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Government Policies and their Effects on the UK Construction Industry Essay


Today the whole universe is recognizing the importance of sustainability and this is because our planetary hereafter depends on it. It is aboriginal to happen a sustainable hereafter as there are three issues that are presently impacting the universe, viz. fossil fuel depletion, clime alteration due to CO2 emanations, and the increasing costs of energy and H2O. Many states around the universe have shown their concern towards these dismaying issues and are willing to take part in the pursuit for a more sustainable societal, environmental and economic hereafter.

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Agenda 21 is the design for sustainability in the 21stcentury. Established at the 1992 United Nations Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, its purpose is to supply guidelines to cover with the jobs of poorness, hungriness, resource ingestion and the impairment of ecosystems. Agenda 21 provides a format for this to go on, detailing an action program for sustainable development and set uping marks for actions that combine economic development and environmental protection.

UK is among those states, who have agreed to take this committedness and one of the major jobs being tackled by the authorities is hapless lodging. To advance green development the UK authorities came up with a nothing C docket in December 2006 and in grand 2013 published a lodging criterions reexamine audience as an enterprise for sustainable lodging. However this papers has raised many inquiries about the impact it may hold on the sustainable lodging docket.

The Sustainable Housing Agenda

In December 2006, the UK Government promised that all new places would be ‘zero carbon’ from 2016 and introduced the Code for Sustainable Homes, against which all new places would be rated, on a scope of different sustainability steps.

This was a land interrupting proclamation, and had a electric consequence on the house edifice industry and supply concatenation. An unbelievable sum of invention has taken topographic point which has seen new places being built to progressively high environmental criterions en path to 2016.

Last twelvemonth, the Government consulted on alterations to Part L of the Building Regulations for 2013 including proposals for new places. UK-GBC responded here. After a long hold, in July 2013 Government issued a Written Ministerial Statement puting out what the upheaval to Part L will be, and confirmed that the upheaval will be postponed to April 2014.

The Government announced in October 2012 that they would set about ‘a extremist and cardinal reappraisal of the full model of Building Regulations and voluntary lodging criterions. Last twelvemonth the Government consulted on alterations to lodging criterions.

In March 2014 Government published its response to the Housing Standards Review in a Written Ministerial Statement from Stephen Williams MP. The Government confirmed its purpose to weave down the Code for Sustainable Homes and to consolidate proficient criterions into the Building Regulations. The purpose is to apologize and simplify the criterions that are presently used, whilst leting a grade of local flexibleness.

The Housing Standards Review

In the UK there are a big figure of local and national lodging criterions which each local authorization can necessitate from house builders through the planning system. It is known that lodging criterions are complex, and frequently overlap or contradict each other, or contradict parts of the Building Regulations themselves. These criterions increase the development costs for house builders and could be seen to blockade growing as these extra costs can do some developments economically unviable. The assorted local criterions are designed to undertake a scope of different market failures in the building of new places. However, the deficiency of co-ordination across criterions and the manner they are introduced, modified and enforced makes it uneffective for rectification of such market failures. Alternatively it consequences in unneeded costs being incurred by house builders and holds.

The chief aim of the Housing Standards Review is to simplify and apologize the big figure of local lodging criterions local governments can use to house builders, with the intended consequence of cut downing the loads lodging criterions topographic point on new developments. In other words the authorities is suggesting to cut down the figure of lodging criterions that councils are free to use locally from over 100 to fewer than 10. By taking the bulk of local lodging criterions we will be extinguishing a great figure of uncertainness, unneeded hold and administrative costs associated with local lodging criterions. By cut downing costs and loads on house builders it is anticipated that more lodging undertakings may now go economically feasible.

Impact on lodging and the economic system

The purposes of the Government is clearly to advance lodging as the audience and looks frontward to “reduce bureaucratism and costs” for house builders. This would be good perceived as it has been clear for some clip that lodging supply is non maintaining up with demand. Reasons for lifting demand include improved life anticipation rates and a turning figure of one-man families. There are about 1.8 million families on English local authorization lodging registries and important degrees of overcrowding in the private and societal lodging stock. Poor lodging impacts straight on residents’ wellness and educational attainment, while troubles in accessing low-cost lodging can besides restrict the ability of people to travel to happen work.

