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Mma vs Traditional Martial Arts Essay

Hand to Hand combat Will never be replaced, Mixed Martial Arts can be combined and expounded upon, the economy gives a great opportunity to give extra values to students, and the digital age gives enormous advances for advertising and communication. Through hard yet smart work overcoming these barriers can lead to opportunities. Martial Arts losing their Arts Many traditional martial arts are thousands of years old, and provide rich culture and heritage and well as providing physical, emotional, and mental benefits, yet they are on the decline (Knight).

However, there is still a need for mental and physical discipline, the world still must exercise for health and stress relief. Also, there is a growing need for self defense and confidence building in our young people with cyber bullying and the world becoming more competitive and smaller with technology It is quite the paradox, basic economics teach us if there is a greater need supply, should be going up, not down. Over the last 18 month have seen four martial arts dodos close their doors or drastically change their business model, whom have directly trained with worked for professionally.

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I hue studied martial arts intermittently since was 16 years old in Judo, Fencing, Keno, and a style of Gung If. Schools who were once lull and had multiple locations have been closing doors. As student Of the martial arts, and as a business professional who have helped with business plans, websites, and marketing strategies for these schools, this topic is a passion of mine, and I have spent many evenings looking for the answer, ‘Why? Traditional martial arts are in less demand due to hand to hand self defense not as sought after, the raise of Mixed Martial Arts, the bad economy, and the digital age. Self Defense Argument The first argument running ramped over the internet about why martial arts as a self defense is obsolete is because everyone carries weapons. Armed assaults, murders, are on the raise if you watch TV, or read the news. However the statistics show otherwise, most crimes in the united states are still much higher than in the 605 and 705, yet louver than in the ass, (Federal Bureau of Investigation).

If armed assaults, robbery and murder are going down, one could carry a gun legally to feel safe, thus again calling into question the need for martial arts as a self defense. Personally have my concealed weapons permit and do carry a gun when leave the house. However, guns do not make martial arts obsolete. No one carries guns all hours and to all locations. Also, there are multiple locations it is illegal to carry a weapon such as traveling abroad, schools, airplanes, and federal buildings. Even the most gun enthusiasts do not carry While using the rest room, at home, or participating in water sports.

If an assailant attacks, yet the victim does not have time to reach his firearm, the gun is a liability, not an asset. Many people concerned with self defense will carry’ firearms, mace, pepper spray, or teasers, these product work and can effectively detour, or protect. Yet, all devices require foresight, and extra time to draw, aim, and activate. Years of Martial Arts training gives an instant response to the situation. When in a dangerous position muscle memory takes over and can instantly defuse the situation in less time than presenting a firearm.

Although this piece is primarily tackling traditional martial arts, carrying defensive devices with continued training in conjunction with martial arts instruction provides more options to safeguard yourself. If we now concur that martial arts are still a valid type of self defense, an argument might be presented that mixed martial arts are a better form of self defense then traditional martial arts. Even though positive arguments can be made for both traditional and mixed martial arts, mixed martial arts schools are highly sought after.

With the rise of mixed martial arts in the sporting, business, and entertainment world it stands to reason mixed martial arts hue been cutting into the business of traditional martial art schools. The MA Argument Mixed martial arts is a new and raising phenomenon which now hold the number two sport in the United Sates for sports ratings trailing only behind the super bowl, peaking at 5. 2 million viewers. (Hubbard) The concept Of mix martial arts is not new with pioneers blazing the trail, like martial artist Bruce Lee.

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Bruce Lee’s philosophy changed traditional martial arts immensely in the asses, after many years of training he went against the grain and started modifying his primary style of Wing Chunk. His primary goal was to simplify the style, to get rid of what doesn’t work, and improve what does with no wasted movement. Lee’s goal was not to create a new style of martial arts, but a new way to express yourself Lee explains, I have not invented a “new style,” composite, modified or otherwise that is set thin distinct form as apart from “this” method or ‘that” method.

On the contrary, I hope to tree my followers from clinging to styles, patterns, or molds…. There is no mystery about my style My movements are simple, direct and non- classical. The extraordinary part of it lies in its simplicity… Jet June-Do is simply the direct expression of one’s feelings with the minimum of movements and energy. The closer to the true way of Gung If, the less wastage of expression there is, Finally, a Jet June Do man who says Jet June Do is exclusively Jet June Do is simply not with it.

He is still hung up on his self- closing resistance, in this case anchored down to reactionary pattern, and naturally is still bound by another modified pattern and can move within its limits. He has not digested the simple fact that truth exists outside all molds; pattern and awareness is never exclusive. (El) Through the start of rise of Martial in America in the asses, no one had challenged the long-established forms so biblically as Bruce El_ Although fighting tradition caused enemies it also made him a movie star, and a legend to this day during his short 32 years Of life.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White considers Bruce Lee “The Father of Mixed Martial Arts” (White) Mixed Martial Arts versus Traditional Martial Arts is a battle argued for over a decade. The consensus on forums, and articles is Mixed Martial Arts focus on the sport aspect, and traditional martial arts focus on the arts heritage, and balance of body, mind and spirit. Martial Arts expert Tony Mills explains Perhaps the biggest difference in the two, MA and traditional Martial Arts, is the difference in how they view combat.

