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    Grade Inflation Essay (995 words)

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    Some of the biggest problems in the USA right now have been involving the youth and you can blame the parents but it’s also the education there getting. Grades have been getting inflated since day one of school and what have we done as a country, fire a couple teachers. Grade inflation is one of the main reasons people are not skilled at there jobs while also affecting today’s society. Over seventy percent of students had a B or an A in high school but the final test grades are contradictory.

    If you don’t know what grade inflation is it’s basically when the teachers lie about the students grades. They could be making the grades higher or lower and it’s been going on for centuries we’ve tried to solve this problem but it is a lot of work. Really the only way to solve this problem is to get a new teacher in the class and have her grade the students work and see if the grade is any different than before. Lot’s of teacher have inflated grades since day one and most have never been caught but we can always try.

    Grade inflation affects society in a huge way just not alot of people realize it grade inflation affects everything around us. Of course it’s going to affect the education but also where you get your food where you to the doctors and where you go for fun. Those people working wherever your going could of been affected by grade inflation and if so they may not know how to do there job correctly. Also grade inflation affects society in a gigantic way if no one puts a stop to it because once something starts it keeps going until someone does stop the problem.

    A Lot of schools have been accused of inflating grades but some of the most important ones have been the biggest schools in the world. One of the schools that was accused of inflating grades was Harvard they were accused for this because they never release any test grades. But also most students do have to make high grades to stay in this school but most of at Harvard reported to have a B plus or above which is mind blowing to everyone. Another school that was also accused of inflating grades was yale and the reason for this is almost the opposite of Harvard. They release some of the test grades but not the grades but some students have been willing to expose their grades publicly and they don’t match up. But besides all of these huge colleges that have been accused of inflating grades your own high school could be inflating your grades.

    Students grades aren’t always the best but to get into a good college you need good grades but to get into Harvard or yale you need a very good GPA. The average GPA for a student is around a 3.0 which is around a B that’s really good you could probably get into a couple good colleges with those grades. But in 2007 81% received an A or B in their main classes which could be a big sign that some of these school are inflating grades because not one school is releasing the final test grades. Lots of students think grade inflation is just helping them out but it’s really just hurting them in the long term.

    Why does grade inflation happen so often nobody can really say because there are so many different reasons for it. But some reasons could be so the school looks better as a group and more students decide to go there. Or there have been a lot of cases where the teacher just wants to get paid more money this does happen a lot just not a lot of teachers get caught for it. But if they do sometimes the’ll get fired or some staff will keep letting this occur because it makes the school look better and they want the school to grow so they get paid better. But also besides pay or making the school look better it makes the average grade for the state go up and when they do that they make our country and state look better. So by doing that they make our educational system look better than it actually is.

    Every day grades are inflated from teachers who don’t want to work or do their job right and want to lie about students grades and hope they get paid better. Most of the time it works but how are we going to stop this nobody really cares or wants to spend their time trying to stop it. But if nobody does it then our future is in trouble we can stop this by taking the students somewhere and have them take a test and see if it matches with his/her grades. Or another way could be to do what I had mentioned before and get a substitute and have her do some grading and see if it matches the other teachers grading. Of course the cost for this might be out of budget but the outcome for this could be worth it.

    Everyday grades are inflated and everyday day our country gets less intelligent because of it. But who do you see standing up for our educational system but what they don’t realize is the students that are going through these schools right now are our future. Sometimes teachers inflate grades to increase their pay and I think we can all agree that teachers need to get paid better but grade inflation is not the way to do it. Grade inflation is one of the main reasons people are not skilled at there jobs while also affecting today’s society. This is what grade inflation does to our society and what are you doing about it to make our future a better place.

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