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History of Kickboxing Martial Arts Essay

Fighting Is Art Since the dawn of time, man has had to fight for one reason or another. There has been war using weapons, sword fights between individuals, and then there are modern day vary battled out in the cage. Kickboxing has had many uses in the past, but it is one of the most popular Sports in today’s culture. It is a very useful skill to learn. There is no mistake that martial arts are dangerous, but if properly taught, a perfectly disciplined warrior Will be a result. Warrior may not have the same meaning as it used to, but fighters are as close too warrior as possible in modern time.

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Trained fighters are always toughened mentally and physically to a near superhuman extent. Bones are hardened, muscles are developed, and a tough heart and mind is required to undergo such training. There is no such thing as a trained fighter without Heart”. Kickboxing is one of the most popular sports in the world and has been for many years. Kickboxing dates back nearly two-thousand years ago in Asian countries; each style has its own history and application, but they were all developed in their relative motive to express ones’ self, and culture.

Styles of kickboxing have been used on actual battlefields. The training was used to replace weapons, and transform their own body into an actual deadly trained and unstoppable weapon in almost any kind of battle in Asia. Kickboxing is likely the most difficult sport to excel in because of the rigorous training and motivation that it requires to be a professional fighter. Overall, kickboxing has a rich history and many uses in the past, and can teach an immense amount of information. More than two-thousand years ago, kickboxing started in Asia.

The very first forms of kickboxing in existence were May Thai and early forms of karate, gung if, and ate swoon do fighting styles. All f these fighting styles were integrating swift and crushing NC. ‘moments using the hands and feet, and in certain fighting styles, elbows and knees. These fighting styles were used for multiple purposes. Some ever used as self-defense, like the monks in Asian monasteries that were frequently attacked by plunderers and enemies: or for use in war like May Thai in major battles to pummel their enemies With the hardest bones in their body.

The history Of the most dangerous, and applicable martial art. May Thai, is an important part of Thailand where it was first created. Much of the history of May Thai was lost in braises and documents of Thailand were ransacked, and burned down by the Burmese people (“History of May Thai and May Thai Training. “). Even though they were burned, many books and documents remain about the history, invention, and integration of May Thai in sport, and military. May Thai translates roughly to aha Art of Eight Limbs” which uses the limbs to replace weapons of war (“History of May Thai and May Thai Training”).

The first Thai army was created in 1238 near a city called Succotash. There were many wars and battles in the area caused by conflicts with neighboring kingdoms and alleges, They were referred to as the Siamese army and they were instructed in hand-to-hand combat and how to use blunt and blade weapons (“History of May Thai and May Thai Training”), The use of the body as a weapon evolved into modern day May Thai fighting. The old rulers of Thailand were great enthusiasts of the fighting, and that is why May Thai has advanced. Kings would set up sanctioned matches between the best May Thai kick boxers.

This is where the “ring” was introduced (“History of May Thai and May Thai Training”). The ring was created by laying a rope on the ground in shape of circle or a square for the fighters to Stay in While they fought. The fighters used hemp rope to wrap their hands and provide a good brace for the wrists and ankles; these were also used to prevent joint injury. Old May Thai fights were fought with no time limits or weight limits which resulted almost always in a brutal knockout. Even one of the kings of Thailand participated in May Thai. King Approach USA would disguise himself as a commoner and fight in village events.

He was forced to disguise himself because everyone in Thailand respected their king so much, that no person would participate in fighting him. Another type of kickboxing with an opulent history is Teakwood; this form is a fighting style almost strictly dependent on using the legs to strike your opponent in spinning and jumping motions. This style evolved from other martial arts styles that dated back to SO B,C; evidence of this was found on cave walls in the tort of paintings (“General Teakwood Information – History’). Teakwood basically evolved from a military fighting method and popular sport called So Back Do.

So Back Do was used by athletes and militants in combat and training during the Sorry Dynasty. Back then, the sport of kick boxing was for the lower lass or poor men (“General Teakwood Information – History. “). Teakwood practiced today is an evolution of many oriental martial arts, and fighting styles that ever used long ago, but with a more modern “spin” to it. Most teakwood instructors incorporate their own techniques in their teachings, Which is not uncommon in fight training. Coaches have been revolutionized martial arts fighting styles ever since the world’s first intelligent skirmish.

