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    Moving to a New State Essay (591 words)

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    Taking a risk can be a challenge. One of the most difficult risks I have taken was moving out of state from Greenwood, Mississippi to Dallas, Texas, far away from my family. It has always been hard for me to move away from home, but I decided that it will help me meet new people, further my education, get out of bad habits and change the way I think situations will turn out. New situations are always scary to me, especially meeting new people. When I first arrived to Dallas, I had grasped that I was in a place where every face was unfamiliar to me.

    While I fretfully waited for the instructions for my dorm room and classroom schedule, many people asked me where I was from. I told them I was from Mississippi and they all looked favorably shocked. Once I lazily settled into my dorm, I was told that there was a meeting so I waited until time had passed by to go. During the meeting, we were told briefly to introduce ourselves. I had met at least seven people and they were all pleasant and generous to me. I had learned that the students were from all across the world.

    The first day was very challenging. We were assigned a test. I was heated and confuse on what we could possibly have a test about. I had to knowingly study during the weekend on the information that I learned about the school. Everything that surrounded me was a test. For instance, the name of one of the buildings was “Isabell and Comer Cottrell Student Union Building,” and I had to know that from every word. We were expected to memorize three encouraging poems and read one fiction book within a week.

    I thought that the professor was being witty toward us, but he was very stern wanted us to become better individuals. That is when I knew that I had to work extremely hard. I always had the impulsion of not conversing with strangers . Speaking in class was a portion of our grades. We had to always raise our hands and ask logical questions in order to get a grade. The new environment I was in caused me to be reticent. My classmate would ask me what my name was and I would always be wary about it.

    “Why are you so shy? people would always ask. I would only shrug at them. I knew that being so timid could have a big effect on my grades. So, I decided to conquer my anxiety of being shy and I have to say-it felt good! Acceptance was not truly easy for me. I mistakenly believed that the other students were brushing me aside (not talking to me). I would think so hypercritically towards the point that I was not capable of making friends. At breakfast and lunch, you will constantly see me alone. But then, I realized that I was responsible for not making friends.

    Eventually, I began having a friendly conversation with other students and bonded with them. My considerations had suddenly changed. I had made new friends who coincided with me. Packing up and leaving home was a straining task. I did learn that my risks will only get me so far in life, and it does not matter how hard life may seem, moving on is possible. Taking the risk of leaving home gave me new friends, smart teachers, a chance to break my habit, and it showed me that I was being too rational.

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