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Minds Are Open Only When Hearts Are Open Persuasive Essay

Why do we need our heart open? The heart is actually the central ruler of your being. Even in Traditional Chinese Medicine it is known as the ‘Emperor of the Body’ – not the mind as predominantly thought in the western world. The heart when opened fully is where your inner guidance comes from (and divine guidance if you are open to receiving this). This doorway or bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds can provide profound assistance and healing within your being should houses to live more fully in an openhearted state.

Below re meditation guidelines from my ‘Opening Your Heart Series’. These are tools and techniques to open and expand hearty more deeply in life so that you may move through life from the true centre of your being. Hope you find this of assistance and please feel free to share amongst your friends… Basic Technique Finding somewhere to meditate is important and having your own sacred space is key to being able to stabilize and centre your being vivid ease. Having this spot permanently set up for meditation would also be advantageous -? and note that this is your spot only.

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Trying to meditate in someone else’s energy after they have meditated may give you extra energy O’Dell’ With, rather than just slipping into your deep meditation with ease. So sitting comfortably (it is not recommended you lie down as you may fall asleep) and simply closing your eyes to go inward is the first step. Just rest there for a few moments, allowing the energy of the day to fall away with some gentle breaths, and consciously allowing your physical body to relax. Elf you feel guided you may call for support in your meditation from the Universe, such as invoking Angels and Archangels, Buddha, SST.

Germane, God/des etc, or just simply the Universe itself to support you settling into your ‘Receptivity Mode’. Meditation helps you to calm and centre your being so that the Universe may give back to you what you have given out that day, We need to both have giving and receptive moments in our lives, not always giving (doing). Even a battery needs to both give and receive (positive and negative energies/ polarities) to function at full strength. Humans are no different.

If one constantly gives (does) it is only a matter of time before they burnout or collapse*after your invocation, allow your awareness (consciousness) to gently slide down from your mind and into your heart space (the centre of your chest) where your ‘point of light’ resides. Take your time with this as you may sense a little resistance from your mind/consciousness. If this occurs, simply honor and give thanks for it. It is important that this process is done with love and patience. You may visualize your awareness sliding down into your heart or simply feel it – whatever works for you. Remember – take your time.

Once in contact with the flame (light) inside your chest, gently intend for this light to expand. There is no forcing With the mind for this to occur, you simply invite this inner flame within your chest to expand naturally in all directions around you (out the front and back of your heart, to your left and right, and above and below your heart -? basically 360 degrees around your heart), and allow it to expand out six feet in all directions – slowly. Intent is all that is needed here. Your heart flame will expand naturally when you invite it to… The mind does not need to force or push it to open.

Gentle loving intent is more powerful here – it Will respond_As your heart begins to expand one may incorporate any of the following techniques belonging Your Heart Series seepage I Of 4 C’ Carmella Raphael www_Carmella. Com Tell: 0424 044 130(depending on how they are guided that day) to deepen their heart opening experience. Breath ; With your heart flame gently expanding, simply allow your breath to lovingly support it to expand a little more on each gentle out-breath. Feel or visualize this occurring if this makes it easier for you. The more one breathes in a relaxed manner, the fuller and more expanded the heart.

Unified Field The Unified Field is the energetic grid that connects everything in the universe, and it also has ‘intelligence’ behind it. (For more information on this field, also known as the Quantum Field or Divine Matrix, see,’read the following: ‘What The Bleep Do We Know’ DVD, ; The Divine Matrix – book by author Gregg Braded). Notice its name ‘Unified Field’ – it ‘Unifies’ everything, To use the Unified Field in your meditation, simply call to the field to support the opening of your heart, and this field that permeates through your being will activate and transmit frequency into your heart charka (heart flame) immediately.

Just allow yourself to receive with grace -?surrender, no forcing. With practice you will be able to feel its instant response to your requests and get very good with allowing yourself to receive the amazing frequency. Meditate with your awareness receiving from this field for as long as you feel guided; sipping on this field of love into your heart centre With your breath will deepen the experience also. Gratitude and Thanks ; Offering ‘Gratitude and Thanks’ out to the universe for all that you are grateful for in life is another powerful way to expand your heart more deeply.

