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    How Change Affects Life Essay (951 words)

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    Or as Isaac Newton would refer to this process, “Each and every action has an equal and opposite reaction” (Newton’s 3rd Law). The people that were on the short end of he stick in this theory were Ender, Bean, and Edmond Dances (Count of Monte Crisis). Three characters from two books that couldn’t be any different except for the common theme: A battle against aliens in space with the human race understanding how to control gravity and a common man that is betrayed in France.

    Both of them in times so far apart in opposite directions it is impossible for us, let alone the characters in the books to comprehend a world could exist like it does in the opposites hook, Yet the corn fact that remains between them is that when a change is forced upon a person it will no doubt have an effect on something on the world, In the Count of Monte Cristal, Edmond Dances is framed as an agent of a Bonaparte faction by a jealous rival. The changes forced upon him cause him to see life from a different view.

    For example, when he is in jail sitting in his cell, depressed and sad, he says to himself, ” “l will die” and he had chosen his mode of death. He had weighed the matter well, but, being afraid he would go back on his resolution, he had sworn to himself that he would starve himself to death” (peg_C, Dumas). This shows quite Obviously that the changes forced upon IM possessed a depressive factor. It also shows that the changes forced upon him pushed him to What he thought was the limit and he was giving up on life itself.

    Another example of how the changes affected Edmond is another time as he sat in his cell, after the old Abbot Farina showed himself him, he thought to himself, “From this moment on Dances’ Happiness knew no bounds; he was not going to be alone anymore, and perhaps he might even gain his freedom. Anyway, even if he remained a prisoner, he would have a companion, and captivity shared with another is but half captivity” (peg. 6, Dumas). This shows that though it wasn’t the best, it had some happy parts to it, It also shows that he has found a companion and that has changed his outlook on a tee things.

    These are just two examples on how the changes forced upon Dante affected him, but I tell they contrast enough to give you an idea tot the story. In Enders Shadow there are two kids, one named Bean and the other named Ender, they are the two main characters around which this story revolves. Bean is basically a clone of Enders life in Battle School delayed back about 2-3 years. He is being pushed through Battle School fast, just as Ender was in Enders Game. This is one of the things Bean has forced upon him: being rushed through Battle School just like Ender, instead Of going through at a normal pace with the other kids in Battle School.

    The changes forced upon him cause him to constantly be picked on because he is the smallest and the youngest. For example, Bean is in the first Dragon Army null-G practice when he says in return to Enders question, ” ‘This soldiers name is Bean, sir” “Get that for size or for brains? ” Some of the other soldiers laughed” (peg. 37, Card). This shows that Bean is being picked on for being small by even his own Commander. This also shows that the other kids are open to the idea of picking on Bean because they laughed when Ender said that to Bean.

    Another effect of the changes forced upon him is that he makes a bad first impression on most people, Bean stated when talking to Timid about a question Timid had asked, “I’m little and I’m smarter than they are, Nobody standing in line [to be Beans friend]” (peg. 217). This shows Bean’s first impressions arena great because he is younger and mailer, yet still smarter than anybody in the level he is at. It also shows that Bean understands and knows the reason why he doesn’t have many friends. Those are two examples out of an entire book full of them to choose from, but they summarize Bean’s hardships pretty well.

    So the characters were different yes, but when they had changes forced upon them they all had effects, both positive and negative, forced upon them too. Ender, Bean, and Edmond Dances all faced many hardships in their stories. However, they 311 Came out better. Ender commanded the fleet that destroyed he ‘Taste” of the bugger’s. Bean was on the control team, vivid Ender, that destroyed the ‘last” Of the bugger’s- Edmond Dances became the Count Of Monte Crisis and got the revenge he wanted, not to mention being one of the richest men in the world. They all came out having gained something to benefit them.

    So maybe having a change or bono forced upon you isn’t all that bad. It may seem horrible when if first begins, but just keep looking for a way to gain something out of it. They didn’t get everything their way, but everything still came out O. K. In the end for them, didn’t it? They realized they couldn’t have everything they wanted the way they wanted to get it so they found a different way to get to the end result they wanted. Constantly thinking and being open to new ideas got them through their hard times. Never give up on something just because you have had a change forced upon you that has altered your original plans.

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