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    Hurricane Devastation Of Hurricane Katrina examples Essay

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    When America was faced with the news report of Hurricane Katrina, it was no secrecy that the storms movement was an American dilemma. However, the actions panned out to unveil only a fraction of the lack of affection still engrained in America’s governmental officials perspectives of Non-White citizens. August 25, 2005, Hurricane Katrina was considered a natural disaster and initially landed in Florida, according to Calvin Mackie Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering of Tulane University and resident of Algiers, as the “hurricane traveled the Gulf Coast by August 26th, it reached Category 5. Katrina left six people dead in Florida, with heavily populated areas flooded and no power.” Meteorologist Bryan Norcross reported new information that the storm was, “shifting further west perhaps, involving New Orleans metropolitan area,” he reported, “New Orleans is one of the most vulnerable hurricane places, if not the most vulnerable places in the country.

    ” The natural aspect of the Hurricane took place yet with the landing of Katrina missing New Orleans going east causing many structural damages to homes, displacement of cars, trees, and other objects. The aftermath of Katrina is what misplaced the life of what was left behind in New Orleans, about an hour and a half away from where Katrina went ashore, resulting to deadly uncompromising positions for the citizens remaining in New Orleans. Once the Hurricane left, the after effects of Katrina became more and more man-made, with a fragmentary and poor plan, with the lack of response to be as diligent as Michael Brown professed FEMA would subsist resulted to highlighting the discrimination within American government. Spike Lee’s documentary reported, Max Mayfield the head of t. .es placed on Black bodies has and continues to be a deciding factor amid to create laws, denote separation, while upholding a superior stance before White and subordinate stand among Non-White people.

    After the storm damage did take place; however, Katrina missed New Orleans, it was the man-made aspect that tallied the death toll treating people as an animal, body and soul perpetuated against the people of New Orleans. Afterwards the response was blamed as natural; yet, it was masked within the media. The fact still remains people died because they did not have a way to get out. The fact remains the elderly, the infants/children, the disable people that died relied on the aid of the government failed them and no repercussions were mandated highlighting the lack of significance the elderly, the infants/children, and the disable people of New Orleans are to America.

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