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    How The Vegan Diet Can Fight Off Diseases

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    If you’re someone struggling with heart related diseases, diabetes, cancer, or even pregnant and want to know how you can make your body as strong as it can possibly be; Or know someone who falls under one of these columns, keep reading. Roughly 55% of americans are taking medications regularly today. What if I told you there was a way, you can drop the pills and substitute them with a nutritious and sustainable diet? This topic has a ton of controversy. Veganism. Although people shut this topic or idea down daily, people are saving their own lives daily, by adapting to this new “diet” or “lifestyle.”

    Some of you may be asking, “What is Veganism?” Well, the vegan diet consists of only plant-based foods, which means absolutely no animal products such as; Honey, eggs, and dairy. Research has been proven that the Vegan diet can reverse or prevent the top 8 diseases in the top ten causing death in humans today. This diet is so effective because the lifestyle has no animal products, which means that their diet consists of less processed foods, less saturated fat, and a drop in un natural sugars such as, candies and sweets. Animal proteins that many, many of humans consume daily, are very high in something called essential amino acids, which may sound like a good thing, since they are essential. Unfortunately, too much of them are the complete opposite. Higher amounts of amino acids in our bodies makes us produce a very high level of hormone insulin; Which are basically growth factors in our bodies. This hormone basically stimulates cell growth and division, whether it be in healthy cells or unhealthy cells such as cancer cells. Your body will keep splitting and producing cancer cells, if they’re in your system.

    Now, some of us may have their mouth watering at the slightest whiff of a steak, hamburger, chicken, etc. While it may be delicious, there are more negatives than positives when consuming animal products. We will be discussing some of the cons our bodies endure when we decide to take a bite out of animal protein. Animal protein and fiber, or should I say lack thereof. The USDA recommends that men have an intake of 38 grams a day. Many men believe that consuming more and more protein will also give them there daily intake of fiber, in reality they’re barely meeting the bare minimum. According to a study correlated by the USDA more than 95% of americans are not meeting their fiber intake, which may not sound like a big deal to you, is an extremely big deal to your body. Having a high fiber diet or meals can pack a huge punch; Fiber can decrease your risk for cancer and heart disease! As mentioned before, animal protein has a very high concentration of amino acids, these proteins also have high levels of phosphorus. When Phosphorus is consumed by humans, it then gets digested when this process happens your body also releases a chemical called fibroblast, to balance out the phosphorus. Fibroblast is another growth factor in our bodies, which we need, to a certain extent. When we have higher levels of fibroblast it can actually enlarged the cardiac muscle, which can lead to heart attacks, death, or even heart failure. While there are many more cons to animal proteins like higher cholesterol, and preservation chemicals let’s move on to our next topic of how veganism can fight diseases and make our bodies thrive the way they were intended to do so.

    What if I told you, that you had the power to lower your risks of cancer, heart disease, or even diabetes? Well, you do; Veganism. Something so simple as changing what you’re consuming daily can make the world of difference to your health. While being vegan may seem hard, or just for the plain fact you like to eat animal products, Lets see if I can’t change your mind in this paragraph. The American Cancer Society even notes a plant based diet can be used as a “potential treatment” for many diseases. The main benefit of the vegan diet is less saturated fats. Animal products such as dairy and meat contain tons of saturated fats. Saturated fats increase the amount of cholesterol in your arteries, this can lead to over time heart disease or in some cases, stroke. Carbohydrates are a tremendous benefit of going vegan, they’re your bodies main source of energy, which leads to nervous and brain health. Carbohydrates in a vegan diet are very nutritious considering you are receiving them in the forms of fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes. Vegans usually have a diet very high in fiber, lots and lots of benefits, two of them being better bowel movements and the other is decreasing your risks of cancer, especially colon cancer. Believe it or not vegans are consuming protein, the healthy kinds, without added preservatives, chemicals, or agents like phosphorus. Vegans consume their protein by consuming beans, nuts, and lentils. Now, you are consuming enough protein without your body being forced to add in growth factors, which too much of will only harm your body. All of these nutrients,vitamins, minerals, and grains will only benefit your body, you won’t have to worry about anything being put in your mouth causing harm because in the long run your body will actually heal from the inside, out.

    Veganism is gathering more and more attention daily, doctors have already looked into it for quite some time and has finally gathered enough research where people are taking a closer look. In these last couple of paragraphs I hope you got some insight on what you’re putting inside your body and how you can better your health, for a lifetime. If you want a change that will reflect on every aspect on your life but most importantly your health, take a look into a plant based diet and see what kind of endeavors or adventures it will take you on. Thank You for reading.

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