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Problems And Challenges Facing The Construction Industry Construction Essay

There are legion of import challenges confronting today ‘s building industry that are actuating the acceptance of new engineerings such as RFID and detectors engineering. Some are new to the industry, and some are centuries old. Many of these challenges are a direct consequence of building operations, while others a consequence of indirect, peripheral activities. Some of the building issues include workforce considerations, safety, clip restraints, and the changing nature of the work. Non-construction challenges that building industry faces that are portion of the concern landscape include legal issues, authorities ordinances, environmental concerns, and socio-political force per unit areas. Besides in add-on to these challenges, the building industry is extremely competitory, and houses must continually better their productiveness to stay competitory. At present, a chronic job in the building industry that requires pressing attending is building supply concatenation. The building supply concatenation web can be classified as a large and complex administration that is hard to pull off. This is because the operations or activities involved in the building web consist of multidiscipline groups and undertakings. The construct of supply concatenation direction is about pull offing information and stuff flows, works operations, and logistics through a common set of rules, schemes, policies and public presentation prosodies throughout its developmental life rhythm. As portion of the back bone for the supply concatenation procedures, the logistics play a critical function in optimising the flow of stuffs, equipment and people. The building logistics is one of the important direction factors in order to predate building undertaking. If stuffs which are needed in building undertaking do non provide in right topographic point on clip, it can do jobs such as detaining agenda, increasing the cost of building and cut downing productiveness. The designation of stuff, placing stuffs traveling flow in logistics and tracking stuffs location are needed for successful undertaking direction in building.

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A study ‘Improving Construction Logistics ‘ published by the Strategic Forum for Construction in August 2005 revealed that rather a considerable sum of waste produced in the building is caused by hapless direction of stuffs bringing services ( e.g. from supply logistics to site logistics ) , stock list, communications and human resources. The effects of hapless construction-logistics are the undermentioned reverse ; approximately 30 % of losingss in overall building cost, lending to the bad image of the industry, hapless quality of merchandise, increased undertaking continuance and added hazards to workers ‘ wellness and safety. The usage of Information Technology ( IT ) and larning from other industries were portion of the recommendation and action programs suggested by the Strategic Forum commission for better logistics procedures. Jang et Al ( 2003 ) and Rebolj et Al ( 2008 ) besides suggested that a great trade of bettering the construction-logistics must be focused on the stuffs and information bringing in order to accomplish better productiveness, avoiding holds and cut downing waste. In contrast to fabricating industries, which net income from durable partnership with providers and clients, construction-logistics supply ironss are well more hard to pull off and optimise due to assorted factors such as variegation of undertakings ( i.e. assorted stuffs, methods, undertaking location ) and proficient complexness of a undertaking.

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Fast development in information and communicating engineering ( ICT ) has emerged as a cardinal driver and therefore provided the chance for building companies to be more sensitive towards their concern scheme and productiveness ( Ahuja and Yang, 2005, Ribeiro and Lopes, 2001 ) . The sum of undertaking informations and information generated during building periods are tremendous and uncontrolled due to the nature of breakability in the building processes. The traditional paper-intensive method of processing and reassigning informations and information is still being practised due to high investing capital cost on ICT installations, deficiency of back uping interoperability between hardware-software within administrations and civilization of most building administrations.

Communication engineering, stuffs managing, transit and repositing are known as the critical services that serve the logistics operation processes. These include services in easing Just-In- Time ( JIT ) operation, optimizing the motion of natural stuffs, work in-process and finished goods, optimizing the transit manner and placement and planing installations to run into client service degrees severally.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — –

One of the recent paramount issues that have been a turning concern in the building industry is the function of logistics in pull offing the supply concatenation ( ERABUILD, 2006 ) . Logisticss, appropriate or inappropriate, to a great extent influences the efficiency of building activities with stuffs and equipment being indispensable edifice blocks of building undertakings. Among the elements that comprise the building procedure, building stuffs may account for 50-60 per cent of the entire cost of a undertaking and most straight represent undertaking advancement ( Song 2005, Song et Al. 2006 ) . Successful bringing and subsequent distribution of these stuffs to assorted interrelated points where they are required is an of import facet of the overall undertaking continuance.

Intensecomp ( 2005 ) reported that a incorrect bringing agreement of stuffs causes general upset on building sites. This upset is frequently accompanied by a demand for unplanned installations and/or activities such as extra site storage, work break, excess handling, breakage, and loss. Similar challenges were besides reported by the Strategic Forum for Construction in 2005. The study suggests that 50 % of skilled craftsmen clip is spent on unskilled undertakings, clip that they could hold otherwise devoted to oversing workers. A research by BSRIA noted in this study shows that 10 % of working hours on site is wasted due to inefficient logistics direction. The effects of the logistic related waste therefore consequence in 30 % of excess building cost and exceeded undertaking continuance.

