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    “Five Knacks for Ladies,” Song Analysis

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    What type of song is it? “Five Knacks for Ladies,” is a madrigal – a poetic song. The song is about the singer who presents himself as a humble peddler Which of the songs was composed by Franciscan Bossiness, or Francis of Bosnia’se maim per marginalia (If ever in wonder), was written by Franciscan Bossiness. He was a composer of many pieces for the lute and voice, and this was one of his most famous and moving compositions.

    What is a lute? What is the history of the lute? When was the lute used? The lute was stringed instrument used during the Renaissance. It was pear-shaped, with a neck. It resembled a guitar due to the way it was held and the way it was played. During the Renaissance, the lute held the highest respect of all musical instruments. What is a harpsichord? Where were these instruments often found? The harpsichord was an instrument used from the 16th century to the mid-18th century.

    It looked exactly like a piano. It had your regular whole note keys, with your flats and sharps between them. What is a notation knife? Notation knives were very interesting pieces of artwork. They can be described as knives with musical notes on the blade, and are extremely rare Many of the articles on the include a piece of artwork from the Renaissance period. How are music and art related? Do you think that the music of the period is reflected in the art of the period?

    Why or why not? I think that music and art were strongly related during the Renaissance period. This is apparent from the museum website, as there are pictures and videos on practically every page. During this time, I wouldn’t be surprised if certain music was inspired by pictures, or vice versa. In my opinion, music of this time period is definitely reflected in the art of this period. Going back to notation knifes, these were AD pieces of art. The music was written on the knives.

    This is a great example of how music and art are related, and how music is reflected in art. Music can also be reflected in art by pictures. Often times you’ll see hand drawn photos of people playing instruments, singing, or dancing as well. Of the different music files that you’ve heard from the Renaissance period, which one Music Appreciation 8 By Acuteness’s addition to the music found throughout this module’s text, I believe that my favorite piece of music from the Renaissance period is “Greensville. I know this is probably the most famous song of the Renaissance, but I have information to back up my opinion. First of all, the tone was attention-grabbing. Several pieces of music had very monotonous tones. I like the tone of the instrument used in this song. How does the music of the Renaissance differ from music today? (Think about the elements of music like tone color, rhythm, melody and so on). Of the different music lies that you’ve heard from the Renaissance period, which one do you like the best? Why?

    The music of the Renaissance shares some common traits, but also other different traits from today’s music. I believe that today’s music is more upbeat, with faster rhythms, than the music of the Renaissance. Thanks to digital editing, music today can have better melodies as well. In my opinion, I believe that the tone color of the Renaissances music is much brighter than most modern music today. However, both the music of the Renaissance and modern music share the same basic elements of music and some common themes like love.

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