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    An Inspector Calls Missing scene Essay

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    Prologue Eva and worker are talking down on a lower floor of the factory, the walls are a bleak white and the ceiling a dirty cream with yellowish cream patches where smoke has gathered and rested on the paint. The floor is a dirty grey and along the edges the floor is beginning to wear revealing the cold stone underneath. There are worn tables in rows with tools across them with large machines used for cutting fabric by each table. In the comer of each table lays a large sewing machine and sprawled across the table are bits of fabric. Sittings on shabby worn wooden chairs by the tables are the workers. They are dressed in skirts and white shirts. They are also wearing aprons, which again they are a brighter white than the shirts yet they are not clean.

    (Eva throws down her tools and sighs)Eva: I wish we didn’t have to do this same boring old job every day.  Worker: Yes this isn’t even well paid, we are told that we get paid standard factory wages which may be true, but we work twice as hard and twice as many hours to get the money. Eva: I know what you mean, I’d love to be able to work normal hours, and get paid enough to pay the bills and to keep me well fed. Worker: I know what we will do, tomorrow morning we will get the girls together and march up to Mr. Birling’s office and ask for a raise!

    Eva: Oh no, I couldn’t cause that much trouble, besides I’m happy with what I have, I’d hate to lose this job. We have to be thankful for what we already have. Worker: Don’t be silly. Tomorrow morning we’ll get our well-earned money. Next Day: The scene is acted out in Mr. Birling’s office; it is fairly large and decorated in bland creamy white paint. The floor is wooden with an ornate Persian carpet. The carpet is a deep red with oriental designs from the period. There is a large intimidating desk facing the doorway that gives the impression of massiveness when you walk in. It is dark oak and has a classy expensive feel to it. The centre of the desk is left bare, apart from an inkwell with three quills laid next to it with precision.

    On each side there is neatly placed office equipment. On the left of the table is a typewriter with paper adjacent to it. To the left of the desk pressing against the wall there is a tall, lighter oak filing cabinet, upon which there are some neatly arranged papers and a planner astride the papers. To the left of the door there is a hat stand with a single black tailor-made coat hanging from the nearest hook. Pressed firmly against the adjacent wall there is a bookstand filled with many large and faded books. At the end of the middle row there is a single black and white photograph. There is a window to the left of the bookshelf overlooking the road with a single quill laid across the windowsill.

    Mr. Birling, seated in a deep brown leather chair, is dressed in long black trousers with black socks and shoes. He is wearing a spotless white shirt and silk waistcoat; the waistcoat is buttoned up and is covered by a plain single-breasted jacket: Mr. Birling is standing up filing papers by his desk, there is a swift knock at the door and the workers walk into the room leaving Mr. Birling is annoyed that they should disturb him. Eva is standing by a second ringleader; they are in front of another three workers.

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