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    My Academic Autobiography Essay

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    My name is Alexander ________________. I was born on October 14, 1996 in West Islip, NY. What I find most important to me in my past is how close i was with my family. I only learned to appreciate what I had until very recently. My family has helped me during my journey from past to present by supporting me in everything I did, and i mean everything. They are always there for me if i needed someone to talk to. Always had my back and helped me if I needed help. I will have to a lot to adapt from depending so much on my family to becoming and living a lot more independent lifestyle.

    For example who will do my laundry!! I’m only half-kidding. But i will need to get used to not being able to go find them in the kitchen or living room if I need someone to talk to, and I need to get used to doing A LOT more on my own. You start to realize how much your family does for you when you go away to college. It will only get more difficult when I am completely living on my own. I don’t expect to form any relationships while taking this course partially because we only meet once a week, but who knows what will happen.

    I think this course will benefit me in that i will learn how to write a resume and many other things that will help me in my future. I don’t think it will be beneficial for me to find a mentor at Suffolk Community College because I already have the right direction and motivation I need to be very successful. Some of the differences I have seen between myself and others at Suffolk Community College are that I seem to care more about my grades and well I am doing. These differences don’t bother me because I am here for myself and I care about me doing well.

    The others may do whatever they want. Goal setting is very important but sadly it is not as important to me as I wish it could be. Goals I want to set are to graduate with above a 3. 5 GPA. I plan to meet this goal by staying focused, motivated, and on track. My overall high school experience was very enjoyable. I didn’t have to push myself much at all and managed to do decent. I pretty much enjoyed all my teachers, I did not have any problems with any of them. My favorite teacher was Mr. Spinks. He was my orchestra teacher but only teached for 2 years.

    The reason why he was my favorite teacher because It was obvious he had a passion for his job. He worked very hard and just by those two qualities motivated the orchestra to work hard and play much better than we had the past two years. He motivated me to become a lot better cello player. I could not say that I was motivated academically because I would not take the other classes as seriously as I should. I fell asleep often. Extracurricular activities that I was involved in during High School were track, and tennis. According to the Learning Styles assessments, my preferred style is auditory/visual.

    I was not surprised by these results because i agree with the results. I learn better by seeing it be done. Understanding how I think will help me to adapt in the classroom and relate to my peers by allowing me to talk about visual things. College is going the way I thought it would. I am getting a lot of homework like I expected. I enjoy most of my classes which I expected. My academic strengths are math and cooking class. My weaknesses are in my writing class. I can improve my classroom performance by focusing more i guess. Im still not too sure.

    My favorite class is CUL1 because it is the most enjoyable for me because I have a passion for food and cooking. I learn so much so quickly I am very happy I followed through by taking the Culinary major and its classes. My most dreaded class is writing because its too early in the morning to give my 100%. Short term goals for this semester are to do very well in all my classes. My long term goals are to leave Suffolk with a job in a restaurant. Education to me is the process of learning about specific subjects. It is important because the more education or knowledge you have the farther you can go in life.

    Academic honesty to me is being true with yourself about how you are actually doing and what you can do to do better. If you lie to yourself about how bad you’re doing that is very bad. Motivation to me is to finally move out of my parents house and into my own house and to be independent and live on my own and be able to take care of myself. Fear to me is losing people that are very close to you. The most significant thing I have learned about myself this semester is that I can do it. I can do well. I can be significant. I have changed since high school in that now I am very motivated.

    There is not one thing I would not change about this semester. Everything is going very well. I want to be a successful chef. I want people to know my name without even meeting me. II want to open up a very successful and unique restaurant. The advice I would give to a college freshmen that I wish was given to me is that if you’re not ready to be alone then go back home and go locally. That is why i’m here in community college because I wasnt ready to be alone in Cortland University so i dropped out and now i’m stuck with a 10,000 dollar loan that I am already required to start paying off.

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