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    Lip Syncing and Vocal Performance Essay

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    Performers are supposed to show us there talent on stage than in a video and that mean not to lip sync so that also means you should be on your a-game and give us the paying fans their real voice and not a voice over. Everyone is a different performer when it comes to world tours and performing in general some artist like there stage to be simple and some artist like for there stage to be extreme. There are many artist that go to perform and lip syncing some have a reason and some don’t.

    Famous lip syncing artist are Milli Vanilli, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, and Ashlee Simpson. Performing is a hard thing to do depending on what you perform and where you perform. “It’s as if the fakery has become satisfactory,” (Jonathan Vankin) Performing is a task on its own and could be difficult it requires time and creativity. Singing is also a task alone but if your a artist with the talent of singing and dancing it’s even harder but they committed to this life and should be ready for what’s being thrown at them.

    Lip-syncing is common is the music industry but also is frowned upon because we expect more from them as entertainment and as a artist that we pay to see. I personally don’t like getting half of a performer if I go to your concert or show I came to the show to see a show not to hear a voice over and some artist really don’t care and some artist do and I will give example of artist who lip synced and see if they had a reason why or if they have reason. One famous lip-syncing artist was a group duo called Milli Vanilli they were a R&B,pop, and dance music project created by Frank Farian in Munich, West Germany in 1988.

    They had a number one international success album called “Girl You Know Its True” and this album achieved them two Grammy Awards one of them was for Best New Artist in Febuary, 1990. They started to become a major act between 19980’s to the 1990’s. On the MTV Lake Compounce show Milli Vanilli was performing there song “Girl You Know It’s True” and the Track began to skip they tried to play it off and they eventually ran of stage. Milli Vanilli eventually came out that not only did they only lip sync on stage but that they did not sing on their whole album and that someone else did.

    After there announcement that had to give back there grammy they were dropped from there label and their album was deleted from there master catalog they were able to keep there American Music Awards since they were voted on by the comsumers. They tried to release a second album but didn’t succeed. There lip syncing scandal went down as a the most famous lip-sync’s in the world and what was there reason no one knows to this day. I can personally think it was for the fame and it was wrong in all the reasons. Another artist that lip-synced was Ashlee Simpson.

    Ashlee Simpson is the little sister to Jessica Simpson and on her performance on the Saturday Night Live episode on October 23, 2004 and she performed 2 songs and when she started to performed her second song the track for her first song started to play and she told the people on national television that her band played the wrong song and she walked off the stage. Two days later when she was on TRL and was asked about it she told them that she couldn’t sing because she had acid reflux and as doctor’s orders she couldn’t sing.

    I personally think this is the most thought out lie if she know’s she was caught lip-syncing on national television she should be honest with it but she was mostly focusing on her career and now she doesn’t even have one now. The more you lie about the things you do as a person in the spot light your career can end and this is just nothing compared to what other artist in this industry done as lip-syncing some artist lip-sync and still have a career .

    These next two artist have huge careers and are on the top charts and even they lip-synced but only one has a valid reason of lip-syncing. This artist has been singing for a while but recently she been lip-syncing a lot in many places like awards shows, news summer concerts, and even in her own concerts and her name is Mariah Carey. Mariah Carey has been in the music industry for a while now so she should know how hard it is and should know how to lip-sync if she does with a reason but lately she has been lip-syncing for no reason and has been getting caught.

    She was caught lip-syncing on the today summer concert series when she went to do her high pitched notes and nothing came out. She was also lip-syncing at the BET awards 2013 where at one part she started one second earlier than the song played. She was accused to be lip-syncing during the American idol final and the producers from the show had to deny all of the allegations. Now being known as a lip-syncer is tough because every one will start to think that all you do is lip-sync at every performance you do and that could ruin your reputation and even fans and supporters.

    There also a part where you could be dropped from a label if you keep on lip-syncing. Things like this can ruin your career but this next artist is the true definition of a lip-syncer with a reason and only does it one in a blue moon. This artist came out way after Mariah Carey and rose to fame from a group to a solo artist who had their flaws with performance and lip-syncing and their name is Beyonce Knowles. Beyonce has been caught lip-syncing a couple of time and with most of them there has been times where she hasn’t.

    Her most famous lip-syncing scandal was during the 44th presidential Inauguration when she was caught singing along with her track. The following week at a Superbowl Press Conference she re-sung the National Anthem in front of interviewers and she was asked why she lipped-synced and her reason was because she didn’t get to rehearse with the band and she wanted to make it perfect for her country so she thought it will be better to sing along with the pre-recorded track. This was probably the answer I have ever heard a lip syncer say then they were caught.

    This wasn’t the only time she was caught lip-syncing recently she was caught lip-syncing on the On The Run Tour but to this day she hasn’t made a statement about this video. As a national artist she is being a normal singer and she is just trying to be the best she can just like the other artist in this paper. Artist are fighting everyday to be at the top and only a handfull of artist can and most cant so basically you need to be the real person you are in your videos and be that on stage dont try to over work your self and just enjoy the life as a celebrity that a lot of people cant get.

    Lip-syncing is like a crime in the industry your damned if you do and your damned if you dont. Its like a two way streak you win and you don’t. Lip-syncing is like a sign of weakness to me you basically lacking the talent that you say you have and then you don’t show it. Lip-syncing is false advertisement showing us something that isn’t real and your basically taking our money and using it for yourself. Lip-syncing is or could be looked as a unwritten crime and that you could be penalized and possibly lose your career.

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