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    Italy: Birthplace of the Renaissance

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    What were the main geographic advantages of Italy that made it the birth place of the R?
    On ancient rome, in the middle of the med sea, central location, lots of sea access, close to middle east, along trade routes, “world’s greatest middle man”
    What factors would allow Italy to transition into the R first?
    thriving cities, wealthy merchant class, R &G, bankers (patronage)
    Explain how the crusades benefitted Italian trade
    Italians shipped Crusaders and brought back lots of good, like spices and silk (luxuries)
    explain how the baubonic plague “helped” those Italian city states in trade
    Plummeted population, resulting in a food surplus. They took this extra food and traded it.
    How were most Italian City-States ruled? Who ruled them?
    By the merchant, medici family.
    Who were the medici family? How did they rule florence?
    a wealthy merchant family with a powerful banking history that influenced members of the ruling council by giving them loans, autocratic people, similiar to a first mafia.
    How did Renassiance Artists feel about middle ages art & lit?
    backwards, limited primitive, trash
    What acess did Ren. scholars have to Roman & Greek culture?
    manuscripts from muslims thro trade & crusades, Also from monastaries and covenents, Italy and rome were easy to acess, they were also Invested in translators from Italian universities
    intellectual movement focused on human potential
    main themes and values of European renaissance
    R&G culture, realism, individualism, naturalism (nature is G-d’s creation), luxuries+ pleasure=ok, increase in literacy, beauty and truth, securalism rises, materialism, education and art, self improvement, travel, books, and classics
    How did ren humanist feel about enjoying art?
    that it could be done without offensding god, the wealthy enjoyed luxury, good music, and fine food. “it’s secularism” reinterpited gods role
    who were main patrons of the arts in Italy? Why did they support artists?
    church leaders, wealthy families & merchants, wanted to demonstraight importance, show off wealth. art was used to glorify power and wealth. some humanist thought it was their responsibility to share this wealth.
    Why did many merchants, nobles, and and church leaders want to become renaissance men?
    they were the “ideal man” show off wealth, intelligence, power, well versed, exceptional, egoism, patrons- not just individuals
    Qualities of a Ren. woman
    well versed in classics, charming, couldn’t seek fame, inspire- not create- art, little political influence,
    Isabella D’este
    from Ferrara, married mantua’s ruler, brought much art into her home
    3D dimonsions on a flat surface, started through using angles. Purpose: to convey more diminsion
    Master works of art exemplifying perspective?
    Marriage of the Virgin, School of Athens (Rapheal)
    How did Ren artist make work more realistic?
    more realistic poses and features in body, more nature, showing more personality,
    realistic, creative art style
    How was Leo D. a ren man?
    Interested in “How things worked”, would study and stretch scientific properties of things, later incorporating it into his work.
    School of Athens
    collection of painting that filled pope julious’s library with paintings.
    these painting depicted an intellectual discussion.
    How did Raphael promote realism?
    painted people with calm and gentle expressions.
    Women and the ren-
    restricted oppurtunies, only a few women were artists
    trained with dad. Painted strong, heroic women
    painted portraits of her sisters and prominent people, was 1st women artist to gain an intellectual rep
    5 new trends of ren writers
    `1. wrote for self expression 2. wrote to show individuality of subj
    3. humanism 4. wrote in both Italian and vernacular 5. realistic
    most influenctial humanist, wrote in Italian and latin. great poet. Wrote 44 line poems about a mysterious women known as the “Luara sonnets
    by boccacio, series of ofcolor stories told by young, worldy people as they wait in a rural villa to avoid the plague sweeping thro europe
    The Prince
    by michevelli ( a man who claimed most to be vile, fickle, and corrupt)
    machiavallain ideals
    “do what ya gotta do, you’re da boss.”
    main themes of middle ages/ dark ages/ mediaval times
    religious/church, chrivrally, feudalism, plague, crusades, dominated, faith, dirt, small, cities, illiterate peasents, ignorant, xenophobia, witchcraft, no science, poverty, poor health, manner system, short lifespan, weak kings, povria, no centralized kings, nearly all art is religious.

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