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    The Potion Labelled GROW

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    Oh, cool!!! I had crept into my fathers science laboratory out of curiosity and spotted a potion labelled GROW. Below the label was a small note which said, Effects will take place in approximately 10 hours. I was curious about what my father was up to. He was an eccentric scientist who was trying to develop a formula to synthesize a product which could be sold for a lot of money.

    For example, he had tried to turn graphite pencils into diamond, water into liquid gold, and had tried to cross a durian with a pumpkin to produce really huge fruit which was big and juicy. Of course, all his experiments never succeeded and we had to live on my mothers salary alone. I wondered what effects this potion labeled GROW would have. I was short for my age and had always wanted to be five centimeters taller. Maybe this was the answer to my predicament. I got a spoon and had a taste of it.

    Wow! It tasted delicious. I couldnt resist the temptation to drink the whole bottle of potion. When I woke up in the morning, I felt extremely uncomfortable. My face was puffing up and I had a splitting headache. I could not possibly miss school that day as I had a Science examination. I quickly dressed up and rushed to school.

    When I was on the bus, I felt like I was growing bigger and bigger. My stomach felt queasy and I felt like it was going to burst. I felt hot and flushed. My fingers were really fat. They looked like bananas.

    I was growing bigger and bigger. Some pupils whom I did not know were giggling and pointing at me. I was shaken but pretended that I did not know what was happening. When I reached school, I went straight to the classroom. Madam Tan, my science teacher was marking some worksheets. I greeted her and sat down.

    She was engrossed in what she was doing and did not even look up. She did not even notice that I was not my usual size. Neither did any of my classmates notice my sudden expansion. They were revising for the test. I was still growing when the examination started.

    I felt nauseous and knew that I was going to throw up. I dashed out of the classroom to the washroom, without even getting Mrs. Tans permission. When I saw my face in the mirror, it was as red as a tomato, and my puffy cheeks had squeezed my eyes into tiny slits, I almost screamed out loud. I was horrified. I looked terrible and felt worse.

    It must have been the GROW potion that I had drunk the day before. Suddenly my stomach started to churn and I felt the world spinning round and round. Then up came all my breakfast. I felt better.

    I was so scared of my grotesque image in the mirror and so I rushed back to the classroom. Everyone was engrossed in doing their work and so they did not notice my new silhouette. Even Madam Tan did not notice anything because her head was buried in a pile of worksheets to be marked. I tried to write but my swollen fingers could not bend to grip the pen. I started to cry desperately.

    My best friend who was sitting to me glanced over. He suddenly turned pale and gave out a loud shriek. I was startled and wet my pants. Immediately I felt better and less bloated.

    My fingers could grip the pen. Madam Tan was so shocked that she asked me to go home. I called my mother and told her to pick me up. While waiting for her, I suddenly had an urge to ease myself. I dashed to the washroom and sat on the toilet bowl.

    It felt so good, like I was in heaven. Haha, I thought, smiling to myself I know the cure to this GROW potion. I rushed to the foyer. My mother was already waiting for me there.

    I could see that she was petrified when she saw me in such a state but in order not to make me feel worse, she did not say anything. When I reached home, I just went to the toilet and sat there, reading a book and emptying my bladder at the same time. I felt much better after doing that. I had also shrunk back to my normal size.

    When my father came back home, I told him that the cause of my sudden expansion was his GROW potion. He laughed and said that the GROW potion was meant to make plants grow twice as fast but twice as big too. He also flavoured it so that the fruits would be much tastier then before. He had finally decided to try something more down to earth so that he could contribute effectively to our familys income.

    He was hoping that this experiment would be a success and farmers would purchase it. When I told him that I had drunk one whole bottle of his GROW potion, he laughed even harder. He claimed that farmers were only supposed to drop one teaspoon on the plant to make them grow bigger, tastier and faster. After joking with me, he warned me never to drink any potions that were found in his laboratory as they would have all kinds of side-effects. Of course I listened to him as I definitely did not want another episode like this to happen again.4K

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