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    Liz Claiborne Inc. and its Portfolio of Brands Report

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    Liz Claiborne, Inc. is a company that is involved in designing and marketing retail based apparels for both men and women all over the world. The company is also involved in offering other fashion accessories like jewelry. Most of the company’s activities are located in the United States.

    There are a number of premium brands that the companies offer in the market. These include Lucky Brand, Kate Spade, Couture and Mexx. Its head quarters are located in New York. The firm’s workforce is composed of 11, 500 people. The company offers a variety of branded products.

    Liz Claiborne has customers located in different places of the world. Since the company sells both men and women wear all of which come with various brands, it has a wide variety of customers. Its customers are located in all parts of the world. However, most of its customers are in the domestic market.

    The number of international customers is expanding. One of the major ways through which the company has managed to increase its customer base is by acquisition of the already existing brands. This tactic has enabled the company to win more customers in the new market networks.

    In the clothing industry, the fashion trends and the personal income are the main drivers of demand. The level of competitiveness of individual company is largely determined by its ability to have an effective merchandising. It is also largely determined by the ability of an organisation to market itself successfully.

    In the industry, most large companies have the advantage to offer a wider variety of products. These companies also have purchasing as well as distribution advantages.

    The level of competitiveness for Liz Claiborne is higher compared with most of its competitors. The company is usually engaged in bulk purchases and production. Therefore, it is able to minimize its expenses by enjoying bulk discounts. It is also able to minimize its distribution expenses.

    There are three main competitors in the global market that offers competition to Liz Claiborne. These include Ann, Inc., Bernard, Chaus, Inc., and Calvin, Klein, Inc.

    These companies offer very similar products in the same market. Therefore, Liz Claiborne is usually forced to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and strong marketing exercises in order to retain its customers.

    As already noted, Liz Claiborne has a strong brand in its market. However, the company suffers from the fact that it has several competitors. The companies offer similar products in the market. This threatens the performance of the company.

    Due to the competition offered by these companies, Liz Claiborne is forced to intensify its marketing strategies in order to retain its performance. This increases its operational costs. Competition from these companies also leads to price wars. Since there are many players in the industry, each company aims at winning more customers.

    As already noted, the company has been extending its market at a high rate all over the world. The company has been introducing its products in new markets at a very high rate. Liz Claiborne is involved in a number of industries where it competes with other companies.

    These industries include Apparel, Men’s Clothing, Women’s Clothing, Accessories, Retail and Consumer Products Manufacturers. Over the recent past, many players have entered into the industry. As a result, the level of competition has significantly increased. However, the company has managed to retain its competitiveness in the market.

    Liz Claiborne has a strongly developed brand. This is one of the main resources that have significantly contributed to the performance of the organisation. Due to its strong brand, the company can easily sell its products in many places of the world. This also makes it easy for the company to market its products in various parts of the world.

    The company also has strong consumer franchise. Again, this helps in marketing the company in many parts of the world.

    Product diversification has also contributed to the company’s competitive advantage. Product diversification is one of the main tools that have been applied by many organizations in the contemporary business world to maximize sales. Liz Claiborne provides a wide variety of products in the market.

    These include men and women apparels, jewelry among other products. As a result, the company has managed to reduce the level of risks that results from a product failure. In case one product fails, then the company is not adversely affected.

    Companies that have not diversified their production are usually at a high risk of complete failure.

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