By doing house edifice easier, faster and cheaper for house builders and developers the authorities is besides hiking the economic system this is because the building industry is one of the largest sectors of the UK economic system. It contributes about ?90 billion to the UK economic system ( or 6.7 % ) in value added, comprises over 280,000 concerns covering some 2.93 million occupations, which is tantamount to approximately 10 % of entire UK employment.

The lodging criterions reexamine brought some of import amendments in the undermentioned subdivisions viz. :

  • Handiness
  • Energy
  • procedure and conformity
  • security
  • infinite
  • H2O

Impact on sustainability

The Government’s proposals put at hazard recent important progresss in sustainable house edifice as it looks to send on to weave down the codification for sustainable places. This could non merely put back aims for C decrease but besides for green growing, green invention and green exports.

The Code for Sustainable Homes is the Government’s national criterion established in December 2006 for usage in the design and building of new places. It has been developed with industry and a broad scope of stakeholders for the Department for Communities and Local Government. The Code screens nine classs of sustainable design: energy and CO2 emanations, H2O, stuffs, surface H2O run-off, waste, pollution, wellness and wellbeing, direction, and ecology. It provides a mechanism for advancing the sustainability of new lodging instead than being a conventional criterion in its ain right.

The Code uses a sustainability evaluation system which is indicated by ‘stars’ , to pass on the overall sustainability public presentation of a place. A place can accomplish a sustainability evaluation from one to six stars depending on the extent to which it has achieved Code criterions. One star is the entry degree which means that the house is above the degree of the Building Regulations ; and six stars is the highest degree accomplishable and it reflects exemplar development in sustainability footings.

The sustainability evaluation which a place achieves represents its overall public presentation across the nine Code design classs. Minimal criterions exist for a figure of classs – these must be achieved to derive a one star sustainability evaluation. Energy efficiency and H2O efficiency classs besides have minimal criterions that must be achieved at every degree of the Code, acknowledging their importance to the sustainability of any place. Apart from these minimal demands the Code is wholly flexible ; developers can take which and how many criterions they implement to obtain ‘points’ under the Code in order to accomplish a higher sustainability evaluation.

The debut of the Code for Sustainable Homesset a immense challenge for house builders and the supply concatenation but one which they responded to in a genuinely impressive manner. Note must be taken that the 200,000 houses which are either built or being constructed to the Code have benefited from reduced C emanations, lower fuel measures, increased security, and improved wellness and well-being for those that live in them compared with what ordinances required. The Code has non merely driven down the cost of sustainable lodging but has besides delivered invention in the supply concatenation ensuing in planetary export chances. In add-on it has created a figure of important economic, environmental and societal benefits for the state that the population would non desire to lose.

Impact on sustainable stuffs

As the UK move towards zero C edifices, the usage of more sustainable stuffs ( such as lumber ) is going progressively of import relation to the impacts of constructing energy ingestion As such it is of great concern if the government’s proposal replaces the material facets of the Code as stuffs are non included within the Nationally Described Standards papers. There are concerns that entire abolishment of any criterions related to ‘Materials ‘ could take to downgrading of the considerable work done in recent old ages to better the responsible sourcing of building merchandises and could smother invention in the thrust towards low C sustainable lodging


With the lodging criterions review the Government is reacting to the demand in lodging, which is presently achieving dismaying figures. The fact that the audience eases the house edifice procedure through the simplification of big complex local criterions it would non merely increase the figure of houses being built but besides provide a encouragement for the economic system. Unfortunately all this is being done in hurt of sustainability, therefore seting the hereafter in danger

It is true thatthe regulative landscape demands to be simplified and needs to germinate into a system that works for all stakeholders and promotes a thriving house edifice sector. Nevertheless this would best be done by updating and edifice on the successes of the Code.’

‘The lodging sector faces a host of new challenges that need to be addressed like wellness and well-being, an ageing population, the proviso of equal infinite, clime version and resource efficiency. The Government must look frontward to go oning to work with house builders and the wider industry in order to better and update codifications and criterions that work for people, the environment and the economy’ .

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Government Policies and their Effects on the UK Construction Industry Essay
IntroductionToday the whole universe is recognizing the importance of sustainability and this is because our planetary hereafter depends on it. It is aboriginal to happen a sustainable hereafter as there are three issues that are presently impacting the universe, viz. fossil fuel depletion, clime alteration due to CO2 emanations, and the increasing costs of energy and H2O. Many states around the universe have shown their concern towards these dismaying issues and
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Government Policies and their Effects on the UK Construction Industry Essay
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