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    Music concert Persuasive Essay (838 words)

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    Also, behind the clarinets were the trumpets. In comparison, the trumpets weren’t as many as clarinets because the tone and volume are much stronger and effective with less people. Beside the trumpet players were the trombone players. To the far right in the back were the euphoniums/baritones and tuba. There were 2 euphonium players and 1 tuba player. Lastly, all along the back of the stage were the percussionists. There were many different kinds of percussion such as tenor drums, sticks, harp, piano, and many more. The compositions of many instruments made the concert very harmonic.

    In the concert, there were tons of observations I made. The regular things that occurred would be that they slurred and articulated the B flat scale before every piece they played. Then, they had trumpet solos and a baritone solo in between a song. The baritone solo was magnificent, as the intonation and tone was spot on! I noticed how every player was wearing the exact same clothing starting from socks to shoes. This way none of the audience were distracted. Also, there was good body movement with the instrument, so it looked appealing as they were playing the instrument at the same time.

    While on the other hand, some unusual awkward things I observed that there were instrument players in the four corners of the audience. Surprisingly, a lot of trumpeters were playing standing up. The composer came on and off the stage too often, taking some extra time away. Also, I felt that some instrument players played their instrument the way we did not learn. The trumpet player puffed his cheeks while playing and at the end of the music piece, his face was all red. Lastly, they applauded one another in a special way. Instead of clapping with their hands, they stomped their feet and clapped their thighs.

    The two players that were playing my instrument were Caleb and Brian. They were both amazing euphonium players. The song they were a part of was the first song. The song’s name was “Tempered Steel” by Charles Rochester Young. They were both into the mood and were synchronized with the others. The baritone players played with great technique as they didn’t puff their cheeks, they played their notes with appropriate tone and value and their posture was perfect. At one time during the song, the baritone player had it’s own mini solo. After the song was over, they left the stage with confidence and pride.

    In my opinion I enjoyed the first song the most music concert By adamantly everyone’s attention as they cherished the wonderful piece. Also, it was my favorite piece because it was the only music that had my instrument players playing. This is what made me listen to it more carefully. I understood the dynamics when they made louder or softer noise or whether they’d speed up on the climax of the song. There was no song I disliked personally, but after sitting for a long time, at the end I got tired and a bit distracted. The music had great emotion and thought put into it.

    The parts when they start off low and soft with one group of instruments, such as clarinets, and then merge it with louder bold instruments, like trumpets, were glorious. The overlapping of sounds were really well displayed and harmonious. The gradually speeding rhythm was good to keep the audience’s attention. Also, the conductor had arranged something unusual and very special. In one of the percussion pieces, the percussionists were in the four corners of the audiences and were playing from there. It sounded so nice as the sounds were coming from all sides of you. The song and arrangements of the instruments were so well thought out.

    If you close your eyes, you’d feel like the music that represented a storm was actually happening. The program wasn’t performed in a particularly special way. It was held like a regular concert but, after each song, the conductor went offstage too often. They were friendly and let us go backstage. My friends and l, managed to get their autographs as well! Overall, the concert was amazing and I enjoyed it a lot. The things in particular I liked were the different variations of music that were played and the skill and dedication that each performer put in that evening. Nonetheless, I appreciate that in the middle here was a little 15 min. Reek to freshen up. Sitting for a long time can tiring so the intermission helped us to stay focused throughout. As a music critic, I would definitely recommend this concert to other people. I learned many things from the concert, and I think that it would represent a great role model for others to follow. Their sound quality was so clear, no squeaks and rich sooth sound. The intonation and volume was appropriate for the songs they played, along with their enthusiasm. The conductor, Tony Gomes, himself is a scholar (see brochure page 4 sec Biography). All around this concert was the best!

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