.

In the social realm, there is a certain amount of etiquette that needs to be followed when dealing with business partners, co-workers and vendors. It is essential that in the business world, it remain professional and not have too much of a crossover into the social world. However; when promoting cordiality the mix should remain more social than business. The three main things that need attention are thank-you notes, gift giving and office parties.

A thank-you note is something simple and nice to send to someone who has given you a gift, invited you to dinner, or you have closed a major deal. There are rules in sending thank-you notes they are as follows:1. Notes should always be hand written; this makes it more personal and shows your gratitude. Don’t use pre-printed or fill-in-the-blank thank you cards.

That’s narrowly better than not sending a note at all. 2. Notes must be sent within 24 hours of the event or receiving the gift. 3. The note should be brief, personal and simple. 4.

The note should be organized into three parts:a. Thank the person for the specific gift or eventb. If there is any other business state it nextc. State if necessary if you intend to meet again, or if any information will be sent at a later time. 5. Don’t include fewer than three sentences in any note.

6. Don’t talk about yourself. This is about the gift, not your life. Gift giving is another area of being cordial. Gift-giving can be tricky and there are rules that should be followed in the business world.

A gift should not cost more than $25, they should be in taste and reflect the personality of the receiver. In an office setting it is not necessary to give everyone a gift unless you just want to however; some may feel that you dislike them or if they know that some have received gifts and other have not. Perfumes and colognes are personal and should be avoided at all costs. Christmas parties generally come each and every year.

It is expected that everyone attend the party even if its just for a half-hour. Of course there are rules that apply in this situation as well they are as follows:1. Dress appropriately; there is nothing worse than being labeled as the woman with the low cut dress, too high split, or too short of a dress. If its a man wear a tie, or at least a dress shirt. Polos, jeans, khakis are not appropriate attire.

2. If alcohol is being served, watch how much you drink. Do not embarrass yourself by being so drunk that everyone has videotaped you being the office idiot who cannot hold their liquor. Please maintain some type of self-respect.

3. Do not under any circumstances flirt with any co-workers, supervisors or your boss. This is considered to be in very poor taste. 4. If there are accounts or situations that are confidential within the company keep it that way. Just because you are at a social gathering does not mean you get to gossip about business dealings or whose work is not up to par.

5. Keep in minds that if you are a supervisor then maintain that same repertoire; becoming too familiar with those who work under you can cause issues later on. 6. Since it is a party, have fun. There will be time for business on Monday, when you all return to work.

Keeping a careful eye on all of the rules and making sure they are followed are essential to surviving in the business world. In order to have a successful reputable business using proper etiquette is a must. Spectators observe not only your etiquette skills but how you interact with all levels of people, in all situations. Reference PageDrafke, M. (2009).

The Human Side of Organizations. (10th ed. ). Upper Saddle River,New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc.http://www.worketiquette.co.ukwww.netmanners.comhttp://smallbizbee.com/index/2010/03/12/4-tips-practicing-proper-videoconferencing/http://www.thank-you-note-samples.com/http://www.emilypost.com/communication-and-technology/notes-and-letters/99-thank-you-notes-to-send-or-not-to-sendhttp://www.businessmanagementdaily.com

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Proper Etiquette in the Business setting Essay
Proper EtiquetteAmerica is an image driven country. Management is aware of how they and their employees represent that image on behalf of the company. An employee's value to will be largely determined by how successful they are at projecting that image. Business etiquette is concerned with correct behavior and practices according to social convention. In the social realm, there are certain amount of etiquette that needs to be followed when dealing with business partners, co-workers and ve
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Proper Etiquette in the Business setting Essay
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