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When one does this, it is a very heart felt offering coming from a genuine space deep inside your heart. You could be grateful for your job, your house, car, salary, your friends, parents, dogs or cats you look after, a business opportunity that has come your way etc, the list is trustfulness. It can be a statement that simply says ‘l give thanks for my home. I give thanks for my husband, I give thanks for my car… ‘, whatever phrasing works for you and whatever you are truly grateful for that day.

One may be grateful for their partner one day but not be so grateful he next if there has been an event that is unresolved between you and them (although once the heart is open you can transmit love to them to help heal the situation… ): so it this is the case, simply pick something else to be grateful for to assist opening your heart, there is always something, When this gratitude is truly trot your heart space it will deepen your heart opening experience more profoundly and easily, The Sound of ‘Ah’ ; ‘Ah’ is one of the most powerful sounds and releases.

A lot of the great Masters that have come to the Earth even have ‘ah’ in their name: Buddha, Krishna etc. We sound ‘ah’ after we sneeze, during lovemaking or on the first sip of a delicious drink after a busy day There is power in this sound and one may use the sound of ‘ah’ to help still their energy, release excess thoughts from their minds and open their energy body and heart more deeply. Simply sound it – ‘aha’ on your out-breath, with the gentle intent behind it to release energy that does not serve you to help open your heart more deeply.

If your feel ready you can deepen this release further by placing your tongue out Of your mouth as far as it Will comfortably go, and sound ah’ on the out-breath. Always sound in long resonate tones (ayah’). They may be deep tones, mid-range/heart tones or high tones depending on What you feel you need that day. Sounding ;ah’ with your tongue out opens all of your meridians (energy lines) Within your body to clear your energy With more ease. Have found on days where there has been difficulty in my heart opening that this sacred Opening Your Heart Series package 2 of 4 Carmella Raphael www. Carmela. Com Tell: 0424 044 sound with my tongue out for several minutes helps me enormously. Also, if you enjoy sounding, one may tone (sing), s their heart desires in any range as well. Grounding into Mother Earth ; Most are unaware that Mother Earth (Mother Gaga) is a very conscious aware being. She knows who you are and whether or not you are connected to her deeply for her to supply your physical and energy bodies with the energy PU need each day. Some beings walk around with their consciousness in their heads forgetting about their conscious connection with the earth.

Mother Earth supplies the food we eat, water we drink and the air we breathe through her unconditional love. We are in fact the earth itself as everything we consume is a part of her. Our connection with her is very deep indeed. If one is experiencing difficulty with their meditation, or finds initially on that day that focusing straight onto the heart is too difficult, then one can sit comfortably and allow themselves to energetically sink into the earth (either through feeling or visualization).

Although we may kick separate to her from a physical perspective, we are intimately connected to her (also remember the unified field that connects everything in the universe). This ;inking’ into the earth is actually us surrendering to her, allowing ourselves to let go and merge with her, giving over our energy, thoughts and feelings that do not serve us -? not analyzing them, just giving them over. For Mother Earth, these things offered over are like compost to her. When we breathe out, her body (trees etc) breathe in our ‘waste’ (carbon- dioxide) and she gives us back her ‘waste’ – oxygen.

Mother Earth thrives on us and we thrive on her. So allow yourself to merge with her now, surrender yourself, feel yourself drop deep inside of her for the emergence of her energy with yours to take place more deeply. The more deeply connected you are with her in a surrendered state the more she can serve you. Call to her and thank her for her loving assistance that is there for you 24/7. You could deepen this experience further still by doing this outside on the lawn or in a park, (Even just lying down on the earth and surrendering at anytime will clear purr being easily – it’s free healing! ).

To Complete With your heart open more deeply, one may connect and ground their energy to Mother Earth,Simply send your expanded heart flame energy down from the centre of their chest and into the earth core (thank Mother Earth for this deep connection of courses This connects you deeply again to Mother Earths heart so he may continue to support your energy and physical bodies in the exact ratio that your bodies need at that time, Also completing with offering thanks to whomever you invoked at the start of your meditation to support you (Angels, Buddha etc). This sis lovely gift to offer from your heart.