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Teakwood got its name from the old Korean martial arts style, Ate Kenyon because its focus was on using the legs as a weapon to pummel the enemies into submission. Teakwood was not introduced into America for a long time, but after immigrants of oriental descent arrived in to the LISP. A, Teakwood started being taught by some of the original Teakwood masters. Another factor in the introduction of this fighting style into the United States was that travelers and militants from this country traveled to Asia and learned the style, who in return, taught their own students in their home country.

One of the most famous martial arts of all time is Karate. There are quite a few forms of Karate, but the one that is trained by the most people is generally a style called Shootout Karate. This martial art does not really have a single focus, It encourages using both legs and feet in combat, Karate is an attempt tot creating a martial art with a perfect balance tot attentive techniques and defensive techniques. It is also a highly promoted sport, and it is performed in the Olympic Games.

Fighters of Karate are well disciplined, even for a trained fighter; and they are usually only trained to use their technique in a self defense situation. Karate, unlike most fighting styles, can even be traced back to western India nearly COCO years ago (“History of Karate evolved from other fighting styles like Shallow Gung If. The physical training of Karate was nearly identical to the Gung fighting style, which is also trained in modern day gyms across the world. Advances in modern day training usually focus more on the fitness and cardiovascular basis of the training more than the fighting and sparring.

Gyms around the world will usually start with running as warm up, or a series Of pushup and sit-ups. The philosophy behind this is that if one can last longer than the opponent one will almost always win; but there are gyms that focus solely on fighting as well to advance technique and allow the fighters to develop their own style. Sing mitts for fighting is another modern day training method. Fighters Will use mitts to practice and develop their overall offensive and defensive skills. The use of different types of punching bags was also integrated into modern day training.

Instead of going outside to punch or kick trees, the fighters hit on bags full of sand and other semi-soft materials. Workings with the punching bags are very similar to practicing using the mitts; it develops the same basic skills and fundamentals used in fighting, Preparation for formal martial arts or kickboxing training can be a little expensive, but nearly affordable. There is a good amount of gear required that the gym might not supply to the fighter. There are hand wraps for wrist restraint to protect against wrist fractures and a more solid punch.

There are also shin guards required because of the massive strikes you will take in order to avoid a truly leg damaging kick, Headgear may or may not be optional; it all relies on the gyms terms and regulations. Headgear is important in preventing brain injury from occurring along with breaking of the nose before a fight or to prevent a black eye. One of the most important pieces of gear is the mouth piece. Dental injuries could occur constantly putout one; there would be fighters with no teeth left in less than a year if a mouth piece was not used.

Of course certain types of gloves are also required. Depending on the martial art Or style Of kickboxing, the fighter could use grappling gloves with open fingers or a closed finger boxing glove Which is used for most sparring in the world Of kickboxing. Mental preparation is also important for martial arts and kickboxing (“Sanction’s Flagstaff MA, Brazilian Juju Jujitsu, Kickboxing: Mental Training For MA. A person must be willing to give their all in the training, and to never give up. A eighth would never succeed without those qualities and mental preparation.

One downside of kick boxing or any other martial art is the risk taken during the participation of fighting. There are many injuries you can receive in hand to hand combat, like concussions or broken bones. There are many cases of concussions in martial arts due to the constant damage to the skull. The developing of something fighters call “glass chin” is a direct result of too many blows to the head or too many concussions. “Glass chin” is when a fighter is easily knocked out due to a head strike, The bones in the skull are weakened over time, and the rain is more prone to concussive damage.

This condition can easily end a great fighter’s career over time. That is why a fighter should not give it his all during a sparring session. Violent sparring is the number one cause of “glass chin” and in relation ends the fighter’s chance at an even greater career _ Other career finishers are broken bones and torn ligaments in the arms and legs. A fighter could ruin his limbs by tearing an important ligament in the body. Even faith surgery the torn ligament would never perform up to its full potential.

These injuries usually do not even occur in a sanctioned fight Torn ligaments can e the result of something as small as twisting the leg the wrong way during a kick or failing in the attempt of a certain technique. This injury not only affects a practitioners fight results, but also his/her everyday life. The ability to run properly could be affected or even overall ability to perform tasks. Still, an even more painful tragedy could occur during training. Broken bones are fairly common in martial arts fighting. The most common is most likely a fractured or broken nose or ribs.

