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    Leonardo Da Vinci Notes Essay

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    Leonardo was born
    Was a notary (someone who witnessed people signing documents); small town official
    Local peasant
    Why couldn’t the mother and father of Da Vinci not get married?
    Their social class didn’t allow them to
    Moved to Florence for his new job; started a series of sketches called the Grotesques (ugly people)
    What quote was associated with the Grotesque drawings?
    You can’t see the beauty if you have not yet seen the ugly
    He officially is registered as a guilded painter
    Had a mind that couldn’t focus on just one thing; was very unorganized; not reliable because he could never finish what he started
    Left handed; wrote backwards because it was better to pull a pen than push it; would have to hold his notebook up to a mirror to comprehend it
    He was charged with sodomy (having sexual relations with the same gender); got released because there was lack of proof; still was humiliated
    Started to train with Verrocchio; learned how to paint
    The best artists were called to do the Sistine Chapel except him because he was unreliable; moved from Florence because he was unhappy
    1482 Milan
    Arrived in Milan in 1482; most literate and richest city; he became very happy there
    Began a sketch of a virgin sitting on her mother’s lap; worked on it for 8-9 years but didn’t finish
    He comes up with the notion of gliding after constantly studying birds and flight
    Young beautiful boy began working in the workshop with Leonardo
    The young beautiful boy became the intern of Da Vinci; he was also his lover; 10-11 year old boy
    Moved back to Florence and became a rival of Michael Angelo
    Mona Lisa
    The masterpiece painting drawn by Leonardo; most famous painting ever made; supposedly it was the wife of a rich merchant
    1506 Franchesco
    Young boy who became Da Vinci’s closest confidant
    Necromancy 1514
    Would take dead bodies and dissect them to better understand the human anatomy (mostly the male); people thought it was weird and church vessels found out about the dissections; Da Vinci got charged with necromancy (worship of death)
    French King 1516
    Invited Leonardo to stay with him
    Had a stroke
    Wrote his will and confessed his sins; one sin was he was more than friends with Francis; dies in Francis’ arms

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