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    Learning from Our Mistakes Essay

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    Making mistakes is not always bad. When we make a mistake, we think all the outcomes are going to be terrible. Some time ago, I used to be that way; I regretted of every bad decision and every mistake I made. I just stayed sit waiting for the discouraging consequences to come knowing that all they will bring until I started to look things differently. I decided take the most of everything, also of making mistakes. I realized that every mistake helped me to not repeat the same mistake.

    Not only my experience, but also others’ experiences agree that making mistakes is a great way to learn. Every day with simple, daily things, mistakes make us learn. For instance, I remember the first time I washed my clothes. I put in the washing machine all my clothing indistinctively. When I got out all the clothing, all the white stuff were turned light pink. My pink scarf had colored all my white clothing. Fortunately, that clothing that turned pink was only my pajama.

    Since that moment, I understood that clothing need to be separated by colors, and because of that experience now I know how to properly wash my clothes. And can say I’ve become an expert. Luckily, my experience with laundry wasn’t as bad as my friend’s older sister. My friend’s older sister went to college far away from home. She moved alone to a small apartment close to college. In her parents’ house, they have a maid that takes care of the house and the clothing. At her house, she did nothing.

    In contrary, in her apartment she had to do all the housework. The first days, she was doing everything right, but when she had to do the laundry, the problem came. To summarize what happen, she put too much detergent in the laundry, and she went to sleep. When she woke up, the apartment’s entire floor was flooded with foam. As a consequence, she had to clean her entire apartment, but she also learnt the amount of detergent need to wash the clothing. Making mistakes helps to learn even more with more complicated life situation such as dealing with people.

    I am a very dependent person; I don’t use to call much with my friends or even text them, but I try to show my affection by calling or texting sometimes. Some time ago, my attitude was different. I was so dependent that I neglected my relation with my friends to the point that I didn’t text and called them at all because I was too busy. When I had free time, something that rarely happened, I called them or texted them. Eventually, I started to notice I had no friends; they all were mad with me because of my carelessness.

    That mistake thought me that I should demonstrate my affection to the people I care about, and since then my relation with my friends has improved. For some, making a mistake is a irremediable event. It’s true you cannot change what happened, but you can change what’s coming. You can decide either wait for things to happen, or choose to learn the lesson mistakes have given to our lives. Not only me but also people around me have learned about mistakes. We can say that make a mistake is the a great way to learn.

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