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    Mixed Martial Arts Essay Thesis

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    The more dangerous vale-Loud-style bouts Of the early Buff’s were made safer with the implementation of additional rules. Aimed at increasing safety for competitors, which leads to the popular regulated form of MA seen today. During the Classic Greek era there existed an ancient Olympic combat sport, known as Penetration which featured a combination of grappling and striking skills, similar to modern mixed martial arts. This sport originated in Ancient Greece and was later passed on to the Romans.

    In the late 1 *ass to early asses, the concept of combining the elements of multiple martial arts was popularized in the west by Bruce Lee via his philosophy of Jet June Do. Mixed martial arts competitions were introduced in the United States with the first ultimate Fighting Championship (CIFS) in 1993. The sport reached a new peak of popularity in North America in the December 2006 rematch between the JIFF light heavyweight champion Chuck Lidded and former champion Toto Rotor.

    The high profile of modern MA promotions such as ICP and Pride FCC has fostered an accelerated development of the sport. As competitions became more and more common, those with a base in striking arts became more competitive as they cross trained in arts based around takeaways and benison holds, likewise, those from the varying grappling styles added striking techniques to their arsenal. This increase of cross-training resulted in fighters becoming increasingly multidimensional and well-rounded in their skill- sets.

    Since the late asses, both strikers and grapples have been successful at MA though it is rare to see any fighter Who is not schooled in both striking and grappling arts reach the highest levels of competition. The rules for modern mixed martial arts competitions have changed significantly since the early days of vale outdistances shoot wrestling, and AFC 1, and even more from the strict style of penetration. As the knowledge of fighting techniques spread among fighters and spectators, it became clear that the original minimalist rule systems needed to be amended.

    The main motivations for these rule changes were protection of the health of the fighters. The new rules included the introduction of weight classes; as knowledge about submissions spread. There are nine different weight classes in the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts, These nine weight classes include flyweight (up to 125 lb / 56. 7 keg), bantamweight (up to 1 AS lb / 61. keg), featherweight (up to 145 lb 65,8 keg), lightweight (up to SIS lb / 70. 3 keg), welterweight (up to 170 lb / 77. 1 keg), middleweight (up to 185 lb / 83 9 KGB), light heavyweight (up to ASS lb / 93 0 KGB), heavyweight (up to 265 lb / 120. keg). Small, open-fingered gloves ever introduced to protect fists, reduce the occurrence of cuts and encourage fighters to use their hands for striking to allow more exciting matches. Time limits were established to avoid long fights with little action Where competitors conserved their strength. Matches without time limits also complicated the airing of live events. The time limit in cost professional fights are three S minute rounds, and championship rights are normally five 5 minute rounds. Victory in a match is obtained in a number Of ways.

    One Of it is a stoppage by the referee, Which is called a technical knockout(TOOK), where the referee stops the fight if a fighter becomes dominant to the point where the opponent cannot defend himself and is taking excessive damage or if a fighter appears to be losing consciousness as he or she is being struck or if a competitor has a significant injury such as a broken bone. A knockout, which is as soon as a fighter is unable to continue due to legal strikes causing his opponent to be unconscious, his opponent is declared the winner.

    Next, a submission is when the referee stops the match when the fighter is caught in a submission hold and is in danger of being injured; often times a fighter gets choked unconscious; other times it is when a bone has been broken in a submission hold. Another way is, when the competitors “cornea” throws in the towel, Besides that, is by decision, where the outcome of the match is determined by three judges, whether it be a unanimous decision, majority decision or split decision. Retirement, when a fighter is so exhausted that he or he cannot physically continue fighting.

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