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    Physical Therapy Essay (504 words)

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    My prior experiences with sports medicine made it a top choice for a career. After numerous injuries to my knees and ankles, my doctor scheduled me to see a top sports physician. The rigorous exercise program that he helped me through put me on the fast track to recovery.

    The power to positively impact a person’s future is a gift that not many people have, but these physicians do. I wish to be a part of these few who help so many.

    Although a seemingly exciting career, there were still many things that I needed to know before making a leap and proclaiming it my future career. For example, “How does it pay?” or “What kind of hours would I be looking at?” came to mind. Other questions, such as, “What schooling in required?” and “How did the future look?” also baffled me. Still another aspect perplexed me: “Is the work rewarding?” These questions, and more, would be answered later.

    The search for these answers was a long and mysterious trek through cyberspace. Entering the computer lab at 12:10 p.

    m. on Monday, February 16th, and after hearing the teacher’s instructions, I began my journey into the world of Physical Therapy Essay. First, after taking a career choice test, I was given information about funeral directors. That didn’t matter, I was looking for sports medicine. The first day ended up being a total waste of time. The next day I strolled into the lab and found that my computer was broken.

    I ended up at a different seat and began my search. Then I found it: a gold mine of information. The three sites listed later offered me all that I could possible want to know about my chosen profession. The search had come to an end.

    Through this search, I have decided that physical therapy is the job for me. Great hours, exceptional pay, extraordinary working conditions and increasing demand for the profession were some of my conclusions from the research.

    Hours, for example, are nine to five and could possible include weekends. Pay, for another example, is in the forty-five to sixty thousand dollar range and is increasing.1 The working conditions include hospitals and even private clinics. The future for the field of physical therapy is a bright one. More and more people are becoming disabled and the need for therapists rises with them.

    Schooling is fairly simple for physical therapy.

    A master’s degree and several hours of on the job training are what is required. After that work should come to those with the training.2

    Physical therapy is a growing occupation that requires skilled employees.3 The chance to help others who have had the same problems as I, is a chance that I will like to take.

    Although I have chosen it as a top career idea, there are still questions that must be asked before I take the step into the unknown. After these questions are answered I will try to do everything in my power to prepare for this career.


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