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Know that the more heart flagellants you transmit out to the universe, the more love and support that will come back to you – the more you give, the more that returns. TIPS:Drop All Expectation’s meditation experiences will probably be deeper than others. It is important to drop all expectations and judgments about how your meditation experience is going to be that day (or even how it is going in that moment). Whatever occurs is perfect. It is important that one enters their meditation With no expectations of any outcomes, this way you can truly let go and honor that ‘all is divine’.

What to do When One Experiences Difficulty with their Mindset, your mind may wander a little to start with and you may lovingly catch yourself thinking about the most unusual things during your meditations. This is perfectly normal and k, The honoring of your mind is important in any type of meditation. Getting angry at it, or Opening Your Heart Series package 3 of O Carmella Raphael move. Carmella. Com Tell: 0424 044 analyzing everything that occurs within your mind defeats the purpose of your meditation.

It is important to thank your mind for its service to you (it plans things for you, operates your physical body systems for you etc). If your mind has wandered you simply guide your awareness back to the heart – without judgment, The only way to still your mind over time is to lovingly persist with gentle meditation – any type of meditation that works for you. Just know that more than likely (for most) the quieting of your mind wont occur within a week – it normally takes some mime, but with gentle practice over time it Veil calm down.

The only person that can calm your mind down is you. Have encountered many that wish for the fast food’ approach to slowing their mind and conscious thoughts down instantly and forever (once upon a time that was me! ). What governs your mind, your thought processes and consciousness is you. If you want a quiet mind, lovingly dedicate the time to assist it to get that way – it just takes practice. An additional tip for when your heart is open is to transmit love from your open heart to your mind (who doesn’t like to receive love??? . The love frequency will help slow down your mind also.

What to do with your Visions’ or Pain Releasing from your Bodysuits often in meditation one may see, sense or feel things. Acknowledgement and giving thanks is key here, and then letting it go – not analyzing it. If you start to analyses what you are seeing or feeling (especially if its a little bit of pain releasing from your physical body) then this will take you straight back into your beautiful mind, We are in meditation to connect more deeply to our hearts, so just honor the experience and come back to centre – your heart. How Often Does One Meditate?

You will need to dedicate some time (preferably each day) to experience your receptivity time). The length to time is up to you. Initially you may not be able to do it for an extended period of time, so try S, 10 or IS minutes etc, and build up to an hour if you can. Plan it in your day/diary – observe your appointments and how much time within your day or week is ‘you time’ _ Remember, we need to be relaxed and open (in a state of receptivity) to balance the flow of our giving and receiving throughout each day (sleeping does not really mount, although it is important for regeneration).

Some days you may need more receiving time than others to recharge yourself. Acknowledge and honor how you are feeling each day, and pull back a little when you get into ‘just doing’ all the times Happy Meditations! May you live a balanced life of playing (doing) and receiving (surrendering) to reach your full potential! Much love, Keeper of Angelic Geometries Master Healing Channel You will agree that life dishes out different kinds of challenges to different people. Everyone has to face difficulties, problems, setbacks at some point or the there. My life appeared to be one long-drawn out struggle.

Like most people, every time faced yet another problem that sapped my patience and forbearance, I asked myself in despair: Why me? Why can’t life ever be smooth and hassle-free? These questions seemed to have no answers. Being a religious person in the traditional sense of the word, concluded that God was unhappy with me. So I made every effort to please Him. But I got no response. Was I dialing a wrong number? As time passed, began to lose faith in someone who could not answer my questions and lead me to a more meaningful life. Solved to find the answer myself.

To set my mind at rest, became a seeker. Life is a test In the course of my journey as a seeker, discovered the Creation Plan of God. According to the plan, life is a test and its many problems are part Of that test. Once the test comes to an end marked by death, we are either rewarded or punished, in accordance With our deeds. This world is like an examination hall where a student, with all the freedom to write whatever he wants, takes tests. It is only the result which determines his future. The student is made to confront pleasant and unpleasant situations -? a meant only to test him.

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Minds Are Open Only When Hearts Are Open Persuasive Essay
Why do we need our heart open? The heart is actually the central ruler of your being. Even in Traditional Chinese Medicine it is known as the 'Emperor of the Body' - not the mind as predominantly thought in the western world. The heart when opened fully is where your inner guidance comes from (and divine guidance if you are open to receiving this). This doorway or bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds can provide profound assistance and healing within your being sho
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Minds Are Open Only When Hearts Are Open Persuasive Essay
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