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    Internationa Standarts in HRM Essay

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    Nowadays, in most of the industries companies act according to set standards which ensure that the products and services the companies produce are safe, reliable and of good quality. These standards are strategic tools that reduce costs by minimizing waste and errors, and increase productivity. They help companies to access new markets, level the playing field for developing countries and to achieve their objectives.

    It is impossible not to take into account the fact, that every organization, regardless of its mission, strives to reach objectives wrought its workforce, Successful results are achievable if all members of the organization team know and share strategic goals and know and achieve their individual goals. Therefore, effectively managing employee performance is critical to organizational success. The situation is that there is no a widely-accepted standard for Human Resource Management at the moment. This issue raises the following questions: Should there be a prevalent HARM standard?

    If yes, what should it include and What benefits it Will introduce? 2 Discussions The public attention to standardization has increased and its role has became ore significant. There are some factors behind the change: economic globalization has expanded markets for products and services beyond our shores, raising the need to take standards into consideration even at the development stage of technologies; standardization activities towards global market becomes an essential part of organizational strategies for the future; and in society, standards are used as soft law to complement the current legal system.

    The issue of introducing the International Standards on Human Resource is being discussed in the business world during several years by the moment. There is a need for a broad, coordinated guidance to human resource practitioners, which will harmonize disparate practices for the benefit of organizations and their employees. The attention to people is being captured by the possibility that the new global standards will enhance organizational performance while facilitating humane, people-centered workplaces.

    The organizations wish that the International Standards for HARM will enable the organizations to recruit staff with the highest standards of efficiency, competence and integrity, with due regard to the importance of recruiting the Taft on as wide a geographical basis as possible and to the equal participation of men and women in the work Of the organizations. Those discussions have resulted in some actions or projects, in which people tried to create one “standardized systems. 2. 1 Investors in People Launched in 1991, Investors in People is the Auk’s leading people management standard.

    It specialties in transforming business performance through people. Investors in People is a flexible, out-come based, business improvement framework. It is internationally recognized as a business improvement ramekin and quality standard, and is the one which is ‘people focused’. The framework was developed to support businesses through times of change and economic uncertainty using recognized best practice. It provides a framework for improving policies and procedures, helps organizations to define their strategy, and then align the company’s people with the compass business needs.

    The framework has been developed to follow the business cycle (Plan-Do-Review) allowing management to choose the most relevant parts of the framework to use in line with achieving business objectives. Investors in People Improvement Wheel However, researches of lip in action have shown that there is little evidence that Investors in People accreditation leads to tangible commercial benefit for companies, and therefore the claim that it is a business improvement tool is open to question and potentially without foundation.

    Moreover, it is difficult to substantiate Pips claim that accreditation as an Investors in People organization has any practical value for organizations,the organizations attempting to comply With the Standard run the risk Of misdirected investment and/or potential over- investment. Probably, all of the above mentioned features do not allow the lip to become an international widely-accepted Standard for HARM. 2. 2 В«Great Place to WorkВ» Ranking Criteria Popular organization “Great Place to Work At” makes the ranking of different organizations to define the best in the world.

    Researchers, business leaders, media analysts and the public rely on Great Place to Work metrics to establish the definitive standard of what a great workplace is. The organization utilizes very interesting approach for assessing the companies. The organization examines the companies from both employees’ and managerial perspective. According to the ranking criteria, great workplaces are built through the day-to- day relationships that employees experience -? not a checklist of programs and benefits. The key factor in common in these relationships is TRUST.

    From the Employee’s perspective, a great workplace is one where they: Trust the people they work for: Have pride in what they do; and Enjoy the people they work with. Trust is the defining principle of great workplaces -? created through management’s credibility, the respect with which employees feel they are rated, and the extent to which employees expect to be treated fairly The degree of pride and levels of authentic connection and camaraderie employees feel with one are additional essential components.

    Prom the Manager’s perspective, a great workplace is one where they: Achieve organizational objectives; With employees Who give their personal best; and Work together as a team/ family in an environment of trust There are nine practice areas where leaders and managers create an environment of trust. Great workplaces achieve organizational goals by inspiring, speaking and listening. They have employees who give their personal best by thanking, developing and caring.

    And they work together as a team family by hiring, celebrating and sharing. This fundamental model can be applied to companies with diverse employee demographics in different countries, To measure the “Trust”, the organization analyses it through two lenses. They assess the culture tooth organization through answers provided on an employee survey, the Trust Index employee survey, which is modeled on the five dimensions found in the employee view of a great workplace.

    And they look at the workplace through a Culture Audio, organized by the nine practice areas in the management definition of a great workplace, This survey precisely measures the behaviors and the environment that forms the underpinning of world’s most desirable workplaces and successful businesses. These metrics – from the Trust Index and Culture Audit -? form the basis of the methodology Great Place to Work uses, and they can be used globally as a part of Standard System to asses the company’s’ performance.

    In my opinion, the organization has developed a very creative way to assess the company’s’ Human Resources_ However, those metrics are hard- evaluated and an not be fairly examined for each company. 3 Influence on HARM managers Introducing the Unified Standard for HARM would undoubtedly affect HARM specialists and managers working in an organization. In many ways it would make the job of managers more complicated as acting according to some framework, doing the things in another way to the one which you are used to is always difficult, because it requires much effort to adapted to the framework.

    For instance, the manager has to follow the HER Standards, when the new employee is about being hired, when the manager wants to make he organizational change or when the manager wants to make the employee redundant. Furthermore, chasing some standards could create stress for managers, especially if they are in the situation of underperforming and they could narrow the managerial his ambitions and in decision-making.

    However, looking from another point of view, the standards would make the managers’ work easier as they could provide them with the framework for workforce planning, talent sourcing, recruitment, selection, retrenchment, training/ development, job analysis, job design, organizational development, performance appraisal, total rewards and change management. 4 Influence on global companies Widely-accepted Standard for HARM could give to organizations the ability to benchmark operations in differing locations in a consistent manner whilst being aware of the local culture, can be a powerful driver for change.

    It would enable companies to asses the performance of their HER departments fairly and equally in different countries and locations. 5 Conclusions In my opinion, it would be useful to introduce the set standards for HER. However, the question Of setting international standards for HARM is a tricky one. An ongoing recess to set minimum standards for HER. Similar to the generally accepted accounting principles so prevalent in finance, Offers both an opportunity and a risk for HER leaders.

    Being able to comply with already-set standards leaves one free to concentrate on more strategic issues. But being unable to comply could put one’s job at risk. The standards can prove a useful tool for creating investor metrics that could provide analysts a common language to assess the human capital practices of a business. Those metrics could consist of cost of benefits,cost of labor,cost per hire,employee turnover,employee performance ND compensation competitiveness.

    Furthermore, the standards can Improve productivity and profitability tooth company- skilled and motivated people work harder and better The standard integrate the way in which people are developed in line with the organization’s objectives and business issues. They help to maximize peoples skills and develop people in a structured and focused way, in line with the organizations objectives, making all learning and development more relevant and allowing people to see the benefits and the role they will play in reaching objectives.

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