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    It was a cold, snowy day Essay (1596 words)

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    It was a cold, snowy day. Snow was coming into my eyes and nose. I didn’t wear gloves so I couldn’t feel my fingers. And my feet were like a block of ice. Leaves have fallen from the trees. And the snow was about 50 centimetres high from the ground. It was winter and not a really excellent day to be my first day in school. When I first saw the school it was huge. People were calling it for the mountain because of its colour. There were a lot of students playing on the playground and teachers were watching over them. I arrived at break time. The school had several entrances.

    I didn’t know which one I should enter the school from. So I chose to go in from the closest entry that I could find. As I was walking on the way to the door a teacher started to move towards me. “Hi, can I help? ” “Yes please, I am a new student at this school and I don’t know where to go. ” “Do you have a timetable? ” “No, I didn’t get one. ” “Well, come with me inside and I will make sure you get one. ” We went inside the building. The wall was light blue and very clean. “Take off your shoes here please. Everyone does that to keep the school clean. ” I took off my shoes and it felt strange. I thought it was ridiculous.

    But when I looked at the floor it was spotless. It was as white as the snow outside but not as cold as it was. It was actually warm inside. It was really quiet in the reception as I was waiting with the teacher to get my timetable. “This is where the main entrance is. Next time they won’t let you in from any other door. And if you come late you have to register your name over there. ” I was really quiet and I remained that way until I got to my first lesson. It was really loud and dim in the class. Boys were playing around with the girls while I was sitting there reading a book that I found on the table.

    I looked at my right and all I saw were boys jumping over the table like animals just trying to catch this tall, good looking girl. Then I looked at my left and I saw three girls, sitting on the teacher’s table were watching and smiling to me. So I smiled back. The girl in the middle was an angel. Her nice blond hair was the sunshine for me. My heart started pumping as soon as I saw her tight, short skirt. Her eyes were as blue as the sky. And my heart was flying around them like a butterfly. The eye contact never finished. She was still looking at me. I never wanted that moment to end. It was all magic.

    And all of a sudden the teacher quickly came in the class. And rapidly, everyone started running to their seats. I was a bit nervous. What if the teacher tells me to introduce myself? What would I say? Maybe I should hide from her for a short time. The girl that was watching me came down to me. Her mouth started slowly to move before the words came out. “Is anyone sitting in this seat? ” “Err…no, no one” She bends her ass really slowly at the same time as she sat down. “Hi, my name is Sandra. What’s yours? ” “I am Ali. ” I felt like I went a bit red. It was boiling in the classroom. I was on fire, and to light this fire up I needed fuel.

    And Sandra was the fuel. “So… what kind of book are you reading there? ” “Err… I don’t really know. I found it on the table. I wasn’t reading it. Actually I pretended to read it while I was checking you out. ” “So you are that kind of boy aren’t you? All you do is checking around for some girls to come to you. ” “Not really. But you are so cute I can’t take my eyes away from your body. ” The teacher started to write something on the white board. It was a maths lesson. Sandra took out her exercise book and put her hand up. As soon as the teacher turned around she gave permission to Sandra to speak. This boy is new and needs an exercise book. ” “Are you new young boy, are you sure you are in the right class? ” “Yes miss. Here’s my timetable. ” She took my timetable and looked at it, and then she went to her cupboard and brought a new exercise book. I felt good. I didn’t have to introduce myself in front of the classroom the whole lesson I was focussed on Sandra. The bell went.

    We were about to go to our fourth lesson, and on the way Sandra brought up the subject about boys not really respecting the girls as they should be respected. “I think that all the boys are pigs. Don’t take it personally but that’s my opinion. “Oh yeah… well, can I do anything to change your opinion. ” “No. you can’t. ” “How about if I take you out once and then you can judge me. ” “Are you trying to ask me out for a date? ” “Yes, in fact I am. ” “Ok. On Saturday is my birthday. I am going to have a big party with loads of people. On that day you may get the opportunity to change my opinion. ” “I may get the opportunity to do a lot of stuff that day. ” “Oh no, don’t think you are going to go that far. ” “Do you want to bet? ” It actually happened. I have a date with her. And that’s going to be on a special day. It felt like hell has turned into heaven.

    Like the snow outside turned into sparkling sunlight. Like the sun above me started to advise me during the day and the stars next to me watching my mistakes to correct them. Like the moon instead of turning around the earth it has now started to turn around me to give me luck. Everything is perfect now. We separated as we walked to different classrooms. From that second I didn’t see her for the rest of the day. Next day’s weather was the same as yesterday’s but it seemed to me as if it was better because I was looking forward to start my second school day. I was 10 minutes early. I went into the school from the main entrance.

    And I saw her there. “Where were you? I was waiting for you. ” “Were you waiting for me? “Yes. There are some friends I would like you to meet before the lesson starts. They will come to the party. Or you already have forgotten about it? ” “No. I remember as if it happened right now. So, where are your friends? ” “There they are. Come on, come with me. ” I made some friends that day. Like John. He was as fast as a cheetah. He is the fastest one in the school. He is so good he has been given 3 gold medals and 1 silver. I also met Bobby. He was as fat as an elephant. They have special food for him in the school’s canteen.

    Restaurants get happy when he buys from them. Because he eats so much they make a high profit out of him. The days finished so quickly and now it’s 6. 00 on Saturday. I only have 3 hours until the party starts. I went to buy some nice clothes and a birthday gift for Sandra. Then I took the bus and I arrived 9. 25 in Sandra’s house. I pressed the doorbell and she came out. “Ali. How are you doing? You are 25 minutes late. And today is the chance for you to change my mind. You started a bad start by coming late. ” “I started a bad start but I will have the best end. ” I gave her the gift. “Oh. Thank you. She opened it and it was a necklace with a heart droplet.

    “You are so sweet. ” She gave me a kiss on my cheek. “That’s a start” “Shut up. Come in please. It’s time to dance. ” I could see from her face that she was really happy. But you could tell from mine that I was happier. We danced and had a good time. Afterwards she took me up in one of the bedrooms upstairs. And we found another couple in the room. So we started to have a fight about the room. And looking back it was quite funny. But we got the room at last and I went closer to her. I felt her and she was really soft. I kissed her the best tongue kiss she ever had.

    And it was my best one as well. “I love you. ” I was unsure about the answer. But to say it was better than not to say it. “I love you too. ” Then we continued the kissing. “I told you I could get you this far from our first date. ” “But you didn’t get that far. And you won’t in a while. ” “Do you want to bet? ” “No… not this time. ” “So…Did I change your opinion? ” “Yes. You did from the first moment I spoke to you. ” We went downstairs again and everyone was looking. I guess they knew about it but we kept it quiet in a few days then we told them. But they never looked surprised.

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