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    Industry Analysis of Mixed Martial Arts Essay

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    Mixed Martial Arts is also known as MA for short. This is a full contact sport that is also known as a combat sport. It combines different styles and techniques Of fighting. Mixed Martial Arts is popular in part because Of the fact that it incorporates so many different styles of fighting. The history of Mixed Martial Arts (MA) dates back to the Lyrics of ancient Greece. Mixed Martial Arts fights originated as hand-to-hand combat performed as a sport called penetration, from the Greek words pan and karats, meaning “all powers. He Greek competitors had only two rules: no biting and no eye gouging. The teachings of ancient Greek penetration spread to India thanks to Alexander the Great and his habit of recruiting athletes as soldiers because of their strength and combat knowledge. A Buddhist monk traveling through India picked up on aspects of penetration and brought that knowledge to China, where it birthed Asian martial arts such as gung if, judo, and karate. As people branched into new lands, they took these arts and built on them, often creating a new style or form of martial art.

    As martial arts spread, so did the idea of mixed-style competitions. Mixed martial arts competitions were introduced in the United States with the first ultimate Fighting Championship (JIFF) in 1993. The goal was to find “the Ultimate Sighting Champion” through a tournament of the best athletes skilled in the various disciplines of martial arts, including karate, juju-jujitsu, boxing, kickboxing, grappling, wrestling, sumo and other sports. The winner of the tournament would be crowned the champion.

    The Ultimate Fighting Championship had introduced a form Of fighting Which it dubbed “no- olds-barred,” or N.B. fighting. The sport gained international exposure and widespread publicity when juju-jujitsu fighter Royce Gracie won the first Ultimate Fighting Championship tournament, submitting three challengers in a total of just five minutes, sparking a revolution in martial arts. People are interested in MA because of sport interest, drama. Social interaction and national pride. There are people from all over the world who compete in MA and it allows the fans to follow their fellow countrymen. Also, men and women compete so both genders have an interest to watch. Fighting is the oldest sport in history and people always want to compete or simply watch fights on TV, The AFC is trying to market their brand all over the world and make more money and increase their fan base.

    That’s why Mark Fischer, the compass Executive Vice president and Managing Director to LIFE Asia, has talked about their plans to hold tour Asian events in 2013 and that includes the Philippines, people seem to like watching some of the smaller fighters because they are fast and always have a lot of action in their fights Filipinos are often small and fast and has been a few good Filipino sightseers in the JIFF, boxing, and the WE which are similar.

    The promoters of the C.V. know Filipinos will watch and root for their countrymen who compete. Most of all, there are lots of people that love boxing and will pay money to watch and show interest in Filipino fighters. They also want Filipinos to train and open gyms and sell merchandise for the LIFE to increase their popularity and revenue. The existence Of the LILAC alone as the longest-running promotion company Asia is the living testament of how much the sport is thriving in the country and within its continental region.

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