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History Ch 11 Italian Renaissance Artists

What was the difference in emphasis btw Renaissance and Medieval Art?
Medieval about spiritual life to come
Renaissance about present world
What people bought or used renaissance art vs. Medieval art?
Medieval art – Church main patron
Renaissance art – Wealthy secular people of the cities
What recognition did the artist of the renaissance receive vs. Medieval artist?
Medieval artist worked for the Glory of God no personal recognition
Renaissance artist wanted to be well known and always signed their names to their painting.

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What was the dimensional difference btw Medieval and Renaissance art?
Medieval – flat 2 demensional
Renaissance – realistic 3D
What was the contrast in subject matter btw Med. and Ren. Art?
Medieval – Biblical scenes – Christ shown as little man – no children, plain backgrounds – surreal as if they had no bodies beneath robes.
Renaissance – Wealthy people, kings, many children, Nature and realistic bodies
Most popular media?
Medieval – artchitecture
Renaissance – paintings and sculpture
Who is often referred to as the Father of Renaissance painting?
Giotto – (G-Daddy)
What did Giotto do that was so different from medieval artist?
Realistic bodies and facial expressions
3D look with backgrounds
What is Giottos most famous work?
Frescos – on the Walls of the Arena Chapel in Padua, Italy
Who was Masaccio?
Masaccio – Mastered shading
Paintings more 3D with shading and more realistic
Who is called the father of modern painting?
Masaccio – Mastered shading
Modern art
What did Botticelli add to art?
He added movement – Bouncing Botticelli
his figures appeared to be moving
What monk influence Botticelli’s later painting?
Savonarola – Saved Botticelli – preached against Alexander VI and the Medici family – tried to bring morality back to Florence
Who are the three most famous high renaissance artists?
de Vinci, Michangelo and Raphael
Who was the best example of a renaissance man?
Leonardo de Vinci
Why was de Vinci an example of renaissance man?
He had wide variety of interests
painting, sculpture, architecture, musician, poet and also studied all kinds of science and math.
Where did de Vinci study?
first florence but moved to Milan
What are two of de Vinci’s most famous works?
The last supper
Mona Lisa
Who was Raphael?
Raphael Sanzio – son of a painter who studied the masters to perfect his own technique
What kind of paintings is Raphael best known for?
Sweet faced madonnas – he preferred to show the peace and tranquility of life vs. the stress of it.
What is Raphael’s best known work?
The frescos in the the papal residence and
“The school of Athens”
Who was Michelangelo?
one of most famous artist in all of history – father disappointed in his interest but allowed him to live with Lorenzo de Medici as his adopted son
What are Michelangelos’ most famous sculptures?
Davis and Moses – the Pieto
What did Pope Julius II as Michangelo to do?
Paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
Did Michangelo want to paint the Cistine Chapel?
No – he beleived he was a sculpture not a painter – but he did it anyway –
How long did it take to paint the sistine Chapel ceilings?
4 years – scaffolding 70 ft off the ground
What does the Sistine Chapel ceiling depict?
the creation, fall, flood and redemption prophesied in OT
How many figures are in the Sistine Chapel painitng?
300 figures some 8 ft tall
What did Michangelo paint 25 years after he finished his first Sistine Chapel work?
he painted the front wall – depicting the last judgement of Christ
When did Michangelo die?
At 89 after he designed a huge dome for the new St. Peter Cathedral
During the renaissance what city became the leading center of culture?
WHat was Venice like?
Very materialistic and secular
Who was the leading figure of Venecian school of painting?
Titian – Top Dog
What did Titian become known for?
Terrific use of color and capTuring personality of subjects
What did Titian accomplish that was unusual for artist of the day?
Took the Money – he became wealthy
Who did Titian paint for?
The Holy Roman Emperor and Kings of the dya
Who was the last of the great artists of the renaissance?
What did Tintoretto do in his paintings?
Combined color of Titian with masterful drawings of Michangelo

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History Ch 11 Italian Renaissance Artists
What was the difference in emphasis btw Renaissance and Medieval Art? Medieval about spiritual life to come Renaissance about present world What people bought or used renaissance art vs. Medieval art?
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History Ch 11 Italian Renaissance Artists
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