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Music Should Not Be Censored Essay Example

Music should not be censored. I understand where all of you people say, “Vote yes for censorship. ” But, not everything is in your power. Yes, some music promotes violence, gangs, etc. Yes, some rappers and singers don’t care about what the youth hear. They use music as a way to express how they feel. Censorship isn’t really helping anyone. It is actually shielding children from reality, thus making them weak. If we are not exposed to the so called derogatory and provocative lyrics and music videos, then we are not prepared for what happens in the real world.

You cannot rooter your children from everything in the world so why not prepare them for it? Censorship in music is not protecting your children but instead, hurting them in the long run. If you want to protect them, prepare them, don’t shield them. Also, censorship in music is really hurting the artists. They choose to be expressive in their music and in their lyrics, and censorship doesn’t allow them to do that. You choose to express yourself in whatever way you like, so let them do the same. If you do believe that censorship is the solution, then ask yourself this question.

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Wouldn’t it make more sense that being exposed to uncensored music makes us prepared for reality? And, isn’t it better to allow people to express themselves in their own Way? In conclusion, the idea of censoring is repressive. Society moves forward thanks to controversial ideas. The true solution to it all is to teach the media literacy. This means that the children listening to certain types of music understand what they are hearing. By teaching your children and teens these skills they wouldn’t need protection from parents, and no censoring in music. Music Should Not Be Censored By monomaniacs

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