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    Kites Differences Essay (652 words)

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    There are many different kinds of kites that are flown today. There are deltakites, cellular kites, box kites, dragon kites, parafoils, diamond kites, powerkites, stunt kites, and kite buggies. Each is different in other ways.

    They havedifferent shapes, sizes, composite, and wind ranges for flying. Kites are alsoflown on different skill levels; beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Intermediate stunt kites are used to tricks in the sky. They can do barrelrolls, loop to loops, and they can easily dive and climb through the air canrange from anywhere from 68×25 inches to 95×42 inches.

    Their frames are usuallymade from graphite or carbon and the material is ripstop sailcloth, ripstoppolyester, or ripstop nylon. This lightweight material helps the kite maneuvereasily and for greater lift. The weight of these kites usually run from anywherebetween 6 ounces and 9. 5 ounces. This is very light.

    Intermediate stunt kitescan fly with anywhere from 1 mph of wind to 20. There is about a 10-15 mphdifferential between the lowest wind and highest wind. (Ex. 5-20, 1-10, 5-20. )Regular stunt kites are about the same size as intermediate ones.

    They are alsodesigned to be trick kites. Their light-weight frames and material able them todo many difficult maneuvers. Their size range is anywhere from 29×33 inches to100x41 inches. The frame material can be made from fiberglass, carbon, flexiblefiberglass, durastick, durastick fiberglass, or pultruded carbon.

    They all uselightweight material to fly too. Some of these kites are made from icarexpolyester. This material is used on the bigger kites because it creates a betterlift for kites with a wider wingspan. They whole kite can also weigh anywherefrom 3 ounces to 9 ounces and they can fly anywhere between 5-25 mph. These windspeeds are just a little higher than the intermediate stunt kites.

    Another kindof kite is a diamond kite. They are relatively smaller than stunt kites and theyare meant for more of a leisure flying and not tricks as far fetched as stuntkites. Their sizes range from anywhere between 33×30 inches and 60×60 inches. Their material is the same as the stunt kites, but their frames are made fromfiberglass dowels or flexible fiberglass.

    The wind speed needed to get thesebabies off the ground ranges anywhere from 6-25 mph. Diamond kites are more of abeginner kite. The mother of all kites is the dragon kite. It is a kite that isjust up in the air for show. It lifts off the ground easily and is used for showand definitely not tricks.

    Its size can range anywhere from 16×15 inches with18 foot tails to kites that are just 10 feet long not including the tail. Thatis huge!!! The material used to get these off the ground is usually ripstopnylon and their frames are made from wood and fiberglass. This means that theycan get pretty heavy. Anywhere from 6-25 mph is needed to get these monsters offthe ground.

    The stronger the wind, naturally, the easier these will stay in theair. Delta kites are another type of beginners kite. They do not do elaboratetricks but basically are up for show. They range from anywhere between 54x28inches to 78×40 inches.

    The material used on these is usually ripstock nylon. Anywhere from 4-25 miles an hour is need for them to fly. Lastly, box kites areanother type of beginners kite. Their size ranges anywhere from 35×12 inchesto 84×36 inches. Their material too, is made from ripstop nylon. The fame ofthese kites are made from different materials though.

    This material is ahardwood dowels. Between 6-25 mph is needed to lift these kites off of theground. To conclude, many kites are flown here today. There are parafoils, stuntkites, delta kites, cellular kites, dower kites, dragon kites, diamond kites,kite buggies, and box kites.

    They all are different because they are made fromdifferent material and have different frames. They also need different windspeeds to take off, they are different shapes and sizes and their weight differsgreatly. Kites are also classified at different skill levels; beginner,intermediate, and advanced.

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