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    LGBT Community and Media Violence

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    The hostility that has happened over the world of the LGBT community has been very broad considering how far these incidents have happened. From the first incident that was shown at the 1969 rock wall riots to the time, there have been more stories and different occurrences of aggression against the group of people in the United States . These attempts revolve around the idea that there is a standard way for people to survive, being the different genders exist collectively and not the one genders. Throughout period the issue and statistics of these acts of aggression have increased greatly because of this idea of spiritual and political views. These are not the single thoughts; yet there are different reasons that are not known to people and they may have a greater effect than those generally recognized causes. These factors include: The number of people who are involved in the violence, the effects of the violent acts, the impact of the media, the media coverage, the political climate, the social issues, the culture, the environment, the society, the way of life, the ways in which the government is portrayed. This is because the media is a very powerful force that can be used to influence the public.

    Lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT ) people may experience hostility motivated by hostile attitudes towards their sex or gender identity. Aggression may be performed by this government, as in forces prescribing bodily punishment for gay acts (see sex laws) , or by people engaging in bullying, mobbing, assault, or lynching (see gay bashing, trans bashing ). These types of sexual harassment are often associated with the violence, abuse, and oppression of the victim.

    When forces commit sexual violence against different males, it’s more familiar that both the person and offender are honest, but when the person describes as someone, he tends to be treated with more brutality. She says there needs to be more investigation as to how this sex language of males plays the part in sexual battle, in order to best understand why rapists point some men more often than others.

    The Constitution should not be looked up to or celebrated as much as it is, because of the restricted views that derived from the birth of this document. Second reason it should not be celebrated is because many minority groups have been left out; African-Americans. Third reason is that many important subjects have been left out. In fact, the Constitution doesn’t mention them at all. The fact that these topics have not been discussed or mentioned means that they have to be interpreted by the people; even though the people go by the Constitution. It has raised many cases to be able to decide what’s constitutional and what’s not. And it has oppressed many minorities, like African-Americans by not mentioning them. In Thurgood Marshall’s speech, he argues that it should rather be seen as a living document, one that has been drastically changed so that it can represent each individual as well as their society, over the years.

    He believes that the many flaws found within should be considered a matter of national shame. One example is how without the Thirteenth Amendment, the Constitution allowed slavery to continue and grow. Many individuals, such as African-Americans, including Thurgood Marshall wonder if they should celebrate the constitution that treated them and many other minorities as less than human.

    For example, the Declaration of Independence had pledged that all men were created equal and deserved to be free. And that discrimination and abuse such as slavery would not exist anymore in the United States of America. While many individuals acknowledged this to be a historic accomplishment that would be remembered for years, many are still confused about what status slavery holds under the Constitution and what that meant for many African-Americans. Marshall pointed out that the Constitution supported and continued slavery until the 1800s, and that it still required “several amendments, a civil war, and momentous social transformation… before the 13th Amendment could be adopted to abolish slavery.” Marshall stressed in his speech that when the Founding Fathers used the phrase “We the People” in 1787, “they did not have in mind the majority of America’s citizens,” as they supported slavery and the discrimination against many groups.

    Even after being protected under the 14th Amendment which guaranteed equal protection for all, African-Americans were still treated poorly even though it was the law. Almost “another century would pass before any significant recognition was obtained of the rights of black Americans to share equally even in such basic opportunities as education, housing and employment, and to have their votes counted, and counted equally.” Many African-Americans were still not represented and the constitution allowed and even supported the individual states that wanted to enslave them and completely disregard the liberty of those who were free. For them this meant that the Constitution was not an article to be admired or to honor, instead it was an article full of lies and false hope.

    The exploitation of homosexual and gay males, through either verbal mistreatment or varying degrees of personal rape, is the most common form of prejudice related violence. More than half of that homosexual and gay male person population have been estimated to have found some kind of verbal mistreatment or hostility in their lifetimes. This is really ironic that people fail to understand one’s personal preferences about life and attempt to impose upon them such circumstances which are regarded as perfect in the world.

    Sex is eventually going to be accepted, but there are still kinds of violence that some turn into victims of. One instance constitutes that anti-gay hostility where ‘normal’ males get out of their means to ‘rape ‘ homosexual males, and vice versa, as the turn of aggression against sex; most of the victims, according to a study, had some form of physical or cognitive disability. Today, couldn’t the person raping another person be seen as having a gay behavior?

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    LGBT Community and Media Violence. (2021, Aug 25). Retrieved from

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