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    Parts of the Flower Essay (498 words)

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    Often vase-shaped, the pistil consists of three parts: he stigma, the style and the ovary. * Stigma- It is the reception are for the pollen. The stigma is adapted to catch and trap pollen with various hairs, flaps, or sculpturing The pollen may be captured from the air ,from visiting insects or other animals , or in rare cases from surrounding water. It is sticky and velvety in * Style. It is a slender stalk for the passage of pollen nuclei Located texture . Between ovary and stigma * Ovary- Is the enlarged basal portion that contains one or more ovule-bearing units called carpals.

    Each ovule contains the female matte, the egg & 2 polar bodies, which become the endosperm, 2. ) Stamen- Is the male reproductive structure of a flower. It is consist of 4 pollen- containing chambers that are fused into a structure called Anther. Inside the anther are the pollen grains , each tot which contains the male gamete and the generate sperm nucleus. The V-ailment supports & hold the anther to the pistil. 3. ) Sepals- They are known as the CALYX . They form the outermost part surrounding & holding the petals & at the same time, protecting part f the inner part of a flower. . ) Petals- Known as the COROLLA* are typically the brightly colored parts of the flower. They have aromatic substance game; nectar which are used to attract insect pollinators. The tip to which the floral organ are attaches are called RECEPTACLES. The PEDUNCLE is the stalk of a single Flower . 2 Main Parts of Typical Flower * Essential Parts – are those directly involved in sexual reproduction These include the pistil & the stamen * Accessory Parts- are those that are not erectly involved in sexual reproduction but facilitate it.

    These include the sepal, petals, floral bracts and receptacle. Bracts – modified leaves which can simulate petals and add the conspicuous part to otherwise inconspicuous flowers. Examples are the red bracts surrounding the small Euphorbia ,poinsettia, and bougainvillea. Many plants have floral bracts which are not colorful such as Fitting versatility (silver nerve plant), -&gt: Receptacle – the apex of the pedicel upon which the organs tot a flower are developed, Complete and Incomplete Flower Besides petals, most flowers have a stamen, a pistil and sepals.

    If a flower has all four of these parts, botanists consider it “complete. ” A rose, for example, is a complete flower. If one of these parts is missing, the flower is called “incomplete. ‘ A begonia is an incomplete flower, because its flowers have either a stamen or a pistil, but not both. Incomplete Flower Complete Flower Cherries Flower Roses Regular and Irregular Flower -k Regular flower is a flower with petals and sepals arranged around the center eke the spokes Off Wheel and that is thus radically symmetrical. Irregular flower is a flower with petals that are not uniform in size or shape. Irregular Flower Daisy Violet Regular Flower Nasturtium Day Leslies Zinnia Perfect and Imperfect Flower * Perfect flowers are flowers that have both Carpals (Female Organs)

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