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A powerful kick or punch to any bone in the body could cause a break. Kicks from martial arts fighter has been registered at over one thousand pounds per square inch. That is enough to break a maple wood baseball bat. That is easily enough to break or fracture a human bone in just one swift motion. Bones as hard as the orbital bone in the head have been crushed under the force of a swift martial arts kick. Bones take a long time to repair and most of the time requires surgery on the appendage, There are permanent injuries in martial arts as well.

Injuries like the “glass chin” and also injuries that cause severe brain damage have a large probability in the fight game. There re professional boxers who have been diagnosed as learning impaired after a long career of suffering a constant beating to the body. The average human can become conditioned for these types tot injuries, but it can and will take a toll on the body after time; but those are risks that are commonly taken, even if the fighter is educated about the injuries. A fighters not simply quit because of the risk; the martial artist will simply take it.

All fighters are passionate about the sport, and feel in their heart that they were born for the sport. It simply cannot be changed. Risks for martial arts are not just physical; there are saws or situations in a court case verge the training may be used against the martial artist. If a fighter is registered With a fight association, he may also be registering his hands as a weapon, and even under unjust conditions, the fighter might be prosecuted for aggravated assault With a deadly weapon (“American Law And The Trained Fighter’).

Even if laws are not specific in a certain state, fight training may be used against one in a court Of law and this includes if the hands are not registered as a weapon. Most U. S states vary in these laws. But they all have a similar state of mind. Trained fighters are dangerous to another untrained combatant. Even with street fighting experience. There is no substitute for training inside a legitimate kickboxing or mixed martial arts gym. If struck first, the fighter can still be charged with deadly force with use of a weapon, even if it is not their fault that the fight happened in the first place.

Contrary to common thought, fighting is not just brutal savages fighting it out in the cage, Fighting is as much of an art as music or choreography. There is more time and practice required in martial arts than any other sport or art in the world, This art expresses what lies within the heart tot a human being more than any other art in existence. When fighting, a person has no problems outside of the ring, Some would say that this is true mental serenity. No struggle is to go on inside the mind of the fighter at this time, They may be in a struggle physically, but the brain is ultimately distracted and ultimately at peace.

Not only is it art in the eyes of the fighter, but in the eyes of others, tom The martial arts technique can be so accurate and technical that it inspires an audience; like the Mona Lisa inspires most painters from the olden days to modern times Each strike is fighters individual style; each kick is like the stroke of a paintbrush used to create a masterpiece which is the result of the fight. Eights are nothing more but two artists competing in a bout for whom can create the best work of art and captivate their supporters.

These creations mold the person for everyday life; these creations make a work of art out of the fighters very being. There is no better character than What is in a fighter. Men and women that participate in this have an ultimate resolve; they know what their meaning in life truly is. They can feel it in not just their mind but in their heart. In general, kickboxing has had many uses in the past, but it is one of the most popular sports in today’s culture and it is a very useful skill to learn. Learning kickboxing can teach even grown men discipline and respect.

Martial arts have such a rich history and origins that date back nearly two. Thousand years ago: and the tradition is not in danger of dying any time soon. There are so many types of kickboxing, like May Thai, Teakwood, Karate, and of course American kickboxing. All of the kickboxing martial arts have come a long way since their creation, Each one of them has evolved to fit the style of modern day fighters. There are many ways to go about the preparation and practice of martial arts and there are many ways to train.

Although there are risks, they are widely accepted and no fighter will simply quit because of the risk of injury or any other reason. A fighter will never quit, even if they feel the law is not on their side. The martial arts listed above teach a whole level of enlightenment to the fighters and practitioners. Fighting has changed lives, and it will continue to change lives until the end of time. Kickboxing is a way of life, and a career; it can be used as a way of expression or o “paint a picture” for the spectators.

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History of Kickboxing Martial Arts Essay
Fighting Is Art Since the dawn of time, man has had to fight for one reason or another. There has been war using weapons, sword fights between individuals, and then there are modern day vary battled out in the cage. Kickboxing has had many uses in the past, but it is one of the most popular Sports in today's culture. It is a very useful skill to learn. There is no mistake that martial arts are dangerous, but if properly taught, a perfectly disciplined warrior Will be a result.
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History of Kickboxing Martial Arts Essay
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