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    Installation Artwork Essay (719 words)

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    What are the characteristics of an installation? When is it first seen as an important art practice? Installation art is a term that became common in the I gags. It was used to describe a construction or collection made for a specific space and it was usually only intended to be temporary. Installations ever distinguished from the more traditional sculpture as a Separate object by its physical domination of the entire space. Installations art works, do not have to be 3 sculpture or a painting, it can also be photography, a digital piece, 3 reference or a drawing.

    Installation, not only require the sense of sight but, sometimes also the sense Of hearing and smell, these require the viewers interaction. Installation are particularly linked with movements during the asses and asses such as Pop art, Nouveau Rallies, minimalism. One Of the most influential of the artists involved with both Happenings and installations was Allan Capron; for his installation Words (New York, Smiling Gal. , 1961) he combined numerous sheets and rolls of paper containing random arrangements f words with music played by several record-players, allowing spectators to walk right through this chaotic jumble.

    In the late asses and asses installations became a favored form for artists working against the notion to an art piece being permanent and collectible. Installations assumed paramount importance, given the tact that in replacing the art object with an idea by its specific context, in such works the installation as a complete entity, rather than as a collection of objects. How does the concept of installation widen our ideas about art? The Void, Yves Klein (1958) Our ideas about art, are widen by the concept of installation, mainly due to a few factors.

    Firstly because installation art, not only appeals to the sense of sight, but may also appeal to other senses, and because that installation art is interactive, it means that art piece may be seen differently to different individuals. Another factor is that installations are not permanent, only temporary. Appropriation can also Widen our ideas about art. Gore example Yves Kelvin’s The Void (1958) was a presentation of the empty white interior of a commercial gallery.

    A year later another sculptor associated With Nouveau Rallies, Raman, created Fullness the same gallery interior by filling the space with rubbish so that it could be viewed only through the outside window. This shows that just by viewing a space from a different perspective can completely change the meaning. While in America, Class Oldenburg The Street and Jim Diner’s The House (1960), each assembled from discarded items found in the streets of the city, were closely linked to performance-art events known as Happenings, which also sought to expand the realm of art by drawing the audience into the physical environment as a total entity.

    Minimalists such as Dan Villain, changed the viewers perception of interior spaces through the precise placement of fluorescent light tubes of different colors, or Carl And, whose exhibitions outlook sculptures were designed in part to articulate the architectural setting in which they were housed. The choice of materials and site can be very important to the form and meaning of artworks. Discuss this in reference to the work of Joseph Buys and Jenny

    Holler Fat Chair, Joseph Buys (1964) The choice of materials and site are very important for installation artwork, as these two factors determine what the artist can invent in this area. Materials that are used in modern installation art can range from everyday and natural materials to new media such as video, sound, performance, virtual reality and the one Of the most influential, the internet. This can be seen in Jenny Holder’s projections, she mainly deals with words and ideas in public spaces.

    If these words and ideas were printed and stuck in an art gallery, they would not be as such powerful as they are on the street, on buildings. Mean while, Joseph Buys often chose symbolic materials, his most common being felt and fat, symbolizing healing and magic. Hollers use of LED tubes, was important to the form of her artworks, she would have had trouble displaying and getting her message across as effectively. Due to these factors, it makes the materials and site vital for installation artworks, because they have a huge influence upon the meaning deprived from viewing and interacting with the artwork,

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