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    Howard Kaloogian Essay (1098 words)

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    From 1994-2000 Howard Kaloogian had served the people of California asa member of the California State Assembly. Kaloogian, a Republican hasbeen a leading activist in establishing fiscal responsibility, gaining ourindividual freedoms, and upholding conservative values. Howard is aconservative political leader who is a successful businessman, educator,and attorney. He has established national recognition by managing currentevents which face our country and state.

    The Honorable Howard Kaloogianhas lowered the income tax in the state and is fighting to develop aCalifornia Flat Tax. Selected as Assistant Republican Leader, hecampaigned and gained support across America as the leader of the DefendReagan Committee. Supporters swarmed the offices of CBS and their sponsorsto prohibit an anti-Reagan Production that was later banned fromtelevision. As the Chairman of the Recall Gray Davis Committee, Kaloogianwas able to terminate the Democratic Governor. The position was thenfilled by the Republicans and the successful achievement can be associatedto the dedication of the Assemblyman.

    Howard has addressed economic issuesand the negative effects of over regulation as a radio and documentary hostas well as a convention speaker. As a candidate for the upcoming Senateelection Howard Kaloogian understands what California needs to flourish. Kaloogian opposes President Bush’s amnesty proposal on immigration. He says, “It is not right to allow others to cut in line ahead of otherswho are obeying our laws.

    ” In the 1986 amnesty the problem of immigrationwas promised to be solved. At the time there were only 3 million illegalimmigrants but current estimates are now at about 13 million. Kaloogian isworking for real immigration reforms to deserving individuals. He realizesthe desire to flock to our country and embraces it. However, he knows thisprocess must be done legally and through hard work it can be done. Takingthis standpoint can fix our current unworkable amnesty which solvesnothing.

    Under his proposal jobs would be available to Americans ratherthan illegal immigrants. Furthermore it is unsound to reward illegalindividuals that have the opportunity to apply legally as others have done. Candidate Kaloogian is proposing a real-time access for law enforcement onevery alien seeking admission into the country. Democratic Senator BarbaraBoxer has done nothing to address this crisis. Republican Candidate BillJones supports temporary work visas, which of course would only take jobsaway from Californians. Also until the country implements a real-timesystem probably half of the immigrants would manage to stay in the countryafter their visa expired.

    Howard Kaloogian is fighting hard to turn our budget deficit into asurplus once again. By controlling spending through a tough spending limiton discretionary spending this is very accomplishable. According to hisplan if the President will line out excessive spending in congressionalappropriation bills we can produce a growing economy. Kaloogian hasproposed the reinstitution of the Gann limit in California which has beendestroyed. Howard feels that above all we need a Constitutional Amendmentto minimize the excessive spending in congressional appropriation bills.

    Candidate Toni Casey wants to bring $58 billion dollars to California tosupport our infrastructure. How she plans on accomplishing that goal isunknown because she offers no plan, just a large figure of money. While Senator Barbara Boxer defends the horrible procedure ofabortion, Candidate Kaloogian is meeting the needs of women who feel theyhave no other choice. Howard will address the needs of pregnant andparenting women by drawing a blueprint to make positive changes. Byengaging leaders in all aspects of society this can be done. Society’sfailure to help women has to change before more women are emotionallyscared after an abortion.

    Studies show that women after an abortion have ahigher risk of cervical, breast, and uterine cancer. To not address thesehealth concerns as Barbara Boxer continues to do is an injustice to women. Howard believes “women deserve something better. ” By informing women aboutthe impact of abortion and discovering the root causes of so many abortionswill aid in giving women alternatives. Challenger Bill Jones, during theMarch primary tried to hide from the issue by saying “Women in Californiaare concerned about safe streets, national defense and keeping our borderssecure.

    ” By hiding from the issue, the needs of women are ignored and theproblem only worsening. Another issue concerning our country in which Candidate Kaloogian hasaddressed continuously is our National defense. Howard feels military paycontinues to lag behind civilian jobs in the private sector. To defend ourAmerican interests Howard understands the need to keep a modernizedmilitary. He feels strongly that to achieve this Congress must investedmore money in special operations and reconnaissance.

    Having served fouryears in the U. S. Marines Corps elite force reconnaissance community Iobserved first hand this need Howard is addressing. Lack of advancedtechnological communication equipment and electronic warfare assets haslowered our defense capabilities.

    Candidate Kaloogian understands the needfor more money to help increase our capabilities and provide competitivewages to retain members of the military. An issue that Republican Contenders Bill Jones, Toni Casey andRosario Marin have neglected to speak out about is there positionconcerning marriage. Candidate Kaloogian has not been so timid and hasstated that he is opposed to same sex marriages. Howard feels, just as thePresident does that the Constitution needs to be amended to specificallystate that marriage is between a man and women.

    With a current threat,predominantly in the state of California of same sex marriages, HowardKaloogian is taking a stand to end the debate over the acceptance over suchmarriages. Candidates in all areas of politics during their campaign oftenpromise tax cuts to stimulate the economy. The problem lies in thecandidate’s lack of a plan to accomplish the cuts. Howard Kaloogian willnot fall victim to this because he has created a tax system that he says”Is fair, simple, efficient, and understandable. ” Howard is going tocreate a loophole-free flat tax.

    The outcome of this would be an increasein federal revenue and the growth of our economy. Supporting a candidatethat has a solid plan to aide in the advancement of California is vital. Other candidates have the same desire as Howard but offer very difficultimplementations to accomplish this goal. This fair tax system CandidateKaloogian is proposing is both simple and fair. While all of Howard’s opponents are admirable individuals they lackin creating the systems necessary for growth in California.

    If you want anindividual to help President Bush fight to improve our economy by loweringtaxes and creating jobs then you can find that individual in HowardKaloogian. With a proven track record in accomplishing his goals, Howardis dedicated to providing the highest level of service to Californians. Howard Kaloogian is knowledgeable and a proven leader who can advanceCalifornia to a level no other candidate can. His vision is not only onethat he speaks about, but one that will be implemented when in office. Ifyou want to observe California experience positive changes then vote forHoward Kaloogian on Election Day.

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