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    Intellectual movement, study of humanities; human body
    Document, sold by Church & signed by pope/church official, released bearer from all/part of punishment for sin
    Belief God’s determined in advance who’ll be saved & who’ll be damned
    Baptize adults, separation of church & state, choose own minister, minister can be anyone in church
    Peace of Augsburg
    Germans got choice to be Catholic or Lutheran
    John Calvin
    Leader of Protestants, fled France safety of Switzerland, Luth beliefs
    Act of Supermacy
    King Henry VIII separates from Cath church–couldn’t get re-married, 1534
    Priest; Swiss city Zurich, starts Protestant belief–white walls
    Lorenzo de Medici
    Grandson of Machiavelli, The Prince dedicated to him
    Wrote The Prince, believed politics and morality weren’t related, Protestant
    Renaissance art, not religious
    Justification by faith alone
    Lutheran/Protestant belief, final judgement solely based on your faith rather than your kind works
    sculptor, painter, architect, poet, engineer, best artist of lifetime; Dome of St Peters Basilica (Rome), “The Last Judgement” on wall of Sistine Chapel in Rome, David
    Diet at Worms
    Martin Luther=outlaw, assembly of Holy Roman Empire, held in Worms, Germany
    Council of Trent
    Pope Paul II calls group of clergy meet in Trent to set reform Cath. Church
    “Society of Jesus”, Ignatius of Loyola created, obey pope, spread Cath belief to get more members of Cath church
    Gov where God’s king/ruler & his laws are made statue book of kingdom– administrated by priest, etc
    Duomo (Florence)
    Largest church in Italy, one of largest domes ever made; Michelangelo
    Michelangelo, Glorification of human body, sculpture, placed in public squa
    Sistine Chapel
    Michelangelo’s painting “The Last Judgement”, Rome-Vatican City
    The Last Judgement
    Michelangelo’s painting, ceiling of Sistine Chapel, left side=heaven, right side=hell
    Dome of St Peters (Rome)
    One of largest domes, Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel,Protestant Reformation, Catholic Counter reformation
    Birth of Venus
    Painting, Botticelli, Venus being emerged onto shore as adult woman, commissioned by Medici family
    The Prince
    Machiavelli, told politics & morality not related, how to keep/get power, book
    Defender of the faith
    Pope Leo X, reward for writing Declaration of 7 Sac against Martin Luther
    Created linear perspective, engineered done of Florence cathedral
    Painter; Birth of Venus, non-secular works (put common people; including himself in paintings)
    Pope Leo X (Medici Pope)
    Sold indulgences to who donated to reconstruct St Peters Basicillia, excommunicated Luther
    Started fire to anything that distracted people from God, priest, leader of Florence
    Sold indulgences in Germany; even for the dead
    Martin Luther
    Wrote 95 theses against Cath church, excommunicated from CC, inspired different forms of Christianity
    Ignatius Loyola
    Founded Jesuits, had 8 followers who shared beliefs to convince to become Cath (counter-reform)
    Leonardo da Vinci
    Painted Last Supper, many inventions & study of human body
    Henry VIII
    Wanted to divorce then re-marry but couldn’t; Act of Supermacy makes him ruler of CC, starts reform
    La Pieta
    Michelangelo; Jesus lays across Mary’s lap, sculpture
    The Creation of Adam
    Fresco painting, Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel ceiling; God & Adam nearly touch hands
    Michelangelo, glorification of human body, sculpture, replica=public square, real=galleria
    In Defense Of 7 Sacrements
    Written by Henry VIII, response to Luther’s 95 Theses

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