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The Symbolism of The House on Mango Street Essay

In The House on Mango Street. Sandra Cisneros references and develops the subjects of assimilation of the Chicano into American society. stereotypes. and the intervention of the Chicana within her civilization. These subjects are brought out through the experiences of Esperanza. a immature Chicana character. The American society has tried to do the Chicano fir into its civilization and do him follow its manner of making things. The Chicano has besides ‘voluntarily’ tried to absorb because of the negative attitudes towards him and his civilization. There are several jobs with assimilation for the Chicano based on cultural differences. The chief difference is that Latin civilizations are more spiritualistic and the U. S. are more mercenary in nature. Stereotyped images of the Chicano have developed. These shed a negative visible radiation onto this minority group. For case. many times the Chicano is portrayed as lazy or immorality. Stereotypes such as these have made it hard for Chicano to win in this capitalistic society. The Chicana has had an particularly hard clip. because of her position as a minority adult female. The old traditional function in Mexican civilization has besides served to suppress these adult females.

These subjects are intertwined throughout Cisnero’s novel. One was Cisneros brings out the subject of assimilation in The House on Mango Street is through the construct of the ‘American Dream. ’ The dream is to have a place. It is a symbol of success in a mercenary universe. Esperanza. the chief character. expresses this desire in ‘A House of My Own. ’ ( pg. 108 ) Esperanza and her household. like a big part of the Chicano minority. live in a barrio. Her household had lived in several other topographic points and had felt the hurting of poorness. ‘We had to go forth the level on Loomis quick. The H2O pipes broke and the landlord wouldn’t repair them because the house was excessively old. ’ Experiences such as this fueled her ain ‘American Dream. ’ Esperanza’s personal individuality was tied to the physical homes in which she lived. The tally down conditions of the edifices were marks of the poorness that entrenched her household.

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She felt a sense of shame by being identified with her place. In the episode of ‘A Rice Sandwich. ’ she shows this shame and embarrassment when the Nun points out Esperanza’s place stating. ‘That One? she said. indicating to a row of ugly three flats. the 1s even the raggedy work forces are ashamed to travel into. Yes I nodded… ( pg. 45 ) . The want for a nice place is in a manner a desire for a better ego image. The House on Mango Street besides reflect the intervention of Chicanas within their civilization. This subject has been dealt with in many other Chicano plants. It is more than merely a aggregation of barrio narratives told by a immature miss. it is an rousing to the conditions of the Chicano and the Chicana in our society.

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