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    Globalization And Sustainability Essay

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    The world was once vast and unknown. Communication was once dreaded as messageswould take exceeded amounts of time from one point of destination to the next.

    Countries would not know of each others affairs for months because the worldwas large beyond anyones imagination. But as soon as technology reared itshead the world rapidly became smaller. It modified everything within its grasp. Communication that once took months could now take seconds. Travelling abroadthat would have taken years now took hours.

    Every institution that fell intothis form of globalisation changed. It is obvious to see that governments havealso been effected by globalisation in such ways that they can either imitate orcontrast with each other. Yet a controversy exists about the issue on the effectof globalisation on governmental power. On one side of the argumentglobalisation is considered as a force that weakens the power of governmentwhereas others debate the contrary, claiming that there is no effect and powerremains constant.

    Still both arguments fail because of the extremity that theyimpose. A better argument would be that globalisation does effect governmentpower, not to the point of weakening, but ensuring that no abuse of power occursunknowingly. Globalisation is simply a tool that enables the actions ofgovernments to be monitored by other countries and world organisations. Withcomparison of Australian and Canadian environmental policy, it will be clearthat actions taken by the government have been influenced (not controlled) byglobalisation. The idea of the world becoming a small interactive village iswhat many would consider the effect of globalisation. Boundaries are no longeran issue and can be crossed with an easy click of the mouse.

    But globalisationis far from being a new concept that came along with technology. It has existedsince humans have had curiosity. The exploring of new lands, the discovery ofnew peoples and nations, to the fascination of natures physical features,people have been in the process of globalisation for centuries. Technology hadsimply allowed globalisation to progress a little more rapidly than what it hadaccomplished in the past.

    Although it seems that globalisation brings promise ofa unified Utopian society this is far from becoming the truth. Todays worldis based on the market. The selling of goods and services to the consumer togain profit. Therefore globalisation has become the expansion of the marketplace with greater opportunities for production and trade in new locations.

    1Relations are established between nations, not for the mere satisfaction ofpeace, but for the insurance that a trading partner exists where profit can begained. This motivation from profit leads to the element of the manufacturingprocess. In order to achieve maximum profit corporations need to spend less inproducing a product. They go about this through means of cheap energy fuel(usually fossil fuels like coal), low labour wages, and cutting costs in wastedisposal. For an exceeded amount of time corporations have been able to escapethe clutches of the law because it was seen that damage to the environment was asmall price to pay in exchange for high profits.

    For instance abuse to theCanadian forests in the past two centuries has led to a large proportion of itbeing cut, 8 000 kilometres long and hundreds of kilometres wide. 2 When largedamage has been inflicted only then will peoples concerns be aroused. Governments then needed to intervene, to steer corporations from inflictinganymore damage to resources and environment. Canadian government had only madeenvironmental policy a main concern since 1985.

    It was in the Ontario provincialelection where pollution was made a significant issue. This was the first timeever that the issue of pollution was made a priority. Ever since the topic ofconcern for pollution has been maintained by both provincial and federalinstitutions. 3 Australia on the other hand began its involvement on the issue in1980. It was in this year that the World Conservation Strategy was published andthe country took it upon itself to formulate a similar document that would helpenforce the idea of sustainable environment throughout the nation.

    4 Althoughgovernment intervention seems to guarantee some progress towards sustainabilitythe idea of globalisation alters the desired effects. World trade allows thecheapest producer to gain maximum profits. Competition for profits is thenalways present. In order for competition to exist all producers must somehowkeep product costs low while maintaining or increasing product output.

    Iflegislation is passed within a country that holds a .

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