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    Learning English in America Essay

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    When I was 7 years old I had arrived just to America. I didn’t know nothing but the basic words like yes/no. I was in enrolled in school the 2nd week of being here. I went straight to seventh grade. I remember walking into class wearing blue Levis jean and a gray polo tucked in, with my hair combed to the side. Then I sat next to this most beautiful girl I saw for the first-time. I knew then that I wanted to go to class every day. She was my age and always used to help me with my reading and writing. I also came upon Fox Learner which was I good way to also help me with my English.

    My literacy in English really came help from a beautiful girl who was so kind and smart, and Fox learner I taught me many great thing and help me with my learning experience. Her name was Crystal and she was beautiful. She was the girl who sat next to me in my first grade class. And has time went by I got closer to here getting to know her more and her getting to know me. I told her how English was my second langue and I dint know much. But, at the moment, I wanted to know as much English as I can, so I can be able to talk to her more.

    When we used to have reading time in English, she would always help me pick out a book. Then later sit next to me and help me read it to her. I used to always try to read fast so I didn’t have to pronounce the word. So she will always stop me when she felt like I didn’t know the word and would make me sound it out until I felt comfortable with it. When School was not going on and we had a break she would help me with my reading even more. Her mom was an English teacher at the high school so she would invite me and we will do many fun activities together.

    I remember when her mom would always tell me to talk slow. That I talk like new-yoker which I never knew why till I actually went to New York and seen the difference. There was always problem, with how fast I used to talk that people had a hard time to understand me. As my first grade day kept going I had gotten so much better. I stared to read this Fox Learner books that had audio that helped me in many ways. One time, I came home from school and walked through the door and saw that we got these new plastic packages.

    I remember seen the colors green, purple and orange; that also came with tapes. My mom has bought the whole set of Fox learner for me and my brothers. But he knew English he was born and raised here he even skipped a grade. Each colors of the book meant how easy or difficult it was. I don’t know why but at the time I was very excited for those book, they were a really were a very special thing to me while growing up. My first grade year came to end I was so much better in my English that I can speak and keep a conversation.

    I used to throw a few Arabic words out but the people around me still understood me. I even came real good friends with Crystal and was very thankful for the help that she had gave me help me with. I still keep in touch with her till now. And Fox Learner it was a really great experience that I know didn’t only help me but others and more to come. My literacy in English really came help from a beautiful girl who was so kind and smart, and Fox learner I taught me many great thing and help me with my learning experience.

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