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    Isolation as an Effect of Social Media Addiction

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    Social media can be taken as the answer to many of the world’s problems and solutions. With its well-developed, it has truly become a medium that contains various information; also, that wide range of influence. Some particular groups of people may see social media as the greatest invention that helps them become more connected with each other, Since one of its features is it doesn’t have that many boundaries or boarders between changing and sharing the messages or what. “Social media is becoming more than just a part of their world, it‘s becoming their world” (McCann). And about its potential risk of influence, especially among teenagers, this kind of medium is just what they run all throughout their day; even most of their life, which may cause some serious effects on themselves. In the following paragraphs, there’ll be concerns of the use of social media, for example, being gradually separated from the real world, feeling more isolated than before and starting to have a crisis of their identity, which is also mainly related to the reason of isolation.

    First, many said that this well-developed medium does truly help people being connected with each other more than before. However, the world should notice one serious thing that social media has caused is people just gradually become unable to disconnect, especially teenagers. And also one important point here isthe people that they tend to connect on the social media are usually ones they don’t really know in their real life basically, what it’s doing to people is making them unconsciously being separated from the real world. Because the social media provides them an access that they can almost be with their “friends“ all the time rather than waiting until the next day and meeting with each other like before. Moreover, with the rise of smartphones, such as iPhone, people even don’t have to wait to arrive at home. They can now interact through that convenient medium on their way home with the help of smart phones.

    Since nowadays, most of those popular social media platforms, for example, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat are just right there on their phones. People now can just take out their phones anywhere and head to their favorite social media websites by simply clicking on the screen and then immediately start to interact with each other for the rest of the day. In fact, that serious thing that this trend may cause is making people become isolated in the real world, because the so called connection is probably built on the internet rather than the one in the real world relationship.  Also, many may argue that the interaction between people on the social media does help the sharing or exchanging of the information better than before. Unfortunately, what silently influences people, and again, especially teenagers, are the power of “should”. The point here is that word, should, basically becomes the one, or it can be seen as the standard that most of the people, teenagers seems to have no choice but still constantly and firmly follow.

    One of the best examples of this phenomenon was the time between February 2013 that Li An won the Oscar Best Visual Effects and Best Photography Award. During the ceremony, R&H, the famous US, special effects company then, simultaneously announced the news about their closure. At that time, there were controversies accusing Li and other film directors of exploiting special effects companies But in fact, there were also lots of people may not have noticed this issue of their times. During the Oscars, there were hundreds of special effects people gathering outside the venue to protest against Li An. Their main appeal is because the Hollywood film industry hopes that the price of special effects can be cheaper, but the demands are conversely and constantly rising; then causing difficulties to R&H, and even shifting some pressure to those personnelt And of course, there may be many factors involved in this incident.

    Therefore, whoever makes a sense of reason is not what I want to discuss today, I would like to talk about the latter part. That is, at that time, because of this kind of protest, many people on FB launched an activity which is mainly about replacing the profile picture with a whole piece of green The meaning of this activity is if there is no film effect, the film will basically turn into a green screen, After the summary of that story, the point here is because in that situation, most of the people from the special effects industry supported this protestt And even the ones who are not engaged in special effects but do art design, 3D animation or games supported this movement. The things they were mainly discussing were all related to the obstacles the R&l-l or some other similar fields may have, Under such circumstances, it is natural for people from a similar field to have kind of thoughts that the issue they are discussing now is just that common and normal. But if a person doesn’t have this awareness, that person may just see the world’s concerns by simply browsing the posts on Facebook wall.

    In this case, it’s easy to use our own perspective to think about how are other’s going on. This may create the following conflicts and separations; also, alienation and isolation from the people that doesn’t belong to the same group And again, what this kind of situation on social media can easily causes unnecessary hostility between people with different ideas. Last, many encourage the various messages and information from the social media does truly help people have the more diverse life than before In fact, there is a potential risk of this trend and thought, And that’s the thing called identity crisis; again, this phenomenon especially do harm to the teenagers who are easily influenced by the trend. Identity crisis, the paragraph above makes it clear that teenagers today that are extremely engaged in social media may be having a serious identity crisis, Of course, not all of them are, but many turn to be not themselves on social media. “Social media encourages the false images of how everything should be in a perfect world”.

    Since there are lots of reasons and factors of this phenomenon, for example, the misunderstanding of the “likes” or “reposting” of the post or pictures of profile photos, bodies, cars, houses and clothes, things that may lower one’s self- esteem and lead to confuse or depression; even more, suicides This situation just silently goes on and repeats every day. With time passing by, those young kids are used to the way that social media works Once they want to get rid of it, they just can’t Or, once they don‘t follow the trend the world encourages now, they may tend to be confused about who they truly are. Because that may be the reason which makes themselves become more different with others, in this case, they just can’t get the “likes” or “reposting , those two may mainly where their confidence come from Especially to who are addicted to the ways social media potentially encourages.

    Once they don’t get enough “likes” or “reposting”, they may start to feel isolated from the whole world. In conclusion, social media may be seen to be so perfect and filled with various information that people may improve by its convenience or diversity “But it does have its benefits, like keeping in touch friends and family members separated by large distances. Maybe it‘s not necessary to give it up entirely. Perhaps cutting down, or adjusting our attitude toward it, is enough. Or maybe that’s just the type of wishful thinking and rationalization that keeps a person coming back for more” (Walton) However, People should still be aware of its potential risk and influence rather than being unconsciously isolated.

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