The mixed martial arts training is soused daily in anticipation of pitting his skills against another formidable fighter. There is no doubt in the MA fighter’s mind that he will be in an aggressive and potentially dangerous position. Meanwhile, the traditional Martial Artist trains a elite time hoping to achieve the self discipline and restraint needed so that he never has to test his skills in live combat, (Mills) With the raise of mixed martial arts, traditional martial arts have been feeling the pinch, Many schools are attempting to offer mixed martial arts, though they have little to no training in that area just to survive.

Two local dodos to Roseville California are trying to adapt to survive this new trend. The desire to compete in the ring through Mixed Martial Arts is strong and a fast growing sport, however the traditional values of mental discipline, and self confidence are still required in this century. As students and parents compare the advantages of physical activities, and narrow down their choice to martial arts, they will have one more option, thus hurting more traditional schools, though traditional schools do offer a more well rounded environment for children.

Though most Americans are cutting back their recreational spending through this economy. The Economic argument Times are tough, so bad in fact Forbes Magazine says we’re in the worst economic recovery since the great depression in the early asses (Forbes Magazine). The first bills to be cut in a bad economy by families are recreation and entertainment. Vacations are gone and “Citations”, the idea of staying at home but still being on vacation are popping up everywhere.

sports and movie packages are being dropped from cable bills, and yes sports for implies are being dropped as well (Alameda), Such a hard economy has been hurting martial art schools around the United State. (Ellis) As our economy changes, so does our technology, and thus entertainment, The Technology Childhood obesity is on the rise, and millions are being spent on advertising to encourage children to play outside for at least 60 minutes a day. The fact is almost half of pre-school children are not playing outside. Guppy and Cohen) Video games companies now make more money than the movie industry, and the movie industry is still reporting record gains. As entertainment becomes less active, and the mentality of society becomes more slothful, the desire to become active diminishes with each generations Thus, the desire to pursue multiple hours a week forbears studying martial arts have seen a descending trend. How can Traditional Martial Arts Survive? Although the trends of Traditional Martial Arts as a whole in the United States is lower, there are many local pockets across America that are actually doing well.

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How can the standard traditional school compete with the big boys, or thrive With Mixed Martial Arts stealing their students, or the economy and technology reverting potential students? The first Step is to rededicate yourself to your martial arts training, and find your reason you opened your school to start with. Most traditional Martial Arts encourage meditation to find peace and serenity as well as physical exercise. Do not falter, find your center and your next step. To overcome the obstacles afore mentioned, it is best to address these head on, starting with the idea martial arts are obsolete for self defense.

As previously discussed hand to hand defense is not obsolete for many solid reasons. Creatively convincing potential students to see this is the next task, Volunteer teaching a women’s sell defense class once a week can help tap a market (adult females) not yet pursued. Or, during drills for your children’s classes invite the parents to participate, although embarrassing at first, they very well soon may get out of the chair and join in some exercise instead of reading, thus getting them to taste what Martial Arts can do for them.

Just creatively address your schools faults and see success, including Mixed Martial Arts, Mixed Martial Arts and Traditional Martial Arts typically are at odds with each there, yet as mentioned some Traditional schools are offering Mixed Martial Arts classes, focusing on their primary style, yet incorporating ground work. Or just offering a few Mixed Martial Arts speakers to Come and speak to your class, to show how training multiple disciplines is a benefit. Or, allow Mixed Martial Arts patrons to train using your equipment.

These examples can show the benefit Of your school, style, art, and training and cost little to nothing in this rough economy. Many schools are losing students due to the cutbacks families must endure to make ends meet during hard financial times. Again, we have discussed why Martial Art studies are worth the money even during a recession, yet convincing an unemployed or underemployed student might be an uphill battle. Fifth choice is losing your house or keep training there is very little chance of keeping the student, yet there are still hope.

First, think of ways to give your school an edge over your competitors, providing additional services such as free use of the back room for sparing can be tree yet be invaluable to certain students. Second, marketing to branches of the economy that are doing well can make a large impact. For instance, if the tech sector is doing well in your area, having a presentation about stress relief through Martial Arts at Hewlett Packard along (in Roseville California) along with a HP only “special” can full your dog.

In this technological age there are many obstacles to get children off the couch, and into the dog. Yet what a remarkable dispensation for marketing, communicating with other teachers, studying of new techniques, and learning what your clients want. Marketing on the internet used to be just a blanket design, you get a website, and print in on your business card. However, today with social media, networking, and huge advances in localized advertisement, it can be a goldmine if done correctly. Hiring an SEE (search engine optimization) specialist can be tricky, but the best investment a school could make.

Joining virtual groups Of other dog owners across the world, getting and giving feedback as what is working in Other locations can give great ideas. Bringing to a close the topic of Martial Arts schools shutting their doors is a serious problem, but a hopeful future can be insured as discussed. This is America, the land of the free in business as well as governmental. With passion and smart thinking your slice of the American Dream can not only survive these new obstacles, but thrive. Works Cited Ellis, John Spencer.

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Mma vs Traditional Martial Arts Essay
Hand to Hand combat Will never be replaced, Mixed Martial Arts can be combined and expounded upon, the economy gives a great opportunity to give extra values to students, and the digital age gives enormous advances for advertising and communication. Through hard yet smart work overcoming these barriers can lead to opportunities. Martial Arts losing their Arts Many traditional martial arts are thousands of years old, and provide rich culture and heritage and well as providing p
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Mma vs Traditional Martial Arts Essay
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