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Heart Of Darkness: Mystery And Suspense Essay

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Heart of Darkness: Mystery and SuspenseIt seems like everywhere there is something in life that seems to beleft behind.

In the books I read about mystery or suspense, this always seemsto be the case in such. The Heart of Darkness draws me into such depths ofsuspense and unknown that seem to assciate with my life. This whole book is full of mysteries. Marlow has a heart that is fullof mytery when he is stuck in Africa, and looking for a man named Kurtz.

Marlowis waiting, he learns about where the place is at, what could be coming ahead. Maybe he was just acquiring some ideas of what was ahead, or who he would beworking with. Why is all this senselessness happening around him?Marlow is enthralled with mystery. You wouldn’t think that somebodywould be simply crazy to go and take a trip down the Congo river. He has heardsome aspects about the place, and the way it seems to suck the visitors in. Allthe people getting diseases.

One would go insane there, so why? Why would hewnat to go do this? Again, it’s full of mystery, and that makes an interestingbook. Kurtz, with this person, I can not express how much mystery applies tohim and his personality. People haven’t heard from him for quite a long time,because h eis up the river from the station where Marlow is at. People arewanting the boss, and they’re getting restless.

Is Kurtz, sick? Could one ofthese people get a new promotion in their job? The people don’t want Marlow togo explore up the river a ways and kind Kurtz, suppling him with help that hemight need. And yet, Marlow needs Kurtz. Yet, there is the mystery of the Congo river. It has a way with thepeople that come into it and try to explore it’s orgins. It seems to drag youin, and not let you go. All of this, because they were curious and brave.

Butnot all brave men will make it through this jungle that the Congo river lays on. Eventually, Marlow fixes his steamboat, and carefully goes to meet themysterious man he has heard so much from the people, back in the station. Whoknows what he’ll find, or hear, or feel on his way. It’s a mystery that followshim.

Seems to be his shadow, but Marlow avoids them because they get in his wayall the time. Then comes the infamouse scene of the package. Marlow finally findsKurtz, and he gives Marlow a package. This was confusing part on my behalf. Kurtz dies, then gives the package away. I mean, this is a total mystery to me,and what was in the package.

Maybe Kurtz saw hope in Marlow, and that he wasstrong enough to survive. The Hear of Darkness, a book full of unknown. I’ve never read a bookwith so many unknown containing in it’s pages. But again, the mystery part ofit makes that a good book, which is suspenseful. This was definately a “Heartof Darkness.”

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