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    Me myself and I Analysis Essay (480 words)

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    Me, Myself, and IEllo My name is Aaron Lawin and I’m writing an auto-biography about geez let me think My self. I’ll be telling you about my history, myself, and so fourth. Let’s start at the beginning shall we.

    Chapter 1: “Every thing you wanted to know about me. “Well let me think. That was a long time ago. I believe I was born in St. Paul but, (my name comes from Checosovokia) before that my parents lived in Oakland, also before I was born my dad wad in the Marine Core.

    We then moved to White Bear for a little while, because it was close to my grandparent’s houses. Then we moved to a duplex in Vadnais Heights. We lived there for a little while I had like on friend named Lee. When I was like 4 or 5, I moved back to White Bear to the house in currently living in right now.

    Shortly after, I started Pre School because my parents didn’t know if I could socialize with other kids. Low and behold I could. Then well life goes on and here I am today. My parents got divorced about four yrs. Ago.

    Now I still live in the same house with my dad, his girl friend Linda and, her son Mike Bessem. I’m currently a senior at South Campus. I look like. . . ummm well.

    . . I’m 6 feet tall, blue eyes. My hair is blonde, but really brown; it’s kinda short, shaved on the sides and back.

    It’s combed down all around, and up in the front. Sometimes I’ll have my glasses on. I dress kind of different. Like I’ll wear a big Nautica stripped shirt and, then big ole’ fatty baggy jeans.

    I have black Etnies shoes. Personally I know I’m a pretty shy person, but once you get to know me, I’m pretty funny, nice, and so on. I play the guitar. I’ve been playing since the sixth grade.

    I’m not all that good, but I don’t suck either. I love video games. I could play them all day long, but I only have a PS1 and like 2 games for it. So I really don’t play it that much. I also have a semi-old computer, that’s out of date.

    I am getting a new one really soon. As soon as I get my tax returns back. I’m probably getting a Dell, mainly because their high quality for cheep. It’s going to cost about 13-14 hundred, oh well it’s worth it. I’m probably going to mainly use it for games and the internet.

    There are a few games that I want in particular. The first one is a long awaited third part in the Warcraft series. The second is Dark age of Camelot, and the third is Return to castle wolfenstien. Their all pretty cool. I really don’t know if I have any good or bad points really, nor values.

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