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    Italian Renaissance Essay Paper

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    What does Renaissance mean?
    What was the Renaissance?
    A time of renewed interest in learning and culture of the Greek and Roman worlds
    Where did the Renaissance start and move to?
    Started in italy and moved to northern Europe
    Why did the Renaissance start in Italy?
    Revival of town building, feudalism, presence of greek and roman culture
    What became more important than church doctrine?
    Profit making
    Who helped finance the Renaissance?
    Italian merchants
    What is an urban society?
    system where cities are center of political, economic and social life
    What did the Renaissance serve as?
    an age of recovery
    Who was Petrarch?
    Father of the Italian Renaissance Humanism, stressed intellect and civic involvement
    What led Italian city states to competition?
    wanting to be “most famous”
    What were the highlights of Milan?
    Efficient tax system for large state revenues, hired mercenaries
    What made Venice famous?
    Profitable trade empire due to link between Asia and Western Europe
    What is Florence known for?
    Wool manufacturing, de Medici family who were bankers and used their power and money to make florence the cultural center of italy, birthplace of the Renaissance
    What is The Prince and who is it by?
    a “how to” guide for rulers, Nicclo Machiavelli
    Who did the Italian Renaissance effect?
    the upper class
    What is a dowry?
    a sum of money the bride’s family paid to the groom
    What communicated social, political and spiritual values?
    What was art used as?
    a form of competition for social and political status
    What did people paint?
    Tried to produce lifelike paintings of people and animals, Pagan scenes and myths that were against the church, first nudes since classical times
    What is linear perspective used for?
    to create depth and distance in paintings
    Who were the masters of the High Renaissance?
    Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael
    Why was Leonardo da Vinci known as the “Renaissance Man”?
    Because he had broad knowledge about many things in different fields
    Who was Michelangelo and what is he famous for?
    He was an accomplished painter, sculptor and architect known for his passion and energy, he is famous for the sistine chapel
    Who was Raphael and what is he known for?
    recognized as one of Italy’s greatest painters, he is famous for frescoes, especially the one in the School of Athens
    What are frescoes?
    Paintings on wet plaster with water based paints
    Who were the Renaissance architectures influenced by?
    Greek and Roman Cultures
    What are some of the characteristics?
    Columns, vaulted ceilings, and domes
    Who is famous for Renaissance architecture?
    Filippo Brunelleschi
    What is the vernacular?
    language of whatever region you were in
    Who wrote the divine comedy?
    Who wrote the Canterbury Tales and what did it become?
    Geoffrey Chaucer, became the chief ancestor of modern English
    Who wrote the Book of the City of Ladies?
    Christine de Pizan
    Who wrote Don Quixote and what did it become?
    Cervantes, most influential work of the spanish golden age
    Who is William Shakespeare and what did he write?
    Considered the greatest writer of all time, he wrote plays like Macbeth and Hamlet
    What did Renaissance Humanists believe?
    Education could dramatically change humans
    What was the goal? Who rarely attended schools?
    create complete citizens, females
    What was the significance of Gutenbergs printing press?
    it helped spread the ideas of the Italian Renaissance and produced an explosion of printed materials
    What is moveable type?
    special metal letters used for printing, they could be re arranged to create words and sentances

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