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    My Autobiography – Hoping to Change the World Essay

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    I’ve always been told that I was going to be a failure and nothing but a big disappointment. However, I didn’t let the negative comments keep me from succeeding. Graduation night was one of the happiest moment of my life. At that moment, I proved myself to everyone who was against me. I see myself as an overcomer and a determined young lady, whose plans are to succeed. All worldly things put aside, I’m not religious, but I believe that there is a God. I think that not only has my relationship with Christ has become better, but my mind, heart, and soul is stronger. I am an outgoing, outspoken, and a curious person.

    If I have a question I will not hesitate to ask. Around my friends, I’m the sarcastic, yet serious person that cheers everybody up. I just try to take all the hostile situations and turn them into laughable moments. Maintaining my physical, mental, and emotional well-being, are key parts to how I see myself. So I make time for them equally throughout my day. I work out everyday, twice a day, with my friend, Char, so my physical well-being is improving. I go to God for my mental and emotional well-being, because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

    I’m very opened minded, so the things I’m interested in have no limits. Some of the basic things I enjoy doing are singing, laughing, reading, and I love outdoors activities. My talents vary I’m a great listener, observer, and very comprehensive. How I present myself and act around people is very important to me. I exercise my manners by being respectful and considerate. I trust everyone until you give me a reason to do otherwise. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I learned a long time ago that no matter what you do, people are going to always have something negative to say about you.

    I think other people see me as a hilarious, friendly, and very blunt person who has goals set to achieve. My ideal self consists of God completely taking over my life, and showing me my purpose for living. I want him to install in me patience and understanding. I want this person to be in a position to spark a fire in people hearts. She will stand firm in what she believes in, and let no temptation subdue her. She will not lead people into damnation, but help in their deliverance from evil. I was born in San Diego, California. I have 14 brothers and sisters.

    My family moved around a lot because my dad was in the Marines. I didn’t have the best childhood growing up; I experience physical and mental abuse after my dad died. My dad was my source of security. I knew when he was around I was untouchable, but when he died my life seemed to make a turn for the wrong. My mother affection towards my seem to decrease over the years. She kicked me out when I was 12, and no way to support myself, I was tossed from place to place. As I previously mentioned, I was tossed from house to house. At age fifteenth, my grandparents took me in.

    They worked to ensure I had all the necessities a young teenager needed. I became who I am now from them teaching me lessons, from the Bible. Life appeared to be getting better until, my grandmother died from stage four cancer. My grandpa, suffering from alzheimer, was forced to reside in a nursing home. Afterwards, I had no choice, but to move in with my mom. My mom stayed in a tiny community, named Shiloh. It was woods on top of more woods. Everyone within five-thousand feet of each other were related. I had no friends and sat in my room all day reading.

    My education plays a vast role in my life. I was always active in extracurricular activities like, volunteer, debate, and tutoring clubs. I enjoyed school, and work came easy to me. I competed in many academic contest and I won numerous awards. I worked very hard to get accepted into the college of my dream, University of Pine Bluff. All my hard work paid off in the end when I was accepted into UAPB. I am now a freshman at the University, working to get my degree in Criminal Justice. I’m planning on getting an internship while I’m in school and graduating with a 4. . After graduating, I want to go back to school to further my degree, and become a criminologist.

    I want to get a job working with the BAU, traveling all over the world, solving crimes. I know that the future is not promised to me, but I’m always thinking positive things about it. In five years, I want all my student loans to be paid back, because you really can’t save money until you out of debt. In ten years,I see myself married and with children. My future consists of me learning my purpose and putting it to use. I want to change the world.

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