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    I’m a Student – Striving to Do My Best Essay

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    Finally, it hit me 10th grade summer that I was getting older and now that I was a junior it was time t think about college. Learning in history about the middle class and upper class made me feel as if I didn’t go to college I would be working all my life like my parents. Growing up I didn’t have it all but I had some things. My mom was a single parent an maintaining a house of 4 was pretty challenging. I never asked what happend between between her and my father though I felt like it wouldn’t change anything.

    Sometimes I didn’t have a father figure but I looked up to my brothers when he wasn’t around. I am the youngest child out of 3 brothers and 1 sister. I live in Carson,ca I’ve been living here most of my life . Full of diversity and different cultures. When I got in high school it was more of a social scene for me. 9th and 10th flew past me you know how time flies. I grew up with most of my peers around me. I thought I was way to cool for school though. My attendance was trash, and I begin to notice that my peers had more of a negative impact on me and I inherited some of their bad habits.

    My mother always told me everyday before school I can have friends and hang out but I can be successful and return years later and my friends will be doing the same things. I joined basketball so I can be motivated, keep my grades up and surround my self with people with the same interest as me. Sports was something I loved, i began to play basketball. It wasn’t easy either but I am athletic. Many obstacles were thrown at me 2012-2014. My mom may have looked at me different. She thought I would be running the streets with my friends on my skateboards as usual. But I decided to switch it up and basketball helped me get my mind right.

    I begin to notice that everyday I lived was a life lesson for me. I’m glad my eyes opened when they did. My friends would still be my priority or I still would be procrastinating. Every obstacle thrown at me over the years have effected me emotionally and physically. It has made me strong enough to overcome them. The biggest obstacle for me was staying focused and not getting side tracked. Sometimes I felt like I was capable of to much and I would always become overwhelmed. Playing basketball made me focused on what I Alexes wanted to achieve in life. Made me more confident about reaching my goals and getting my education.

    At times I thought about the Easy way out so I thought about the army. I thought of any reason not to go to college. Now that I’m a senior I feel that no one can stop me from going to college. My brain is way mature now. I have all these guts,pride,and height. Im aiming for way higher. When I go to college I want to major in criminal justice. So I can help the people. I actually would join swat. That would be a Plan B because I will be playing sports and I wanna play in the WNBA. My goal is to go to a 4 year because my older brother did right after high school and I want to be like him. I am a student and i am striving to be the best.

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