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    Prom Night Memories Essay (1114 words)

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    It’s the night before I go to Atlanta and I am beyond excited. My flight is early in the morning and I am so ready to go. I checked my flight once more before I go to bed and I noticed instead of my flight saying a. m. , it says p. m. At this moment I am livid, my head felt like an erupting volcano and I have no one to blame but myself. Luckily my grandpa works for Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport and he told me that he would fix it in the morning. That makes me feel a little better but it still makes me feel like I’m walking on egg shells because I don’t know what to expect.

    I force myself to sleep because in a matter of hours I will see my boyfriend, get ready for prom, and have the night of my life. I woke up at 5:00 a. m. and sit up in my bed trying to blink through the darkness of my room. As of right now I am having mixed emotions, I am excited, anxious, and nervous at the same time. I get up, get dressed and check my bag to make sure I have everything in it. When we get to the airport we immediately go to terminal two and talk to the agent at the Delta desk. She said that there were a lot of flights going to Atlanta and she put me on the first one, however I was on standby.

    That is the absolute worst was way to fly, especially when you have important activities to tend to. I get through security and make my way to gate D7. I immediately go to the monitor to look for my name on the standby flights and I got bumped several times so now I have to wait for the next flight. I fell asleep and was awakened an hour or two later by the aroma of bagels and fresh coffee. I was sitting there for another hour and a half. My grandpa came to check on me, shortly after he arrived the woman at the front desk called my name. I jumped up and did a run-walk to the counter and she informed me that I was cleared to get on the flight.

    I got my ticket, said goodbye to my grandpa and proceeded to the plane. When the plane landed I was smiling from ear to ear because I was so excited. As soon as I got to Harts-field Jackson Airport I immediately got lost, I get lost every time it never fails. When I finally got to where I was supposed to be, I saw my boyfriend waiting for me near baggage claim. I almost tackled him because I was so excited to finally see him. When we arrived at his house my aunt was already there to do my make-up and I already had my hair done so that part was taken care of. After my make-up was done I went to go get dressed.

    I was in the bathroom for at least fifteen minutes admiring myself. When I was done I tried to leave the bathroom and the door would not open. At this moment I started to panic because I didn’t know how to get myself out of there. The make-up on my face felt like it was melting away as the light in the bathroom seemed to get brighter. I had to calm myself down and bang on the door until someone could hear me. My boyfriend finally came to open the door and that was such a relief because I thought my last moments of my life were going to be in that bathroom. After I escaped that death trap, it was picture time!

    My dress was pink and I wore sparkly champagne gold six-inch heels and gold accessories. My boyfriend wore a white tuxedo and his vest was pink to match my dress. We went outside and his mom and my aunt took over a million pictures until we told them it was time for us to leave. We got into the Durango and headed to prom! When we got there everything looked amazing. The lights were dim and the other illuminating source of light was a slight fire and it looked really nice. There was a lady that wore a sparkly bra and a long skirt, she was so memorable because she had a huge snake around her neck.

    There was also a guy that was juggling sharp objects, it was dangerous but exciting at the same time. It was absolutely stunning! We walked through and my boyfriend introduced me to his friends and he had a lot of friends, and some of them knew who I was but I didn’t know them at all. We went outside and I took pictures with girls that I’ve never seen before and I loved it because it kind of made me feel like a celebrity. After all of the pictures and meeting new people, we decided to eat. For the most part the menu was pretty good. I had sliders, wings and this red juice that was horrifying to my taste buds.

    When were done eating we got up to dance and the dance floor was packed – every seat in the building was empty. There was one particular song that everyone turned all the way up to and one girl stomped really hard on my toe. I was done dancing for the night after that because the pain was excruciating. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to slow dance with my boyfriend like couples do in the cute movies with the happy ending. So my boyfriend and I just sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful view of the moon and the stars. It was almost time for prom to come to an end and everyone was asking if we were going to the after parties.

    We didn’t plan on going to any parties because we really weren’t interested. Since his mom got us a hotel that’s where we spent our night after prom. The prom is a rite of passage that has always been one of the most important rituals of American youth. It is a day in our lives that we never forget – a day full of hopes and dreams (NY Times, 2013). My prom night was special for me because I got to spend it with someone who means so much to me and I treasured ever moment we spent together that night. If I could hit the redo button, I wouldn’t change a anything.

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