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    Flashcards on Harlem Renaissance Poems

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    Richard Wright Facts
    • Described as the first African American writer to expose rascism to a large white audience
    • An expatriate who never returned (self exhile in Paris, France during last years of his life)
    • Was once part of the Communist Party
    • Goal is to show the brutality and violence of racism
    Langstob Hughes Facts
    • Was once Marxist
    • Ms. Cowan’s Fav
    Langston Hughes Works
    • The Weary Blues
    • Po’ Boy Blues
    • Mother to Son
    • I Too Sing America
    • Dreams Deferred
    • Theme for English B
    Langston Hughes Style
    • Jazz Rhythms
    • Dialect
    • Sound effects
    • Wild shifts in voice
    Def Rhythm
    Rise and fall of voice. Stressed & unstressed syllables
    Def Colloquialism
    Speech or phrases of a particular region of the country
    Walt Whitman
    Wrote “I hear America Singing.”
    “I, Too, Sing America” is a response to this
    Richard Wright Works
    Native Son (most famous novel for this writer)
    • Black Boy (autobiography)
    • “Five Dollar Fight”
    Claude McKay Facts
    • Once went to Tuskegee in Alabama but was forced to leave due the rascism he encountered there
    • Loves Sonnets esp Shakespearean Sonnets
    Claude McKay Works
    • If We Must Die
    (Red Summer of 1919)
    (Later quoted by Winston Churchill about the Nazis im WWII)
    • America
    Zora Hurston Works
    • Their
    Zora Hurlson Facts
    • Born in Alabama, moved to Eatonville, Florida (The first all black incorporated town in the U.S.
    • Studied Anthropology
    • Focuses a lot on Folklore
    Oral History, Proverbs, Jokes, Popular Beliefs, Fairy Tails, and Customs (has 3 aspects…)
    3 aspects of something

    Folktales, Folk Music,

    Tales, Music, Beliefs

    Works by Countee Cullen
    • Color- First Volume of poetry
    • Editor of Opportunity
    • Tableau (Poem)
    • Incident (Poem)
    An important African American Magazine
    Countee Cullen Facts
    • Wrote in Traditional forms
    • Likes English Romantic Poets (esp. John Keats)
    • Called for black poets to write traditional verse and to avoid
    • Married (and divorced months later) W.E.B. DuBois’s daughter
    A scene or action that is frozen in time like a still picture of film (like a Gallifreyan painting or Street Pass Plaza Completed Puzzle Swap Panel)
    Jazz Musicians
    • Louis Armstrong
    • Fletcher Henderson
    • Bessie Smith
    • Duke Ellington
    • Billie Holiday
    • Ella Fitzgerald

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