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Louis Armstrong

Honors and Awards
-New Orleans International Airport was named Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (2001)
-Inducted into the Down Beat Jazz Hall of fame (1952)
-Inducted into the Big Band and Jazz hall of fame (1978)
-Inducted into the Nesuhi Ertegün Jazz Hall of Fame (2004)
-Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame (2004)
-Inducted into the Louisiana Music hall of fame (2007)
-Inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of fame (2007)
Experiences as a child
-Grew up in a very poor neighborhood in New Orleans
-Sang on the streets of New Orleans
-Would work on a junk wagon.
-Cleaned Graves for tips
-Sold coal
-Played with pick up bands
-Led marching bands around town
Experiences as an adult
-Moved to New York City and joined Joe Oliver’s band
-Sang on Broadway
-Traveled around the country singing, acting, and doing talk shows.

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-Moved to New York City (1924)
-Moved around the country (1930)
-Toured England, traveled all around Europe, and stayed in Paris (1930-1935)
-Returned to U.S (1935)
Major Works
-La Vie En Rose (1947)
-Heebie Jeebies (1926)
-Potato Head Blues (1927)
-Hello Dolly (1991)
-What a Wonderful World (1968)
Major Accomplishments
-Thirteen Grammys
-Four RIAA Certifications
-Three Foreign pop charts
-Three Billboard top 40 albums
-Four Top 40 singles
-Appeared on talks shows
Interesting Jobs
-Played with small pick up bands
-Played at funerals
-Played parades around town
-Played in a Jazz Band
-Sold Coal
-Sold newspapers
-Unloaded boats
-Jazz music
-Harlem renaissance
-Daisy Parker
-Lil Hardin Armstrong
-Alpha Smith
-Lucille Wilson

Parents/ Grandparents/ Siblings
-William Armstrong- Father
-Mary Albert- Mother
-Josephine Armstrong- Grandmother
-Beatrice Armstrong Collins

-Sharon Preston-Folta- Daughter
-Clarence Armstrong- Son

Background Information
Born: August 4th, 1901
Born in: New Orleans, LA
Death: July 6th, 1971
Died in: New York, NY
-Fisk School of Boys
Friends in the Harlem Renaissance
-Bessie Smith
-Duke Ellington
-Langston Hughes
-Billy Holiday
-Arrested for marijuana possession (1931)
-Arrested on New Years eve for firing a pistol
-Three divorces
Mentors/ Guidance
-Joe King Oliver
-Kid Ory
-Bunk Johnson
-Peter Davis
-Known as the face of Jazz
-The New Orleans Airport renamed their airport as Louis Armstrong International Airport
-He played music to the very end of his life
-Inspired many people to play jazz
-Louis Armstrong at Queens College
-Two autobiographies
-Many letters to friends in New Orleans
-Wrote on Index Cards
If you have to ask what jazz is, you’ll never know.

Musicians don’t retire; they stop when there’s no more music in them.

Older life
-Had a heart attack
-Released from hospital, kept working.
-Died from heart attack
Colored Waifs Home for Boys
-Learned to play cornet
-Leader of band
-Released at age 14
Joe “King” Oliver
-Mentor to Armstrong
-Gave Armstrong his first cornet
Bands Armstrong played for
-Fate Marable’s band
-Zuty Singleton’s trio
-Allen Brass’ band
-Papa Celestin Tuxedo Orchestra
-Silver Leafs band
-King Oliver Creole Jazz band
-Carroll Dickenson’s Orchestra
-Clarence Jone’s band
Bands Started by Armstrong
-Hot Fives
-Hot Sevens
Edward “Kid” Ory
-Born December 25,1816
Died: January 3, 1973
-Mentor to Armstrong
-Died at age 87
-Armstrong played in his band
The first Hot Five
Lil Hardin Armstrong- Piano
Kid Ory- Trombone
Johnny Dodds- Clarninet
Johnny St. Cyr- Guitar/Banjo
The 1928 Hot Five
Fred Robinson- Trombone
Timmy Strong- Clarinet/ Tenor Saxophone
Earl Hines- Piano
Nancy Carr- Banjo
Zutty Sigelton- Drums
-High Society
-Hello Dolly
-Pennies from Heaven
-Paris Blues
-Cabin in the sky
-A man called Adam
-Atlantic City
-Going Places
-Glory Alley
Fun Facts
-He adopted his cousins child
-He recorded 60 popular jazz songs in the span of 3 months.
-Got into trouble with the mob
-Averaged about 300 concerts a year
First/ Onlys
-First African American jazz musician to write an autobiography
-Only black jazz musician to speak out against school segregation
Quotes about Armstrong
”Armstrong’s improvisational verve and technical virtuosity defined jazz…and his engaging personality and ever-present grin made him a natural as the international ambassador of jazz, America’s greatest gift to the world.” ~Life Magazine

“He left an undying testimony to the human condition in the America of his time.” ~Wynton Marsalis

Lil Hardin Armstrong
Born: February 3, 1898
Died: August 3, 1971
Lucille Wilson
-Born: 1914
-Died: July 7, 1971
-Youngest of Four
-Married Louis Armstrong in 1942
-Lived in house in Corona, Queens with Louis Armstrong
Queens College Archives
Opened: October 15, 2003
-72 Cartoons of memorabilia
-5,000 photographs
-85 scrapbooks
-Five Gold plated trumpets
-Satchmo: My life in New Orleans
-Louis Armstrong- A self portrait
-Swing that music
-The best of Louis Armstrong
-What a Wonderful World
-Louis Armstrong Plays Standards
SCAT Singing
-Vocal Improvisation
-Nonsense Lyrics
-Sometimes no words at all
Early SCAT singers
-Gene Greene
-Cliff Edwards
-Leo Watson
-Bing Crosby
Recent SCAT Singers
-Sara Leib
-Harry James Angus
-Amy Winehouse
-Reggie Watts
-Nikki Yanofsky
SCAT groups
-The Boswell Sisters
-The Nutty Squirrels
-The Manhattan Transfer
Impact on Jazz
-Gave Jazz a direction and a purpose
-Some say the best jazz musician that ever lived
Hello, Dolly!
-1964 Jazz single by Louis Armstrong
-Inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2001
-First sung by Carol Channing
-Made into a musical
What a wonderful world
-Came out January 1,1968
-Inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1999
-First sung by Bob Thiele
– Was the #1 song in Australia and Ireland
High Society
-Louis Armstrong and his band played several songs in the movie High Society
-Came Out: July 17, 1956
-Two Oscar Nominations
Pennies From Heaven
-Louis Armstrong played Henry
-Received an Academy Award for best original song
-Louis Armstrong did not have a main role in this film
Storyville, NO
-Red-light district of New Orleans
-Regulated prostitution and drugs
-Located near a major train station
-Joe “King” Oliver grew up there too
-Dangerous district in New Orleans
Impact On Society
-Two sides in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa stopped fighting in 1960 to see a Armstrong concert.
Cotton Club
-African-American artists played for a white audience
-Louis Armstrong played with Duke Ellington
Corona, Quenns
-Multicultural Population
-Home to 1964 world fairs
-Home to the New York Mets
-Population about 110,000
Altercation with Black Community
-Did not like his stage gestures
-Did not like how he was always smiling and grinning

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Louis Armstrong
Honors and Awards -New Orleans International Airport was named Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (2001) -Inducted into the Down Beat Jazz Hall of fame (1952) -Inducted into the Big Band and Jazz hall of fame (1978) -Inducted into the Nesuhi Ertegün Jazz Hall of Fame (2004) -Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame (200
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Louis Armstrong
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