Other industries depend on and are increasingly bettering efficiency in logistics to accomplish smooth procedures, programme certainty and cost predictability. Honda-UK Manufacturing Ltd ( HUM ) for case has initiated what could be one of the largest Ultra-High-Frequency ( UHF ) Radio Frequency Identification ( RFID ) installings in the automotive industry ( Bacheldor 2006 ) . The company used the engineering to track constituents as they traverse HUM ‘s supply concatenation, traveling from providers through out Europe to HUM ‘s fabrication works in England. In the similar manner an RFID smart box developed by DHL in concurrence with the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation can state users what it contents are, and – with Global Positioning System ( GPS ) and subsequently, Galileo – where it is located. The system can place the box ‘s lading and location, every bit good as internal environmental conditions ( Wessel 2007 ) .

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— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Information engineering ( IT ) is of import in successfully commanding and pull offing building undertakings, peculiarly in heightening communicating and coordination among participants. Communication and coordination must be maintained to back up resource and competence sharing within the web of a building concatenation or the building concatenation web. Furthermore, incorporating assuring information engineerings such as personal digital helpers ( PDA ) , radio frequence designation ( RFID ) scanning and informations entry mechanisms can assist better the effectivity and convenience of information flow in building supply concatenation systems.

1.1. Problem statements

Project direction and control public presentation can be enhanced by enabling participants to portion information with each other. However, two major cardinal facets of information sharing are information acquisition and information communicating. Information acquisition jobs in a building undertaking follow from most of the informations and information being gathered from the building site, which is an extension of the building concatenation. The effectivity of information and information acquisition influences the information flow between the office and the building site. However, on-site applied scientists by and large use written paperss, drawings, contracts, specifications and store drawings for occupation sites. Consequently, a clip and infinite spread between the occupation site and the office causes duplicate of informations and information, deficiency of informations and information, and associated confusion. Restated, bing agencies of treating information and accumulating informations are non merely time-consuming and expensive, but besides compromise undertaking direction public presentation in information acquisition.

Furthermore, building contractors usually depend on interactions via telephone or facsimile to pass on with providers, subcontractors and interior decorators. Consequently, minutess are often lost or misunderstood. Such agencies of pass oning information between sites and offices, and among all participants, are uneffective and inconvenient.

4. System execution

This subdivision illustrates the execution and faculty of the RFID-enabled PDAs system.

aˆ? Inventory direction faculty

The Inventory direction faculty is an easy-access and portable environment in which on-site applied scientists can follow and enter all information on the position of stuffs in the warehouse or on the scheduled bringing list. This faculty enables on-site applied scientists to better stock list direction on building sites.

aˆ? Quality and review faculty

On-site applied scientists can download the most up-to-date quality trials from the Internet, and can come in trial consequences straight via PDA. Additionally, PDAs display the codification and/or checklist for each of import constituent and work. On-site applied scientists besides can plot unacceptable places on a drawing and take relevant points from the lists in the PDA. The faculty has the advantage that on-site applied scientists can enter/edit quality and review trial consequence on the building site and all trial records can be communicated between the PDA and the portal via real-time synchronism, extinguishing the demand to repeatedly come in the same information.

aˆ? Progress proctor faculty

This faculty is designed to assist directors and on-site applied scientists monitor the advancement of the cardinal constituents. Furthermore, directors, on-site applied scientists and undertaking related participants can portion the current advancement or bringing status of these critical plants and constituents. The agenda direction faculty provides an easy-access and portable environment in which on-site applied scientists can follow and enter all information on the position of constituents delivered to the warehouse or on scheduled for bringing.

5.1. Production stage

5.2. Trial and storage stage

5.3. Delivery stage

5.4. On-site and review stage

5.5. Inventory stage

5.6. Installation stage

Lung-Chuang Wang a, Yu-Cheng Lin a, * , Pao H. Lin

Dynamic nomadic RFID-based supply concatenation control and direction system in building.

Advanced Engineering Information sciences 21 ( 2007 ) 377-390

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Problems And Challenges Facing The Construction Industry Construction Essay
There are legion of import challenges confronting today 's building industry that are actuating the acceptance of new engineerings such as RFID and detectors engineering. Some are new to the industry, and some are centuries old. Many of these challenges are a direct consequence of building operations, while others a consequence of indirect, peripheral activities. Some of the building issues include workforce considerations, safety, clip restraints, and the changing nature of the work. No
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Problems And Challenges Facing The Construction Industry Construction Essay
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