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    Personal Writing- Non Fiction Essay

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    Mrs stokes is talking to herself during the evening about her feelings. She is feeling upset and jealous with Albert and is feeling sorry for herself for the way in which she treated Albert like. MOTHER: “What shall I do now Albert has left?” I feel really lonely and scared in the house myself. Where will my son have gone? Why couldn’t he have stayed in for once? Is it because I am a selfish and mean mother? Albert does not listen to me. Why is this? (Thinks to herself) (Crying) I have been very overprotective and loving to him and should have been sensible and mature. How could I have said so many terrible things about my Father?

    (She feels worried inside her stomach) It was my duty as Albert’s mother to talk to him in a good manner. However, why didn’t I do this? Is because I was a silly and an unrepectful mother. Its so mean and horrible what I have done and treated like Albert like. Nevertheless, I regret treating Albert like a child. He is a young adult. How could I have done such a terrible thing to him? I am going to hate myself for doing this to him if he does not forgive me. Why was I so jealous of him? It was not any of mine business what he does and who he goes out with. (Stressfully and sighs her hands over her head) How could I have been mean about Albert’s father and said upsetting and terrible things?

    During the evening Mrs. stokes is talking to herself about her feelings. Mrs stokes then of all a sudden starts to talk to herself about her past. She is upset on that evening because of all the things she said to Albert and Mr stokes in the past. MOTHER: “How could I have been so silly to Mr. stokes? I was such a selfish wife. Why was I so rude at him at the time I was alive? How could I have been so hard on him? (Crying) Probably my husband in heaven now with all his past people. Now I am living alone without a husband and my 28 year old son probably hates me because I have probably ruined his life.”

    Mrs stokes has a terrible headache and is feeling sick. She takes a pain killer from the kitchen cabinet and falls asleep Albert arrives to his local pub where he is meeting Leane his girlfriend. He was to arrive at the pub at 6.30pm but he is an hour late. ALBERT: “Is that all you can say.” Then Mrs stokes starts to confuse Leane. MUM: “Why am I making you upset and sad? Now you no how I feel.” LEANE: “No not really me and Albert are leaving today.”

    Mrs stokes go all quiet all of a sudden. When Mrs stokes go quiet Leane and Albert tell her that they are leaving. They are going to Leane’s flat. ALBERT: ” We are leaving now and going to Leane’s flat across the city. LEANE: “Bye Mrs Stokes.” After Albert and Leane leave Mrs Stokes, she feels upset and lonely and starts to talk to herself again. MOTHER: ” Why has my son left me? I am a lonely, selfish woman now.

    My son might not even give me an invitation to the wedding due to the way I carried on at him. I really feel like killing myself.” Mrs stokes is feeling mad in a terrible mess. Due to her feeling in a mad mood she go the to medicines wardrobe in the kitchen and takes a few pills and take a glass of water and swallows them all at once. After she does this, she is feeling sick and ill and she is feeling cold. Then after three hour later Mrs stokes is feeling and she is going to dye.

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